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Nationality: Germany
Name/nickname: Sloee.

My favourite food: ehw, i go with 5-Minute Soups.
My favourite anime: right now? hmm, tbh Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
My favourite video game: Switches between LoL, CS:GO, and WoW.
Other Online games I play: LoL, CS:GO, WoW, Elsword.
My music taste: everything besides rap, fck rap.
Sports I play include: lolnope
My on-going projects: -
My other interests: -
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Steam, Skype, Skype is on my osu Page

My personality:
i'm handsome. lol.

Regarding osu!, i had a 4 year break, so....<_<
Nationality: American
Age: Somewhere between 12-18
Name/nickname: Tino, usually

My favourite food: Sushi is damn good
My favourite anime: Stein;s Gate was the only one I can really remember. It's been a long time.
My favourite video game: Oh goodness, let me think... Pokemon was an amazing game and brings back waves of nostalgia every time I turn on my Nintendo DS! I played Minecraft for about 3 years but run that river dry as soon as I realized how much the game and community was deteriorating. XCOM is also a great game, so it's tough to choose overall.
Other Online games I play: Only one, I try to focus on school and sports for the most part.
My music taste: Anything other than crappy pop, mainstream rap, and country music
Sports I play include: Soccer/Football, American football (I kick field goals guys)
My on-going projects: HA
My other interests: Other than this game I absolutely love -->
Pokemon, XCOM
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I feel like social media causes problems so I only have Skype (mlgtino)

Likes in a person: Other than me, I like all types of people, especially ones who are of different culture/nationality but are fluent in english.
Dislikes in a person: Gossiping brats.
My personality: I feel like it's tough to describe myself. I try to be friendly when I can, but if I get angry I get really angry.

did i miss anything i dont think so my life is an everchanging mystery
Nationality: Oregon, United States
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Jaysen / Knit

My favourite food: Bread
My favourite anime: Yuru Yuri or K-On
My favourite video games: Music games (stepmania, pump it up, pop'n music, etc), Left 4 Dead 2
Other Online games I play: Left 4 Dead 2, kind of want to get into fighting games, I'm willing to try out new games if I have someone else to play them with
My music taste: basically anything that isn't trance/techno, i love other forms of electronic music but can not stand those genre at all
Sports I play include: In The Groove
My other interests: cute things, internet window shopping, talking with people
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: PM me

Likes in a person: having similar interests
Dislikes in a person: aggressiveness, judgmental, people who act like dicks
My personality: i don't think i can accurately describe myself

if you're interested in talking to me please send me a PM on this website or message me in game
Nationality: Danish/Polish
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Patrick/Tricks

My favorite food: Pizza, Chinese food, rice
My favorite anime: Angel Beats, Clannad: After Story, Toradora!
My favourite video game: osu! / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Other Online games I play: CS:GO
My music taste: Japanese electro
Sports I play include: Nothing, although I used to play football (not the crappy American football) and tennis.
My on-going projects: Programming and reaching #50,000 in osu!
My other interests: Anime, music, games, food
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: On my profile

Likes in a person: humor, honesty, weird people
Dislikes in a person: trolls, people who abuse memes, people who cuss every 3rd word, people who get mad over a game after 2 minutes
My personality: I can be extremely funny or really boring (up to you an your humor), very nice and honest, but also has a dark and lonely side.
[ Yoru ]
Nationality: British (live in Australia now)
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Yoru, Nissho (anything you come up with)

My favourite food: galaxy minstrels
My favourite anime: Guilty Crown, Tokyo Ghoul (well atm anyway, i can never have an all time fav)
My favourite video game: Osu of course... pmsl
Other Online games I play: umm... used to play cod, gta, battlefield, payday and some others but legit all i play now is osu... rip life
My music taste: either Metal (pretty much all forms) Kpop or Jpop depending on my mood
Sports I play include: Used to play soccer and and swim, now i do crap all...
My on-going projects: none that i know of, my "goals" (well for this game atm) is to get within 10k by new years
My other interests: umm, eating, eating is a good hobby i guess... watching movies, anime, and just messing around with friends
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Twitter Steam Youtube

Likes in a person: Funny, know how to joke around, can be considerate and yeah anything
Dislikes in a person: uptight people, snobs, know it alls, people who don't know sarcasm
My personality: Shy and timid at first i guess, but i'll eventually open up, i joke around alot, fun to paly with? i think/hope?. You'll find out after you talk to me
Nationality: British
Age: tree fiddy
Name/nickname: onion

My favourite food: pizza
My favourite anime: Cowboy Bebop
My favourite video game: CSGO
Other Online games I play: CSGO, UMVC3, USF4, Gmod
My music taste: Hip-Hop, Metal, Psychedelic Rock, idk anything
Sports I play include: haha
My on-going projects: no
My other interests: programming, talking to people
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Steam

Likes in a person: interesting funny people
Dislikes in a person: -
My personality:
Kasane Teto
Nationality: Asian (Born in Japan, lived half my life in London which included learning english, living the rest in USA.)
Age: 19
Name/nickname: Sakuya, I'm not telling my real name.

