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Nationality: German/American
Age: 24
Name/nickname: Denise or phione how you prefer it

My favourite food: Cupcakes, Pizza and ice cream
My favourite anime: Ugh I have too many to list them all xD
My favourite video game: osu!, Undertale and Sims
Other Online games I play:
My music taste: Anime Music, J-pop and K-pop
Sports I play include:
My on-going projects: Improving myself in lots of things
My other interests: baking, drawing fan arts and painting
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I have skype.

Likes in a person: Patience, Telling the difference between joking and being serious, can have fun and don't mind my cursing
Dislikes in a person: I hate extremely clingy people. If you are very irritating and if you try to force me into things that I don't like or don't want to do.
My personality: I'm a laid back and shy girl. I joke around once I opened up myself to the person. I'm very patient and dedicated.
I'm really unsure of how to make my entry into the forums, but hello. I'm N000b (although I prefer being called croquette ;w;)

Nationality: Thai
Age: 18
Nicknames: Croquette, Crocodile and a few others.
Favorite food: Pizza, Ravioli, Burgers, Ramen, Pad Thai... There's a lot. I'm a glutton.
Favorite anime: Uh, don't really have a favourite, but there is one show I gave 10/10 towards. It was Madoka Magica. Oh, but Kimi ni Todoke is life <3
Favourite games: Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea, Atelier series, blah blah. A lot.
Music I like: Anything from Alternative and Classical to Anime OST, K-pop and J-pop.
Sports? I'm a lazy potato.
On going projects: Doing well in studies, and improving osu rank.
Interests: Aside from gaming, sleeping and eating junk food, I read books.
Social media: I have Facebook and Skype.
Likes in a person: Hmm, I dunno. Just being open and stuff I guess.
Dislikes in a person: Snobbish attitudes, ignorance.
My personality: I'm quite an introvert, and I'm the type that loathes to leave my house. I'm not very good at conversing with people, but there's not much I can do about that ;-;
And, I am probably one of the most lazy potatoes you will ever encounter in your life. I'm not even joking.
Nationality: Singapore
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Shape (Its pretty long story of why people called me shape lol)

My favourite anime: kagerou project
My favourite video game: Osu!, Touhou and some realistic FPS games like insurgency
Other Online games I play: Insurgency and Touhou
My music taste: Classical , maybe sometimes other music
Sports I play include: I just see what my friends play then I play with them LOL

I am kind of fine with anyone since i adapt easily, just don't piss me off.
My personality: Somehow random.
i'd bet you $100 that someone would post something stupid on here
i like bananas
u s a g i
Round 3~

Its been 2 months so why not!

Nationality: Irish
Age: 16 ( 12/15/1999 )
Name/nickname: Irl name : Arianna Nickname : Sushi/SushiPerson/Usagi

My favourite food: Lobster ( 2Posh4U ) and Sushi ( Obviously )
My favourite anime: Hmmm~ Owari No Seraph and Tantei Opera Milky Homes
My favourite video game: Osu and Pokemon
Other Online games I play: None kappa
My music taste: Electronic, Vocaloid, Goreshit
Sports I play include: None
My on-going projects: GFX Shop and maybe an ctb catcher request shop ( Shhhh I said nothing )
My other interests: None Kappa
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Discord

Likes in a person: Fun but chill at the same time
Dislikes in a person: People who take jokes too seriously
My personality: Annoying af
Nationality: American
Age: 26
Name/nickname: Most of my friends call me 'Robo'

My favourite food: Bowtie Pasta
My favourite anime: Kantai Collection
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: League of legends (My name there is Robot Girl, I play on na, add me!), KanColle, Dark souls 1, 2 and BlazBlue
My music taste:I listen to almost everything, aside from country. I really like J-core and Hardcore!
Sports I play include: I used to play ice-hockey, I guess.
My on-going projects: Don't have any
My other interests: K-KanColle
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: My skype is 'robo-fortune' heres a picture of that I guess

