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Nationality: Polish
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Bartosz/SveItaGe

My favourite food: Cereal
My favourite anime: Elfen Lied
My favourite video game: Metal Gear Solid/ Final Fantasy
Other Online games I play: Mabinogi
My music taste: Rock/Metal
Sports I play include: Football, High Jump
My on-going projects: I translate songs and some books
My other interests: I love learning languages, and make food
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Message me if you want :D

Likes in a person: Sarcasm, Situational jokes
Dislikes in a person: Mean and selfish people
My personality: I'm shy, but funny with good friends
8-) Well... going to da forum after year playing osu!... is a adventure lol. Well this cant harm much ^^.

Nationality:Dutch, Vietnamese
Introvert or Extravert:Introvert, when getting comvertable to talk. I can get a bit like extravert... Though im not like that in reallife keep in mind.
Age: 17
Name/nickname: Vietchinh / Viet / Future Fade

My favourite food: .... Salmon, Cereal
My favourite anime: Fate / Zero ( Saber <3)
My favourite video game: Bioshock infinite ( I dont play much beside league and or .. osu!)
Other Online games I play: League Of Legends
My music taste: UHHHHHHHHH..... Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj-QrRKXeD39N94IlVpu9pYPP3dMAsKYv You judge...
Sports I play include: Sports? What is that? I do like golf... Or tennis, but i dont parcitipate any sport.. Lazy bum im haha...
My on-going projects: Making a intro effect for a buddy.
My other interests: Video editing, anime, Art(Cant draw tho >.> Wish i could), science(does watching a summary of science count? Aka Dnews) , technology ( GPU's, CPU's you get it..)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: You can find me pretty easy on facewoof. Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/vietchinh (Tho i dont stream much..)

Likes in a person: -
Dislikes in a person: -
My personality: Calm, silence, serious, asian? Also im pretty bad at coming up with subjects... So...

Im pretty fine with every person...

Friends come’s and goes, some stay’s forever, others forgotten forever.
The feeling of not being part of society. Not belonging in one, because interest differs. Yet in this world. I keep finding people who has the same interest.
My personal favorite anime:

Fate zero(Saber!), Steins Gate(Okabe and Kurisu!) , 5 Centimeter per second movie(Deep T.T), Clannad after life( ...), Kuroko no basket( ;D!), Accel world, Sword Art online(Dat second arc.. Though ASUNA! AND KIRITO!), Angel beats(Deep #2T.T)
Guilty Crown(Heh first anime) , Clannad(Fun school anime xd), Blast Tempest(MAOKAI OP! ( TREE OP), Fate stay night (Dam you shiro... Oh well SABER!), Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(BAD ASS SHIBA.) kagerou actors(Ayano T.T)

Name/nickname: jere in real, tava ingame

My favourite food: Clam/noodles with beef/Chicken
My favourite anime:Mushishi/Fairy Tail
My favourite video game:Gears of War 2/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness
Other Online games I play:only osu! played league and world of warcraft before
My music taste:Trap/electro/house/metal/hardrock/ a ltile bit of everything tbh
Sports I play include:Basketball/Ping-pong
My on-going projects: being non productive
My other interests: Science/party's/technology related stuff
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:

Likes in a person:Honesty, being able to talk about serious stuff , social, being able to enjoy life and laugh alot
Dislikes in a person: being a crybaby , selfishness , egocentrique , being to serious
My personality:
Nationality: Britsh
Age: 14 ( 15 in December )
Name/nickname: Jayden

My favourite food: Pizza
My favourite anime: Soul Eater
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
My music taste: EDM or Jpop
Sports I play include: Sports are for the weak xD
My on-going projects: Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/creepyboxguy
My other interests: Film
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Just ask me :P

Likes in a person: Social people who like to have a laugh
Dislikes in a person: Dickheads
My personality: See for yourself :D
Nationality: Filipino
Age: 19
Name/nickname: Justine

My favourite food: Burger
My favourite anime: Angel Beats!
My favourite video game: Outlast
Other Online games I play: Dota2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth
My music taste: Pop, Rock
Sports I play include: ----------
My on-going projects: ---------
My other interests: Anime to watch, Anime soundtracks, Horror games and movies.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Message me .