My favourite food: Potatoes c:
My favourite anime: Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
My favourite video game: Besides osu!, Borderlands 2 or Kingdom Hearts 2
Other Online games I play: Garry's Mod, Borderlands 2, Maplestory
My music taste: J-Pop, J-Rock, Rock, Electro, Rap...pretty much almost anything, except country.
Sports I play include: I don't like sports.
My on-going projects: What does that mean? ;~;
My other interests: Testing osu! skins, talking to friends.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: My Skype is suzujuzu.

Likes in a person: If they are accepting of what a person may or may not like. Interesting and funny people.
Dislikes in a person: If they constantly judge people.
My personality: A bit rude, but tries to be nice.
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 21
Name/nickname: Cregman

My favourite food: Red meat/kebab
My favourite anime: Code Geass/fma
My favourite video game: Bloodline Champions hipster masterrace :)
Other Online games I play: CS:GO, Dota 2
My music taste: I have been a metal fan for most of my life, but broadened my tastes in the last few years so now I like most stuff.
Sports I play include: S...po...rt???
My on-going projects: Professional couch potato
My other interests: I like competiton and games that have a high skill ceiling, aswell as getting to that skill ceiling :P
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:

Likes in a person: Open-mindedness and a sense of humor
Dislikes in a person: Passive aggressive bullshit
My personality: Calm and nice guy, describing yourself is hard though :P
Yay, friends...

Nationality: Danish
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Just call me Jawns

My favourite food: Tough choice. Gotta be American pancakes. With maple syrup and a slice of bacon on top... I'm hungry now...
My favourite anime: Surprisingly, I don't watch anime! (Holy Shiiiieet). Might get into it one day though. Definitely not judging
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: I used to play a lot of LoL. Playing other games on/off like Awesomenauts
My music taste: Anything good really. If it's on the charts, chances are it isn't good (I'm not a hipster, i swear!)
Sports I play include: Volleyball. Looking to get back into football as well.
My on-going projects: I hope to get accepted to a music course for next year. Mainly preparing for that.
My other interests: Music, listening and playing. Youtube. Apart from that, uhm, dunno. Beer perhaps?
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Y'all won't get my skype/facebook (yet)

Likes in a person: Dunno, really. You just have to be an overall good person I guess.
Dislikes in a person: Same as above i guess... I never really judge, so as long as you aren't shitty, it should be fine.
My personality: Laid back, with sudden spurts of energy. Generally kind and nice, and sometimes a bit cheeky, if you get to know me better. (reckoned it wouldn't be the best branding to say "awkward")
Nationality: French Canadian, But I speak english > french so dont worry.
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Jess or Jesse, if you really want you can call me Val, but my name is fine to.

My favourite food: Hmm, probably Lamb Korma or Vindaloo, or anything thats really spice to be honest.
My favourite anime: Gonna have to be One Punch Man or Steins;gate without a doubt
My favourite video game: Osu!, I play some csgo/League/Xbox one games on the side, not to much of League / csgo recently tho.
Other Online games I play: Witcher 3, Assassins Creed ( insert any of the above here ) and probably more
My music taste: Rock, Metal, Heavy metal, Wubwubz, anything really except for hardcore Screamo death metal music. ( Spawn of apparition is a good example of this hahah.
Sports I play include: Used to do martial arts, not any more tho :(.
My on-going projects: None at the moment, well, getting better at osu! if that counts as a project.
My other interests: ..... Not interested in alot to be honest haha, just playin games, watching some shows, probably some other things that I just cant think of right now
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: If we talk enough ill share this if you want

Likes in a person: Chill, fun and easy to talk to! If you like any of what I wrote above ^ i would like that as well haha. I generally like almost anyone, so just be yourself. I also like people who play osu frequently, I'm trying to get back into playing it as much as I did,but its pretty hard when none of my friends play it, thats kind of why im making this post! I also like it when people are better then me at a certain game that I talk to, it drives me to play more and sort of gives me a stronger urge to play, practice and become better at the game in general!
Dislikes in a person: Just dont be a an over the top dick lmao. I usually dont judge people, so as long as your not acting like Donald Trump we should be good haha.
My personality: Well from what I hear people say everyone of my friends says that im chill and kind of an idiot, but in a good way if that makes sense! Lmfao. Some people that I talk to alot say that i'm pretty easy to talk to, which I like to think i am to be honest :3.
Nationality: France.
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Swftpai