Likes in a person: Uh, I like it when people aren't mean, I guess.
Dislikes in a person: I hardly ever dislike people unless they are mean.
My personality: It's pretty paper thin. I get really salty at my internet from time to time and I read books.
Edit: updated summoner name
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 15
Name/nickname: Arnaud

My favourite food:
My favourite anime: SAO
My favourite video game: osu / csgo
Other Online games I play: idk really
My music taste: Something calm
Sports I play include: I've played badminton, tennis and I go biking.
My on-going projects: Getting better at osu
My other interests: Watching netflix
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:

Likes in a person: I like it when people are friendly
Dislikes in a person: I don't like when people are rude
My personality: I'm a nice person to chat with..
Age: Around 18

Name/nickname: Usually by the nickname of Ranno or Zafufu. But much more common as Ranno

My favourite food: I don't think about food enough to fill this selection, sorry.

My favourite anime: I usually have favorites by genre... I've kinda yet to have a single favorite. Though Madoka Magica, Eureka Seven, and Clannad are three major notable titles for the position.

My favourite video game: I really like almost every rpg I play, but Disgaea takes my favorite of all time, even though I've only played the 4th one.

Other Online games I play: Longtime Elsword player of the NA server. I play others, but none that I'm super active on.

My music taste: I usually like stuff with powerful words put into powerful beats mixed. This includes both slow and fast, as long as I feel an impact from the way it's played. This covers a variety of styles for me, so it's hard to say exactly what genres I like.

Sports I play include: Ehhh, nothing physical unless you count DDR as a sport. But even then, don't play it much these days.

My on-going projects: A long-term rpgmaker project. There's more info on that on my DA.

My other interests: Writing and Art (recently) as hobbies. Can't say I'm too good at them, but I enjoy it.

Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Don't really use Facebook, and nor Steam for any social purposes. Though I can give my Skype to those I know.

Likes in a person: Playful, but also mannered and sweet. I don't expect a perfect person or a genius, but I can be a little picky with their attitudes.

Dislikes in a person: Usually salty people. I'm no extremest peace person, but I also don't bother dealing with anyone who creates arguments just because they can.

My personality: This is hard for me to say because I don't wanna sugarcoat myself and say "I'm cute and friendly" or go emo and say "I'm scrub and horrible." I will confirm though, that if I get to know a person, I talk.. A LOT. And I commonly compare myself to a bunny, though that didn't start from me. I like being comical, but can't promise I always will be 24/7. I tend to be on and off for that.
Nationality: Polish/American
Age: 19 (November 2, 1996)
Name: Jacek

My Favourite Food: Potato Chips
My Favourite Anime: Code Geass
My Favourite Video Game: CSGO
Other Online Games I play: Hearthstone, osu
My Music Taste: Alot of different EDM
Sports I play include: Pshhh what are sports
My On-going Projects: Getting threw uni
My Other Interests: Hmmm idk i cant think of stuff like this on the spot
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Just ask

Likes in a Person: Very friendly and talkable, kind, cute and someone that wont be annoying when i'm busy *cough cough*
Dislikes in a Person: Someone that doesnt understand that i have a real life and that uni is time consuming, someone super dense aka pls dont be completely stupid, i hate sjw's
My personality: Im blunt, i have anger issues but that normally doesnt show unless i play csgo, umm im funny i guess
Age: 17

Nationality: American

Name: Ian, but just call me Monkey

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite anime: FMA

Favorite video game: I dunno, played way too many

Active games: I'm on ps4 and Steam under this same name, so find me there

Music: Depends what day it is. Only music I outright hate is country

Sports: Biking and longboarding

Ongoing projects: Becoming an engineer

Other interests: Cars, cyber-security, football (American)

Likes: People who forgive, and are willing to give me time


My personality: My avatar is only sort of true, promise.

Social media will be given out once I get to know you.
Nationality: French (but my name is americain).
Age: 18 years old (19 the september, 25th).
Name/nickname: Matthew/Mattenebra

My favourite food: Cheeseburger and potatoes with a icecream.
My favourite anime: Shakugan no Shana.
My favourite video game: Osu.
Other Online games I play: Sometimes, i play Splatoon.
My music taste: Within Temptation (dutch), Three Days Grace, Dragonforce and Linkin Park.
Sports I play include: Soccer, basketball and handball.
My on-going projects: Maybe creator of video games on the virtual reality.
My other interests: Watching movies, animes, sometimes clean my computer.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Skype and twitter only. For add or follow, pm me.