Likes in a person: Friendly, can play with me, not rude.
Dislikes in a person: Annoying, Racist, Likes to rage whenever you make a mistake, Looking down on others
My personality: Shy, Silent type, Most of the times my expression is serious, I like to smile, not really good on having a long conversation.
Nationality: German
Age: 18
Name/nickname: Tom

My favourite fodo: Pizza.
My favourite anime: Another.
My favourite video game: Pokemon, Final Fantasy, GTA.
My music taste: almost anything except charts. but mostly rock, rap, ambient and dnb.
Sports I play include: i don't really do sports actively, but i love swimming and cycling.
My on-going projects: video editing & gaming. i also have a list full of shows and animes i have to watch.
My other interests: watching tv shows and anime and doing shit with my friends.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: pm me and i'll gladly give it to you.

Likes in a person: friendly, helpful, loyal, not too serious.
Dislikes in a person: ignorant, mean, two-faced and selfish people.
My personality: i think that's your question to answer.
Nationality: Asian
Age: 13
Name/nickname: //itseveline// call me Kali pls <3

My favourite food: Grandola bars (don't ask xD)
My favourite anime: Death Note >o<
My favourite video game: Dangan Ronpa
Other Online games I play: OSU! TFM , Animal Jam , Minecraft , Portal , Gmod
My music taste: Hard rock , death metal
Sports I play include: ice skating , cross county , karate
My on-going projects: Cosplays o//o
My other interests: Anime & Drawing & Cosplaying
Facebook: CloudDehkitty
Instagram: @_Kali_Senpai_
DeviantART: Kali-Senpai
YouTube: HellaDesuCosplay
Skype: ashes.and.throns
Steam: Kali-Senpai or Kali_Senpai (forgot)

Likes in a person: Sweetness , gentle , not rude , not stubborn , not loud
Dislikes in a person: loudness , rude , pushy ,
My personality: Calm , sweet , kind to people who treat me kind , ragey at OSU! , protective of my friends and family
Might as well.
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 17
Name/nickname: I won't give out my name on the forum, sorry

My favourite food: Butter chicken and naan bread.
My favourite anime: Clannad
My favourite video game: Portal 2/Terraria
Other Online games I play: Looking for one
My music taste: Not country, screamo or the bad overplayed radio songs, although some of them are nice.
Sports I play include: Snowboarding.
My on-going projects: Cegep
My other interests: Music, Videogames, Anime.
Steam: evildude2000

Likes in a person: I'm not quite sure, really.
Dislikes in a person: The inability to take things seriously sometimes or people who actively refuse to be intelligent about things.
My personality: Too laid back for my own good, open minded and I get horribly sidetracked in mere seconds.
lol i usually never do this stuff but i'm feeling extra... moodly today so why not

Nationality: british
Age: 13
Name/nickname: nookls

My favourite food: pizza... no doubt
My favourite anime: higurashi no naku koro ni (it's the only one i've watched)
My favourite video game: osu! and sims
My music taste: weeaboo music and anything vocaloid (nope, i don't have any taste buds)
Sports I play include: the silence here is eerie
My on-going projects: my crappy website where all i do is make random stuff
My other interests: modern technology, games
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: everything is on my profile

Likes in a person: being lax, having the ability to understand the boundaries when it comes to sarcasm and smartassery, sharing my hobbies (duh), not being too social, not being stupid skype spambots that add me every other day >.>
Dislikes in a person: egocentricity, ignorance, fatness, inability to understand sarcasm ever... eh you get the picture, just general bad traits
My personality: immature, very modest at times, sarcastic a lot but not too much, bad at social situations, sometimes people don't really get me until they've known me for a while
Doing this mainly because I don't have a single friend who plays osu, all of them who try it call it dumb or too hard so why not give this a shot :P

Nationality: A white american dude.
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Jaret..

My favourite food: Subway Subs, specifically an Italian BMT on Italian Herb and Cheese bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar :3
My favourite anime: Clannad After Story
My favourite video game: Other than Osu! CSGO
Other Online games I play: CSGO, League (barely anymore), Starbound more recently, pretty much anything I can get my hands on.
My music taste: EDM and Vocaloid.
Sports I play include: None
My on-going projects: Working ._.
My other interests: I don't know yet honestly lol
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: bobbygeemoho (skype) dashspacejaretspacedash (steam)

Likes in a person: Sleep, going out to eat, making money, hanging with friends.
Dislikes in a person: People who think they are high above anyone else
My personality: Sarcastic, smartass, likes to joke around, if I joke around too hard just tell me to shut the fk up and I will :P
Here's mine.