My favourite food: Loli (muehehehe)
My favourite anime: There's my animelist
My favourite video game: Counter-strike.
Other Online games I play: A lot of games,add me on steam if you want!
My music taste: Metal mainly.
Sports I play include: Skate only,everyday.
My on-going projects: nothing. :/
My other interests: video editing since 3 years now. ;)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Facebook? no. Skype either. But here's my steam page (again)

Likes in a person: be relaxed and funny.
Dislikes in a person: abusive trolls/haters.
My personality: I don't really know how to describe myself,but i think i'm calm and friendly :)
R e n g e
Nationality: Poland
Age: 15
Name/nickname: R e n g e

My favourite food: eee... Fast food xD
My favourite anime: Mirai Nikki
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: CS:GO, L4D2
My music taste: Rock
Sports I play include: running
My on-going projects:
My other interests: Sleep xD
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: hmm..

Likes in a person: everyone
Dislikes in a person: Mean and annoying
My personality: Tsundere
Just for the fun~

Nationality:British (Welsh)

My favourite food:Ohhh...chicken, pizza, chocolate or watermelon! (can't choose ><)
My favourite anime: I'm going to try to pick one.....ugh, nope. Not possible. I have too many.
My favourite video game: Final fantasy 7/13/13-2/LR, Life is strange, Star ocean 4, Left for dead,
Other Online games I play: I play RWBY, Gmod. I'm not currently online with my consoles ^^'
My music taste: Honestly, my music taste is a bit of everything. I can like any kind of music.
Sports I play include: Does sleeping count? >>
My on-going projects: I'm currently working on making a digital comic ^^ and to work my way up in the world or digital art.
My other interests: Drawing, editing, playing games, watching movies.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: My steam is Uninspiredgamer. :3 sorry, but I will only give my fb to people I'm close with ^^

Likes in a person: I like loyal and honest people. People who I can trust and will stay by my side, ect. But I also love people that I can have fun with and joke and just generally laugh with ^^
Dislikes in a person: Arrogance.
My personality: I'm quite a chill and down to earth person, I think. I like to joke and enjoy life. I'd like to think I'd good at being there for my friends too, but sometimes I can be a little inconsiderate to other people.
Reparticipating ;)

Nationality: Canadian
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Jarvis/Anton

My favourite food: Anything related to chicken or anything spicy (preferably both)
My favourite anime: - I liked Clannad I guess, something along the lines of supernatural and slice of life
My favourite video game: Console - Little Big Planet, PC- CSGO
Other Online games I play: - CS:GO, League Of Legends
My music taste: House/Electro/DnB/Future Bass
Sports I play include: Archery, Skateboarding?, Badminton
My on-going projects: Learning Astronomy, Getting back into Archery and starting to learn drums.
My other interests: Drawing, Daydreaming, Anime but mostly Manga
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Skype - dissentss (lets see how this goes) Steam-id - Jarvis
Likes in a person: Easy to talk to, Respectable, Humorous, Open
Dislikes in a person: Anytype of un-needed negativity (Cockiness, Toxicity, etc.) A snake,
My personality: Probably really childish but not to the point where it gets annoying, I don't condone much toxicity (unless your my best friend and its just for fun)
Ghost Snail
Nationality: German
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Sebastian

My favourite food: Fast-food and sweets, of course. ^^
My favourite anime: the Monogatari Series (pretty much all of it)
My favourite video game: Pokemon, Torchlight 2
Other Online games I play: none
My music taste: mostly Electro-Swing
Sports I play include: none
My on-going projects: none, I think
My other interests: programming, reading
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: I'm not sharing it publicly, but you can just ask. :)

Likes in a person: just be nice, I guess ^^
Dislikes in a person: I have a strong hate for drugs (that includes alcohol, etc.), but unless you mention it, I don't bother.
My personality: It's always a pain to describe oneself. :/ I don't think I can do that properly, to be honest. I try to keep a positive attitude as good as I can and to be open minded. I can be an asshole, if I'm in a bad mood, but I usually try to calm myself down before I talk to someone in those cases.

Did this work for anyone yet?!

Toine wrote:


Did this work for anyone yet?!
nope for me...
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