Likes in a person: People with a great confidence.
Dislikes in a person: Bad character (angry, selfish and sticky).
My personality: Lot of qualities and defects, too much for describe me.

It is finish for me.
Nationality: American
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Reva

My favorite food: Fish
My favorite anime: Shinsekai Yori
My favorite video game: osu!
Other Online games I play: Damn it all.
My music taste: Music.
Sports I play include: I don't.
My on-going projects: Breathing
My other interests: Blinking, I suppose.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I keep Skype open. live:getchellalexen

Likes in a person: Life; as in the ability to breath.
Dislikes in a person: A positive attitude.
My personality: None. I am without a soul.
[b]Nationality: Australian
Name/nickname: Nerrad
My favourite food: Sorry No comment
My favourite anime: Yuru Yuri
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: Sorry No Comment
My music taste: Vocaloid, Nightcore, Electronic,
Sports I play include: Tennis, Football(Aussie rules)
My on-going projects: Sorry No comment
My other interests: Having fun with Friends! :)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Skype: nerrad215 Steam: PC Stands For Pencil Case
Likes in a person: Relatable, Has a sense of Humour,
Dislikes in a person: Rude, Annoying(eg. spam) and aggresive
My personality: Positive XD
Nationality: French Canadian, But I mostly speak english > French ;D
Age: 17
Gender: Guy
Name/nickname: Jess / Jesse, or even call me Val if you want to!

My favourite food: Hmm, anything spicy ;w;. Besides that, I really like Sushi! :)
My favourite anime: At the moment, Steins Gate / Spice & Wolf or Monster... Or Yahari ;w; to many.
My favourite video game: Osu! And the old KOTOR games, probably kotor is my favorite game of all time :D
Other Online games I play: League, (plat 2) CSGO (peaked at LEM) And world of warcraft
My music taste: Anything Rock / Metal / Heavy metal, just no screamo, like lets say dont like music like this x.x
Sports I play include: Used to do Martial arts. Black belt:)
My on-going projects: Umm, none right now. To lazy
My other interests: Uhh, none really.... Yeah i know im pretty boring haha. I want to start going to the gym and all that stuff but...Uhh... yeah thats about it ;w;.
Skype,Steam: If we talk enough ill share them! I'd prefer to start talking on Osu! A bit before talking on Skype or Teamspeak ;w;

Likes in a person: Chill, fun, you know the usual haha. Also preferably my skill level / rank in Osu! Or higher so we or I can practice / get better :D.
Dislikes in a person: The opposite of the above ^ x.x
My personality: I mean, in my opinion I think im a pretty easy guy to talk to, I get along with mostly everyone I meet, but i'm also really shy until you get to know me or the other way around ;w;. I can also be weird at times haha.
Nationality: Romanian, now living in the UK
Age: 18, almost 19
Gender: Guy
Name/nickname: Victor, but everybody calls me Vovo , because of my nickname
My favourite food: Must have been pizza in the past... but since I moved in to live alone, that is kind of my main food (along with spaghetti), and I got tired of it... So my favourite food goes to kebab/shaworma (google if you don't know what that is)
My favourite anime: Favourite anime is Steins;Gate, and will probably not change really. Others would be Clannad, Fate Series, Monster, Rurouni Kenshin etc..
My favourite video game: Osu! at the moment, I've been playing a lot of CSGO, but quit recently
My music taste: ANYTHING
Sports I play include: Used to do tennis and basketball, both very fun.. and swimming, not so fun. Every winter I always enjoy going skiing, and have been doing it for 14 years now.
My on-going projects: Should be University.......... Should be......
My other interests:Probably start going back to the gym... not gonna happen soon enough
Skype,Steam: I prefer contacting me on pm and play a bit of OSU before we start chatting.

