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[ Haruki ]-

Do I gotta say more? Add me already xD

PM Me for a Mutual
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 14
Name/nickname: Ren

My favourite food: Mango :)
My favourite anime: ALL coz why not? (JK, it's Yamada-kun and the Seven bitches)
My favourite video game: Dota 2
Other Online games I play: Just Dota 2... I'm a loner :(:(
My music taste: J-Pop and Pop Rock (Also very dramatic songs)
Sports I play include: I don't play sports... I play Frisbee
My on-going projects: A visual novel
My other interests: Music and singing even though I suck
Facebook: Vincent Allen Kurt Legara
Steam: Mystique「ミスチック」

Likes in a person: Someone who doesn't judge and who likes singing
Dislikes in a person: Someone who keeps posting s*** in Facebook, Instagram etc
My personality: Kind to those who are friendly. Really shy when it comes to meeting other peopl
Some notes about me: I would like somebody to sing with me (typically a female because singing with fellow boys does not result to a quality voice blending). I also sing Japanese songs and I try to hide the fact that I sing J-Pop because people judge me for being a weaboo even though I'm not. I don't really have so much friends. I am also learning Japanese (it's hard).
Nationality: Estonian
Age: 17
Name/ Nickname: Kaija in real life and Kidamiku in Osu! world

My favorite food: Ham sandwich with mayonez......simple but oishiii
My favorite anime: Fairy Tail, is the hardest question ever.....actually there is more
My favorite video game: Osu!

Other online games: Nothing else than Osu! ( Again..)
My music taste: Japanese pop, rock, K-pop
Sports I play: ehh....I like bikeing.....sometimes
My other interests: Learning nihongo, knitting/ crocheting, watching Anime, drawing in bad animu style
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc: ;)

Likes in person: Kindness, honesty, sense of humor
Dislikes in person: Mean and cruel people
My personality: Sometimes I am shy, sometimes I am not, my friends say that I have dirty humor sense,
I sleep much....mmm....I am just Kidamiku/ Kaija :)

So let's be friends. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, minna!
Nationality: Romania
Name/nickname: Alex

My favourite food: Pasta with tuna
My favourite anime: My little pony
My favourite video game: Osu
Other Online games I play: League of legends Dota2
My music taste: All kinds
Sports I play include: Tennis , Table tennis , fotball
My on-going projects: -
My other interests: University
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Steam : alex3i2

Likes in a person: Fun Kindness, honesty, sense of humor
Dislikes in a person: Arrogance , mean , bad jokes , idiots who thinks they are funny
My personality: I like to masturbate to ponies .
Posting for a friend; his name is Mitch xD

Nationality: Netherlands born and raised
Age: 20 years old
Name/nickname: Mitch (from OWC)

My favourite food: cheese
My favourite anime: Free!
My favourite video game: KARAKARA
Other Online games I play: Runescape
My music taste: osu beatmaps Xd
Sports I play include: becoming Zyzz
My on-going projects: ^
My other interests: ^
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: pm me pl0x <3

Likes in a person: flat is justice
Dislikes in a person: cow
My personality: Mi' lady

*Please keep in mind this is for my friend Mitch. Do not under any circumstances decide to actually send me a message as I will not reply to it as I've got so many friends already. You're all very cute. Thanks for understanding.
lonely bearded unemployed weeb looking for breeding partn.... uh.... friends. hoy!

Nationality: german
Age: 20
Name/nickname: mulraf

My favourite food: peeza!
My favourite anime: monster!!!!, steins;gate - my mal account:
My favourite video game: hmm... osu i guess :x maybe v this v one tho, kinda tied i guess.
Other Online games I play: dark age of camelot, millenium war aigis (well. not really multiplayer. but i guess it's online!)
My music taste: metal (mostly power metal, melo-death, heavy metal. you know. vanilla stuff i guess) / rock
Sports I play include: none D:
My on-going projects: idk. trying to get into mapping :?
My other interests: watching animu all day, editing amv's (currently rarely)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: confidential for now :P

Likes in a person: idk. friendly? xD good sense of humor. talkative (doesn't need to be but i'm not good in building up conversations)
Dislikes in a person: arrogance.
My personality: shy at first. maybe a bit blunt sometimes? chaotic. good at improvising. idk. cheerful? xD
Worst FL Player

