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Nationality: Canadian (Born), Filipino
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Joshua, most just call me Josh. I don't have a preference

My favourite food: I don't really have one sadly
My favourite anime: Still deciding on that, Non Non Biyori is pretty high up there though
My favourite video game: CS:GO
Other Online games I play: Osu, Elsword, League (sometimes), other misc FPS and rhythm games
My music taste: EDM
Sports I play include: Hockey
My on-going projects: life
My other interests: Graphic designing, coding (somewhat), tryharding, computer stuffs (hardware/software)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: tmcrazedesigns (Skype), TMCraze (steam), TMCraze (youtube), @dropshadow_ (twitter), @itstmcraze (IG)

Likes in a person: No preference
Dislikes in a person: Cocky (unless you're joking or have the skills to back it up), uhhh... nothing else...?
My personality: Introvert
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 10 - 20
Name/nickname: faggot

My favourite food: hmmm sisig & bangus :D filipino food- yeeeee
My favourite anime: hmmm idk xpp
My favourite video game: osu! got me addicted. so osu! it is
Other Online games I play: i dont play alot.
My music taste: uhhh anything xp
Sports I play include: nothing xd
My on-going projects: uhhhh nothing atm :>>>
My other interests: arts and other 'stuffs'
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: i keep it private :>

Likes in a person: be nice :D
Dislikes in a person: asshole
My personality: i dont honestly know i change personality to each person

Nationality> American idk?

Name/Nickname> Savannah but most people call me H4RVEST

My Favourite food> Waffles, Marshmallows, JUNK FOOD.

My Favourite Anime> WateMote, Tokyo Ghoul, idk.

My Favourite Video Game> just osu! SORRYYYYYYY.

Other Online games I play> Minecraft :?

My Music Taste> Nightcore.....

Sports I play include> None XD

My on-going projects> Getting better at art :3

My other intrests> Art... Anime.... And IDK!

Facebook, Skype, Steam etc> I only will share my skype facebook when we get close. Skype> live:minecraftmareminer Discord>

Lives in a person> People who listen to my problems and are kind!
Dislikes in a person> Assholeeee
My personality> well I'm not a person to start a conversation, I'm Quiet, Don't show much emotion

Welp might as well

Nationality: New Zealand European
Age: 17
Gender: Bloke (that's guy to all you Americans)
Name/Nickname: Nathan/Nate

Favorite food: Pretzel sticks (don't question it)
Favorite anime: Steins;Gate
Favorite video game: Um... Err.... Too many to pick from but I'd probably say Rayman 3 as one of them
Other Online games I play: Phantasy Star Online 2
Music taste: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber and speedcore
Sports I play include: Sports? What are those?
Ongoing Projects: Whatever is on my mind at the time
Other Interests: Working with computers, collecting retro video games, random banter
Facebook, skype, steam etc: Will give out to people who pm me. (Just don't wanna get spammed)

Like in a person: Kind, fun to talk too, has a good sense of humor, enjoys rhythm games, enjoys retro games, can put up with my social awkwardness
Dislikes in a person: Cringy people, bad grammar and spelling.
My Personality: Curious, a bit silly at times and friendly.

I'm not really a normal person, I have very niche interests and collect retro video games and while I'm a bit socially awkward I do appreciate having people to talk too.
I'm quite accepting and don't judge people so feel free to PM me if you want to have a chat.
Meikyuuiri Tsumi

odango wrote:

Because why not
Nationality: Finnish
Languages: Finnish, English, bad Swedish
Age: 20
Name/nickname: Camilla

My favourite food: Uhm, pasta, wok, sushi, smoked salmon, sautéed reindeer or moose... I'm hungry now :p
My favourite anime: I have many but Sailor Moon holds special place in my heart :3
My favourite video game: Besides osu! I think Crypt of the NecroDancer, Borderlands2 and some PlayStation2 games from childhood
Other Online games I play: Not really playing online, sometimes I play Stellaris, Cities: Skylines or Torchlight II I'm bad at videogames tbh
My music taste: Almost everything goes. If it sounds good, then it's good, best logic
Sports I play include: I have played football, now doing Aikido stuff for about half a year
My on-going projects: Trying to learn skinning, starting to study Japanese by my own
My other interests: Hiking, skiing, travelling and university
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Check out my osu!-profile c:

Likes in a person: Friendly and helpful, honest but thinks twice before saying something potentially hurtful, open-minded, happy, positive
Dislikes in a person: Pretty much opposite to this ^
My personality: Shy but talkative after a while

If you add me somewhere, please pm me or something because I may decline when I don't know why someone added me
bye :oops:
Maybe we can be friends, if you like. Aikido huh, good for both mind and body :)

Szymon wrote:

Nationality: Polish
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Simon

My favourite food: Kubasa/ pierogi :3
My favourite anime: Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play:Bo3, Steam etc.
My music taste: Drum N' Bass
Sports I play include: Stopped playing in Middle school
My on-going projects: Dont know.
My other interests: Reading manga, and Graphic designing if I have the time.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: on my profile

Likes in a person: Honesty not wierd
Dislikes in a person: Bullying and roughness
My personality: Shy, quiet, and wonder around.
Can we be friends?

