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Name/nickname: Sky/Des

My favourite food: Anything with chicken
My favourite anime: Jojo's bizarre adventures, A silent voice, many many more
My favourite video game: Overwatch, Osu Dragon ball z Budakai Ten 2,3 ps2
Other Online games I play: Gmod and some others
My music taste: ANIMUUU MUSICCCC, grime, rock, so many...
Sports I play include: Taekwondo
My on-going projects: Websites
My other interests:Anime
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:Trax (UK)#3624

Likes in a person:Funny, kind, just a cool person
Dislikes in a person:Rude
My personality:Chill, quiet/loud lol
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Roberto, Rob

My favourite anime: Kimi No Na Wa
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: Minecraft, League (Quit), Black Desert Online (Quit)
My music taste: Lil Peep, XXX, Kisu Hampi, Killsadist (All on soundcloud)
My on-going projects: I want to catch up on schoolwork, and plan on joining chess club/starting to learn piano. Also reaching top 10k on osu one day
My other interests: Computer Science, Automation Engineering which is like my dream job
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Discord is rob#5607

Likes in a person: Not bland
Dislikes in a person: Bland
My personality: Real sarcastic, friendly, accepting?
Nationality: American
Age: 13
Name/nickname: Nigrod

My favourite food: Chicken
My favourite anime: Any
My favourite video game: Osu
Other Online games I play: Counter Strike
My music taste: Any
Sports I play include: Baseball
My on-going projects: None
My other interests: Helping different communities
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Steam: ;)

Likes in a person: Friendly and is chill
Dislikes in a person: Annoying
My personality: My friends would say "idiot"

My favourite food: Tocino w/ Itlog na Pula & Chicharon
My favourite anime: Gurren Lagann, Zankyou no Terror, Haikyuu...
My favourite video game: CSGO
Other Online games I play: Dota 2, Audition PH
My music taste: Slow Rock, Reggae & Acoustic
Sports I play include: Football
My on-going projects: Thesis Project :<
My other interests: Watching Series
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: [F]Patrick Kyle, [S]

Likes in a person: Just an easygoing person. Easy to get along with and Jolly
Dislikes in a person: Annoying.... just that
My personality: Quiet type at the beginning but if get to know me well i might get talkative.
Nationality: singaporean
Age: 13
Name/nickname: shermaine

My favourite food: dont have one
My favourite anime: owari no seraph, akatsuki no yona or darling in the franxx,,, which is what im watching currently
My favourite video game: lol idh a fave
Other Online games I play: cant think of any rn
My music taste: i listen to a wide range of genres lmao
Sports I play include: i dont rlly play any sports lol
My on-going projects: sch?
My other interests: writing
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: lol i have a discord,,, koemada#7525

Likes in a person: as long as ur nice ill probably like u lol
Dislikes in a person: not sure lol,,, opposite of what i said for likes in a person?
My personality: i would say im kinda self-deprecating ig??? i dont rlly know what to say abt my personality but maybe im kinda friendly?? lol
I want irl friends not virtual friends lmao

szkiller wrote:

I want irl friends not virtual friends lmao
Nationality: Turkish
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Altar / Altair

My favourite food: Roasted Chicken maybe..
My favourite anime: well i don't watch anime
My favourite video game: Hearthstone
Other Online games I play: Hearthstone, and used to play Elsword a lot. Nothing else
My music taste: It kinda depends on my mood of the time. Sometimes I listen to Linkin Park, sometimes Mozart, and sometimes even Camellia.
Sports I play include: I'm mostly better at individual sports such as; tennis, table tennis, swimming, badminton etc.
My on-going projects: I've just graduated from high school, therefore no school work. But I'm a MUNer! If anyone interested in MUNs we can have a delightful conversation :D
Btw, trying to learn Finnish but it's hard to deal with all by myself. I'd be appreciated if someone from Finland could help me learning it properly. :D

My other interests: MUN, Guitar, reading articles, Cats, foreign languages
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I prefer to share them in private, but anyone wishing to contact can always send me a message through osu!website.

Likes in a person: Anyone that I can share some interests, have conversations that are long-lasting, dissect things with from an open-minded viewpoint.

Dislikes in a person: Being childish is okay, but any excess brings about annoyance. Bad altitude towards others, being egoist, scandalous, immoral as well as having bad habits.

My personality: I think I'm an open-minded, sociable, kind person. I can ensure you can trust me; tell me about yourself, your problems or share your happiness. I'm just a human being just like everyone. No matter what your race, your religion is I can always be your behind, I believe that I'm a supportive person. Last and the least, anyone can add me or send me a message, I respond.