Likes in a person: Fun, Chill and Sociable
Dislikes in a person: being a toxic person and not sociable at all
My personality: I am usually a HYPE guy, always creating a lot of hype out of nothing when I get excited haha.. but most of the time I am calm and patient and I can get along with mostly all the people I meet.
Sure, why not. It's 1 AM and I've got nothing better to do.

Nationality: North American

Age: 14

Name/nickname: Never really had a static online pseudonym. People just call me whatever, really.

My favourite food: Does milk count as a food? Hm.
My favourite anime: FLCL, first anime I watched, and probably still the best given that I'm not extremely active about it anymore.
My favourite video game: Osu! Right now, in the past it was DoTA 2, but I haven't been able to play most of my games due to technical issues (Read: Issue with graphics drivers for an integrated gpu)
Other Online games I play: Precious few. Used to play DoTA, League, Awesomenauts and TF2 primarily, but none of those games work on my busted laptop at the moment, so I mostly play online games.
My music taste: I absolutely love music in general, you'd be very hard pressed to find any music genre that I wholeheartedly dislike, the only thing I can't really enjoy is very screamy metal, instrumental stuff like Everything Will Freeze is still pretty great though. My favorite genres are usually just Swing music in general, 6/8 is the best time signature, even if I still cannot read it for shit. As of now, my favorite song is almost definitely Heir of Grief ([url[/url]). It combines just about everything I love from all of my favorite genres, and was the final song used in the recent Homestuck Act 6 conclusion. Amazing song combined with some high-octane emotional fuel, probably going to be my favorite for a while.
Sports I play include: Err......
My on-going projects: Lately I've been learning some music theory, although I still know next to nothing about the subject. Someday.
My other interests: Art, Music, Computers, Animation, Writing. Plenty of things I like to do, plenty of things I'm not really all that good at. Making things really is my assion, and my eventual dream is to be able to create something that spawns it's own fandom of sorts. That's all I could ask for, really.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: PM me for this stuff, if you'd like to chat with me, please.

Nationality: Romanian
Age: 20
Name/nickname: Andrei

My favourite food: Pizza/fries
My favourite anime: Can't decide between Death Note and Sword Art Online
My favourite video game: equally love Osu!,CS:GO,League of Legends
Other Online games I play: Almost anything I own or that is affordable and my friends want me to play with them (srsly i have a steam library of 230 games)
My music taste: Anything thats not too heavy metal~ish but mostly I love punk rock
Sports I play include: e-sports, I am a geek who hates physical sports, oops?
My on-going projects: University/trying to be independent among other stuff which I won't make public
My other interests: Besides gaming? Meeting new people, travelling, being a support for others.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Ask in private and I will let you know (altho my skype is shown on my profile)

Likes in a person: Friendly, funny, loves dark humor, can take a joke, is there to help a friend in need
Dislikes in a person: Opposite of the above
My personality: Chill,friendly,very trollish,joking a lot, listening and helping when you have a problem, very emotional ~ RIP

Nationality: Thai
Age: 16 (December 7th, 1999)
Name/nickname: Fourth (Yes 4th is my name)/Wann (Wann mean glasses in thai)
Gender: M
My favourite food: Raw salmon
My favourite anime: Stein;gate, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, Charlotte, Toradora, Fullmetal Alchemist
My favourite video game: TESV:Skyrim, TESIV:Oblivion, Fallout 4
Other Online games I play: CS:GO, Warframe, GTA:V
My music taste: J-pop ,Classic ,Vaporwave, Trap remix ,90s
Sports I play include: Swimming, Night workout
My on-going projects: Transfer to America next few months
My other interests: Drawing ,Photo Editing , /b/ /a/ /x/
Facebook: PM
Steam: 420です 「ID:Gaben_Z」
Likes in a person: dank and honest.
Dislikes in a person: People who always find a stupid reason to fight, Ruined my privacy and atmosphere.
My personality: Memester Didn't talk much irl and drawing all day. never wanted to offended anyone but like to shitposting :3
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