Onyxah wrote:

yay, new friends~

Nationality: Swedish
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Nicole is my name, but my nickname is Nini

My favorite food: Chicken
My favorite anime: Love Live! School Idol Festival~
My favorite video game: idk... I can't choose :P
Other online games I play: MMORPGs, Hearthstone, TF2 etc. :3
My music taste: Lots of K-pop and electronic music
Sports I play include: I used to play soccer, but now I'm currently dancing
My on-going projects: None really, other than trying to boost my self-confidence xD
My other interests: Dancing, drawing, perler, making plush toys etc.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Skype is on my profile, feel free to add me, I don't have Facebook and ask for Steam~

Likes in a person: Trustworthy, kind and funny
Dislikes in a person: Arrogant and fake personalities
My personality: I would describe me as shy, sensitive and introverted xD
Can I add you???????
Why are you spamming this thread?
If they posted here, they're obviously looking for people to add so you don't really need to ask them if they want to befriend you or not
Nationality: French
Age: 13 in July
Name/nickname: Emma

My favourite food: Ramens
My favourite anime: Mekaku city actors and Himouto Umaru chan
My favourite video game: Osu and Project Mirai dx
Other Online games I play: None
My music taste: J-pop, Vocaloid
Sports I play include: None
My on-going projects:None
My other interests: Japan, video games, photography
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: None
I'm actually searching for someone/some people to play Multiplayer with, preferably in my skill range.

Nationality: German
Age: Nearly 18
Name/nickname: Zazama

My favourite food: Hmm, I'd say pizza :D
My favourite anime: Noragami Aragoto, Owari no Seraph & Haikyuu!!
My favourite video game: League of Legends
Other Online games I play: osu!
My music taste: SPYAIR, One ok Rock etc.
My other interests: Programming & Web Development
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: All of them :P

Likes in a person: Honesty & Kindness
Dislikes in a person: Dishonesty & Arrogance
My personality: Open to nearly everything, trustworthy & friendly. Sometimes extremly lazy though ^^

So, yeah. If you want to play and talk or other stuff, don't hesitate to send me a PM!
Nationality: Austrian
Age: 21
Name/nickname: Pascal / ZeRo

My favourite food: Pizza
My favourite anime: Dragon Ball Z
My favourite video game: The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
Other Online games I play: Teeworlds
My music taste: edm all kind, (j)rock , some metal
My other interests: Japan, Anime, Manga, Gaming
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: skype: shadowstriker60 , steam: _vegeta95_

Likes in a person: polite , honest, friendly,
Dislikes in a person: arrogance, dishonest
My personality: really shy guy , kind, politely, sometimes sad cause of nothing

Well i actually search for someone/some people to play multi and to chat about anime manga or just about
random stuff.
this thread though, I might as well post in it

Nationality: British
Age: lol nope
Name/nickname: fucking cunt (aka nat)

My favourite food: pears
My favourite anime: your lie in april, angel beats, another.
My favourite video game:osu! (but I usually just lurk in forums)
Other Online games I play: CSGO, COD (gay)
My music taste: EDM and Grime
Sports I play include: Badminton, Football

Likes in a person: relatable, funny
Dislikes in a person: liar.
My personality: not that friendly once we get to know eachother, a bit of a dickhead tbh and short tempered
wow I am so going to make friends
Nationality: Indonesia
Age: 16
Name/nickname: theoni/silver

My favourite food: steak
My favourite anime: love live!
My favourite video game: i don't play anything other than osu :(
Other Online games I play: nope
My music taste: i hate metal
Sports I play include: what
My on-going projects: what
My other interests: making gfx request
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: ask me

Likes in a person: be honest and nice
Dislikes in a person: asshole and liar
My personality: friendly and honest

let's be friends :D
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Kay / Some people call me Kayujin for some reason.

My favourite food: Pizza
My favourite anime: would be Mekakucity Actors, I guess.
My favourite video game: osu. It's more like an addiction though.
Other Online games I play: CSGO and CoD WaW. Every now and then some Smite / Rocket League
My music taste: Really depends on my mood. Mostly future bass / chill.
Sports I play include: Soccer (or football, whatever you wanna call it) and tennis
My on-going projects: being alive.
My other interests: coding, watching anime and reading manga. :p
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: steam in my signature.

Likes in a person: I dont know.. just be nice to me. :p
Dislikes in a person: Hard to say. I'm having a hard time trusting/liking people.
My personality: "Emotionless", Shy and Socially awkward. ^^
Nationality: Indonesia
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Raedi

My favourite food: I like a lot of food.. but if I wanna choose I'll pick my mom's cook
My favourite anime: Clannad, angel beats.. I love tearjerking animes
My favourite video game: osu
Other Online games I play: closers
My music taste: I love many kind of music, but mostly I like listen to rock and metal
Sports I play include: badminton
My on-going projects: idk
My other interests: girls.. ya I love to read books
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I have fb, just search it with my osu username

Likes in a person: same interest, friendly
Dislikes in a person: ignorance, people who makes me only for their own advantage
My personality: I'm kinda introvert, usually people are come to me first not I who come to them. But I'm a friendly person ^^

If you add me pls let me know I need friends ;w;
bad vibes

My favourite food:pancakes
My favourite anime:little busters
My favourite video game:osu!
Other Online games I play:nah
My music taste:propably rock,metal
Sports I play include:used to run on track
My on-going projects:learn how does science work.
My other interests:philosophy,psychology
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.proceed to the profile

Likes in a person:ability to listen and understand
Dislikes in a person:fake kindness and falseness
My personality:sarcastic introvert
Nationality: Korean/chinese in Australia (sick af if you ask me)
Age: 16
Name/Nickname: Jin/Tudi( if u want)

My favourite food: Eel
My favourite animu: Mekakucity, angel beats and parasyte
My favourite video game: Nekopara kappa
Other Online Games: osu, league, overwatch, hearthstone etc
Music taste: weeb music, kpop, anything my sister sings in the shower lol.
Sports I play: basketball, martial arts, soccer
My on-going projects: nothing much
My other interests: photography, eating, photography+ eating
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Ask or on profile

Likes in a person: hard to get, cute, shy (wait this is my taste for girls nvm)
Dislikes in a person: too attached, talk like they are in an anime(kms)
My personality: attention seeker, pretty brutal by accident sometimes. Cares too much for appearence people tell me
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