[Konoshintaro]- wrote:

Do I gotta say more? Add me already xD

10/10 creativity. lol
Well, I'm not really new here but I'm starting over, sort of. I might do it again when I really come back. Anyway here I go :

Nationality: French
Age: 24
Name/nickname: Ludo/Elessey

My favourite food: Pizza, burgers and all that yummy junk food.
My favourite anime: None in particular, I'm not an avid watcher. I've enjoyed Death Note, Blood+ and some SoL.
My favourite video game: "osu! What else?"
Other Online games I play: Not much you can play with 200-300ms. I used to play some LoL, I might play again sometime.
My music taste: All kinds. Currently listening to chillstep.
Sports I play include: soccer, basketball, handball, ping pong
My on-going projects:
On osu! : I'm planning some tournaments for late 2016 or 2017 when I can be active again. I'm currently building a new team. I'm also building a team of players from all modes and from different ranks to participate in tournaments later as well. Hit me up on discord if you want to join.
I'm also doing the ranked beatmap packs.
Ohter projects : I'm focused on doing a training course so that I can move to another country and work there.

My other interests: poker, language learning, writing, and many other things
Twitter, Skype, Discord, etc.: Everything is on my userpage.

Likes in a person: loyal, reliable, honest, mature, interesting, humble people
Dislikes in a person: disloyal, unreliable, dishonest, immature, boring, stupid, arrogant people, attention whores, circlejerking sheeps
My personality:
How do I do this without sounding full of myself?
I'm not really a people person, I'm an introverted loner guy. But I'm often available for discussion and meeting new people who share common interests and goals.
I hate small talk, even though it's necessary sometimes. I prefer deep and meaningful conversations. I'm also a good listener.
I may seem like an asshole but I'm nice and friendly to people unless they make me lose respect for them.
I also tend to be direct and say what I think without sugarcoating it, which some people like and some don't.

And that's it, I don't know what else to say so if you're interested, feel free to contact me. Maybe we can get along and have some fun.

Nationality: American?
Age: Just Ask Me On Skype.
Name/nickname: Savannah/Rain.

My Favorite Food: Changes constantly.
My Favorite Anime: I'm Still Getting Back Into Anime ;-;.
My favorite video game: OSU!
Other Online games I play: Minecraft, COD BO3
My music taste: I Don't Know, Don't Ask Me.
My on-going projects: Getting 1k pp!

My other intrests: Pokemon, Drawing.
Skype: Go To My Previous Posts.

Likes In A Person: Someone who will listen to other's problems, Understanding, Nice!
Dislikes in a Person: People who talk over people >:(

EXTRA: I need supporter ;-;
it's really unlike me to post in a thread like this, but i decided why not? i spent over 30 minutes filling this out trying to be as real as possible.

Nationality: American
Age: 22
Name/nickname: Catgirl / Decon

My favorite food: Fruit, cheese, anything I don't have to prepare
My favorite anime: I haven't watched anime in over a year and a half
My favorite video game: osu!
Other Online games I play: Old School Runescape
My music taste: Almost anything, too much to list here
Sports I play include: None anymore, but I used to play basketball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee
My on-going projects: Full-time job that I hate, wasting my life away

My other interests: Touhou, watching Twitch, plushies, cuddling, doing cute things
Twitter, Skype, Discord etc.: Check my userpage

Likes in a person: Friendly, approachable, giving off a cute vibe
Dislikes in a person: Being closed-minded, not listening, not willing to learn new things
My personality: All I want is to bring happiness to the people I care about. If I like you, I'll do anything I can to make you happy. I'm loyal to the point where some people might get the wrong idea and think I'm obsessive. I will not consider anyone to be a best friend anymore because I've lost every person I've ever gotten close to. I'm very open and I'll talk about anything, but I'm horrible at starting conversations. I don't have a filter on what I say or do, but I don't take anything seriously. I love trying to make people laugh even if I end up using terrible memes. I'm very relaxed and I've been through enough bad things in my life that nothing affects me anymore.
Nationality: Indonesian
Age: 13 (Like, i'm not joking)
Name/nickname: Runiel

My favourite food: Chicken noodle, and Fried rice
My favourite anime: Currently, i really like re:zero
My favourite video game: osu!
Other Online games I play: Adventure Quest Worlds,
My music taste: Novelty, Classic, Jazz, and Country
Sports I play include: I only play Badminton
My on-going projects: Currently i am working towards studying
My other interests: I like to watch anime and i like to study about the universe
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Private

Likes in a person: Friendly, Able to withstand intense Sarcasm and Dark humor, Accepting towards other
Dislikes in a person: Taking stuff too seriously, Not honest, Racist
My personality: I'm really shy and closed up in the real world, but in the Internet, you can pretty much ask me what you want. I also like looking stuff in the bigger picture, rather than looking at small detailed stuff.