Take care, peace out!
Nationality: Finnish
Age: 16 (days)
Name/nickname: Just Zeni is fine.

My favourite food: I love fish.
My favourite anime: Hmm... Probably Evangelion or Code Geass.
My favourite video game: Final Fantasy... X? I like many Final Fantasy games. Kingdom Hearts is good too.
Other Online games I play: Overwatch
My music taste: I really like instrumental music, in the form of video game soundtracks for example. I also tend to listen to classical music sometimes. Some heavier stuff is okay. Some kind of alternative rock is good too. My favorite bands are Radiohead and Animals as Leaders.
Sports I play include: I walk to school.
My on-going projects: I have too many and I never finish them. Like coding for example. Learning Japanese and other languages... So many that I can't even remember them at all now, they'll just pop on my mind when I'm least expecting it.
My other interests: I play the piano and the guitar. But what I like about music the most is composing. I guess my work is heavily inspired by video game music. I also like to draw and I'm really interested in science. Astronomy, cosmology and stuff like that especially, physics in general. Playing video games is a lot of fun. I'm just kind of a nerd.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Just connect me here on osu! and I can tell my Discord.

Likes in a person: I don't know, it's not that specific. I don't like to judge too much. I guess if you just for some kind of reason want to talk to a person like me is a sign you may just be ok.
Dislikes in a person: Spamming :3 too much (enough is... enough) and being some kind of edgelord creepypasta anime fangirl/boy.
My personality: Just a nerd who happens to be a very awkward person who can't take anything seriously and can't understand people or their feelings but I'm trying my best. I like to ramble about all the stupid useless stuff I'm interested in and you'll probably get bored. Apparently I have a very weird sense of humor, at least according to other people. But people also say that I'm reliable, maybe that's a good trait? I don't really take stuff that seriously (unless it's about my interests) and just... I don't get angry or mad or offended or anything like that easily.
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Lily!

My favourite food: I only eat doritos
My favourite anime: Higurashi no naku koro ni
My favourite video game: World of Warcraft
My music taste: Anything really but mostly future funk and lo-fi
Sports I play include: Errr i used to do karate
My on-going projects: School bleh
My other interests: I love drawing , BJD's (they are so pretty but so expensive!!), baking cakes and cookies yummy yummy
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Always on discord UnicornLily#2879

Likes in a person: Kind, fun, patient, chill
Dislikes in a person: Judgy, pushy, 1 word responses all the time T^T
My personality: Cheerful, shy, sometimes cringy, overthink at anything, love meeting ppl online (cuz irl is scarY), i also like using !!!! a lot haha
Well, looks like I'll be embarrassing myself rather than making friends.

Nationality:Caribbean/ Black/ Indian(?), trying to escape America
Name/nickname: Kayla or Kay kay

My favourite foods: Chicken tikka masala & naan bread, anything spicy
My favourite anime: coughcough Monster Musume, Violet Evergarden, Re:Zero, Ouran High School Host Club
My favourite video games:Fire Emblem series, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Danganronpa
Other Online games I play: Elsword(only when I'm dead and bored)
My music taste: Honestly, anything with sensible lyrics and a good beat
Sports I play include: Tennis and volleyball
My on-going projects: Trying to survive 11th grade and my 4 AP classes?
My other interests: Creative writing/ psychology/ story-building/ drawing/ traveling/ learning about various cultures/ reading fanfictions
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Auria#0832(Discord)

Likes in a person: Hospital/friendly, open-minded, for them to be themselves, understanding
Dislikes in a person: Prejudiced, judgmental
My personality: You know, I had the hardest time trying to fill this part out, trying too hard not to lie. As much as I enjoy making new friends, I can be a bit reserved and have trouble starting conversations. However, I can say that I'm both a good listener and a genuine, empathetic friend. I swear, sometimes I feel as if people are scared of me.
Nationality: Polish
Age: 14

My favourite food: Chicken fried rice
My favourite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
My favourite video game: Osu ofc :D
Other Online games I play: Cs 1.6, Tf2
My music taste: Mainly rock and metal, also 80-90's pop.
Sports I play include: Volleyball
My on-going projects: None
My other interests: electronics, anime, japanese culture and language, movies.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:

Likes in a person: Honest, funny and open minded
Dislikes in a person: Loud and obnoxious
My personality: Literally a shell of a human
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