PM me so we can be friends :)

My favourite food: scrambled eggs
My favourite anime: guilty crown...?
My favourite video game: osu
Other Online games I play: League of Legends ( Diamond IV )
My music taste: i love angelic vocals and chillstep
Sports I play include: football, resistance running
My on-going projects: get a laifu
My other interests: c++
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: skype: anddyxxx

Likes in a person: be honest when you should
Dislikes in a person: if he values appearance over essence
My personality:95% troll but ily
Nationality: Danish
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Tricks / Patrick

My favourite food: Chinese food
My favourite anime: School/Romance
My favourite video game: Mario Kart Wii / Pokémon
Other Online games I play: CS:GO, Minecraft, Pokémon Y, AS, Moon
My music taste: Anime OPs, Japanese electro, Japanese death metal, rap, big room
Sports I play include: Sleeping w
My on-going projects: Finishing school and moving out
My other interests: Languages, food, cycling, landscape photographing
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc. Discord: Tricks#1447

Likes in a person: Honesty, humor, common interests
Dislikes in a person: Lying, trying hard to be something, people who think they're celebrities
My personality: It varies. Based on a lot of people's feedback, I'd say I'm annoying. But based on people close to me, I'm a genuinely funny and nice guy, who isn't afraid to speak his mind. I'm also very competitive and love to compete, and naturally I compete to win. Therefore, if I play video games with people, I prefer to be around the same skill level.

You can send me a PM or add me on Discord. (o3o)/
i update mine ^^

Nationality: German
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Benny ^^

My favourite food: Pizza and Noodles :D
My favourite anime: ufff hard one ^^' i think i go with Neon Genesis Evangelion
My favourite video game: osu! of cause, Alice Madness Returns, the final fantasy games (FFXIII is my fav) and many many more
Other Online games I play: S4 League, Ghost In The Shell, CsGo, COD 2 (xd) and some more that arnt popular
My music taste: Metal! \m/
Sports I play include: ehmm.. none xd
My on-going projects: watching Fairy Tail :P
My other interests: of cause Anim, Manga, japanese cultur, building pcs and all that
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Facebook is only for close friends. Skype: roxas.hahn Steam: NaTha (my avatar as pb) Twitter: 1missNaTha

Likes in a person: if he/she got the same intrests as me,
Dislikes in a person: if he/she is unfriendly, bullys, not honest
My personality: iam kinda shy but if you know me iam crazy af xd
[ Legs ]

My favourite food: pizza
My favourite anime: whats anime
My favourite video game: gta 5 i guess
Other Online games I play:cs:go
My music taste:dunno random shet
Sports I play include: fucks sports?
My on-going projects: im usless
My other interests: dunno
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: supersoniclight

Likes in a person: hawt wifus
Dislikes in a person: not hawt wifu
My personality: dank chill n stuff

plez be my wifu
Welp I made this for self introduction, I'd like to make it here instead of 8 so....

Nationality : Chinese
Age : 7
Name : Samuel Nobuyuki
My first name Nobuyuki is actually given by someone really close to me that I consider her as my big sister and it's actually her prayer for me.
My favourite food : pizza, pasta, sashimi, and many more lol.
My favourite anime : it's hard to tell ._.
My favourite video game besides osu! : JP PSO2, Pokemon (currently inactive until sun&moon release).
My music taste : also hard to tell, I'm too moody.
Sports I play include : nothing.
My on-going projects : serving at maid cafe.
My other interests : everything about Japan but I prefer modern thing.

My personality :
+ I'm really sympathetic to my friends, if something bad happens to them I feel really sory and I would like to help, but I'm too shy to express it.
+ Playful
+ Awkward with compliments.
- I'm kind of reluctant.
- Self centered.
- Mood swing.
Nationality: American.
Age: 16.
Name/nickname: ]Virginia/Vee

My favourite food: Shrimp and pasta.
My favourite anime: Death Parade.
My favourite video game: Kingdom Hearts.
Other Online games I play: I play a little bit of OSRS, RS3, Path of Exile, lots of League of Legends, and frequent that site, Meez, just to post on forums because why not.
My music taste: Diverse. Anything but country. Some bands I enjoy are Mother Mother, Tool, Die Antwoord.
Sports I play include: None, but I played a little bit of volleyball and soccer.
My on-going projects: 100+ pp play on osu!, getting more commissioners for my artwork, and get a position as a moderator somewhere new. The site I mod is dead right now, and just doesn't have much to do..
My other interests: Moderation, drawing, music, online pool, Newgrounds.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Steam: Flannel // Skype: ask me on osu or PM me // Kik: ask me in PM // <--- can ask me more q's here

Likes in a person:
Dark sense of humor, intelligence, can hold a conversation, honesty, maturity.
Dislikes in a person: Rudeness without reason, self-absorbed, dishonest, boring, clingy.
My personality: I think I'm pretty laid back. I know how to act like I'm 18+, and know how to act my age - or even below my age - and I think I'm genuinely a nice person. I'm kind of a sassy person when you're rude for no reason or I see fit to be sassy, but I know how to hold my tongue if I'm required to. If I have a problem with someone, I have no problem making it clear - in private (no super duper drama, just a mature and kind "Don't speak to me, please."). I typically ignore those whom I just dislike but never really judge them before speaking one on one. I have a really, really, really dark sense of humor and it can maybe go overboard sometimes, but it's hard for me to tell what all a person can handle and what offends them so I typically end up offending people if I don't watch what I say in private. :| I'm pretty chill on forums and games in public, welcoming, etc. but in private I say some really derpy things and just let loose.
Welp, here we go...

Nationality: American
Age: 13
Name/nickname: Olivia / Cave (irl), Ayumi (internet)

My favourite food: Ice Cream (preferrably Italian Ice
My favourite anime: (tbh I haven't watched a lot of anime) No Game No Life
My favourite video game: (will edit later, but here's a little hint: The little flightless angel that could.)
Other Online games I play: Transformice
My music taste: EDM, Vocaloid music, and a little bit of Video Game music
Sports I play include: (I don't play sports; my body is literally not built for sports :\ )
My on-going projects: Improving in Osu! (well more like getting out of the 29,000 - 30,000 player range in the US)
My other interests: Hyperdimension Neptunia, Nintendo stuff (I'm a nintendo kid so)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: (no facebook/twitter) Skype: cavexsynth (Yes, all lower case)

Likes in a person: Trustworthy, energetic, chill, can accept the truth, mature (like not screaming when a fire alarm goes off in school -_-)
Dislikes in a person: Immature, A liar/ someone who lies about you when you're not looking, a "girly-girl", dramatic, whiny
My personality: I'm really shy and sensitive, but I open up a little bit more when I'm with real friends (like a dandere? Also, if someone has the same interests as me, I'll open up, but not as much as I'd like to because of my shy trait. Whenever I'm alone or on the internet, my personality does a 180. I'm more open, and not that sensitive to threats and insults (because it's the internet.).
Nationality: France
Age: That's private ! :x14
Name/nickname: Creperator

My favourite food: Souls of the innocents Anything that can be eated (Souls included)
My favourite anime: NOPE.
My favourite video game: I do not have a fav videogame, but i have a preference for Undertale, Pokemon, Megaman, Minecraft and MUGEN.
Other Online games I play: Minecraft, and some flash MMORPG.
My music taste: Instrumental music in general. And electronic, too.
Sports I play include: Is playing videogames a sport ?
My on-going projects: Make America MUGEN great again.
My other interests: Eating, Playing videogames, And sleeping. Sleeping is like heaven.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Fb is private, and i don't have skype nor Steam.

Likes in a person: kind-hearted, and integrity in himsellf.
Dislikes in a person: likes MLG.
My personality: I have two personalities. My normal ps, Kind, Helpful, and a great joker when you need help.
And my other ps, When i'm pissed up... Discover it by yourself. And i hope you will not.
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