Nationality: Asian
Age: 15
Name/nickname: Miki

My favourite food: Pizza
My favourite anime: Clannad Series
My favourite video game: This game
Other Online games I play: Dota 2, CSGO, PSO2
My music taste: I dunno, I just like random Musics
Sports I play include: Chess
My on-going projects: Getting better at this game
My other interests: Nothing
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Don't have Skype, for Facebook and Steam PM me

Likes in a person: Nothing
Dislikes in a person: The fact that they are alive
My personality: I hate everything, actually more like I don't care about everything and everyone
for the joy of getting a friend here goes nothing
Nationality: Filipino
Age: --
Name/nickname: Yuu

My favourite food: Lasagna,anything sweet. And sticks. //shot
My favourite anime: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!,Tokyo Ghoul
My favourite video game: Pokemon
Other Online games I play: PokemonDeluge,though I'm not that active anymore
My music taste: Rock,Metal,and everything J-__
Sports I play include: Taekwondo
My on-going projects: School,deviantART commissions
My other interests: Video games,music,anime ,money
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Facebook : Exbo Yuusari Skype: Yuuribastard/exbo.yuusari

Likes in a person: small voice,short,flat-chested I honestly don't know. As long as you like anime I guess
Dislikes in a person: Backstabber,bossy,boastful
My personality: Even I,myself don't know my own personality,but for sure I'm one hell of a weird guy.
Nationality: American
Name/nickname: Just call me Pugsly

My favourite food: anything sweet, or pizza.
My favourite anime: uh... currently Fairy Tail
My favourite video game: Goat Simulator
Other Online games I play: Audiosurf, Trine, Assassin Creed, TES: Skyrim, Oblivion
My music taste: All kinds of things.
Sports I play include: none
My on-going projects: Improving beat mapping skills
My other interests: Tumblr, writing,
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:
twitter: Pugsly6338, steam: evilangel6338566
Tumblr: pugsly6338.tumblr.com

Likes in a person:If we like the same music and shows and stuff that helps...
Dislikes in a person: general rude assclowns...
My personality: I am quiet and scared of just about everyone at first because yay social anxiety. But once we bond I am quite talkative.
Nationality: British
Age: 13
Name/nickname: MintLatios

My favourite food: I actually don't know.
My favourite anime: Attack On Titan
My favourite video game: Don't have a favourite video game.
Other Online games I play: Minecraft, Euro Truck Simulator 2
My music taste: Catchy and upbeat. Or I can just say "VOCALOIDS!!!"
Sports I play include: I don't play sports.
My on-going projects: I'm not very productive.
My other interests: Video games, computers, Japan
Skype: MintLatios (987Theawesome)
Steam: ChubbyBearz
Likes in a person: I prefer talking to people with the same sort of interests as me.
Dislikes in a person: Rude people, trolls, etc.
My personality: My personality is unexplainable.
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 14 and 15 on August 21st
Name/nickname: Nada/Nacchan

My favourite food: Sushi and Pizza :3
My favourite anime: Fairy Tail!
My favourite video game: Osu!
Other Online games I play: I don't usually play online games ;w; (Forever alone)
My music taste: I only listen to Music on Japanese and It's usually pop 8-)
Sports I play include: Does staying in your home playing Osu! All day count as a sport?
My on-going projects: Mapping Tetsuya Kakihara - Blaze Up (not submitted yet)
My other interests: Learning Japanese, Play piano and draw :)
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Twitter: Nadadapan Instagram: Nada_FairyTail Wattpad: Nada_FairyTail YouTube: Nadapan Osu Kik: Nada_FairyTail (I'm planning to make a skype but I have no one to talk with ;w;)

Likes in a person: Tries to understand other people and knows how to joke
Dislikes in a person: Doesn't know how to accept other people for who they are and keeps judging them and offend them.
My personality: Pretty shy at first (even if it doesn't look like it) but talks pretty much after I get to know them a bit more.
Why am I doing this, I'm not lonely.. :cry:

Nationality: Polish.
Age: 16
Name/nickname: Rii

My favourite food: Rice with chicken and curry sauce, so mainstream.
My favourite anime: It's kind of an anime that is only +-45 min long, I shall go with Hotarubi no Mori e
My favourite video game: osu! or S4 League
Other Online games I play: S4 League, Aion, LoL, Smite, Metin2 and Ragnarok online
My music taste: Mostly Japanese music but if I find something else and I like it I may aswell listen to it.
Sports I play include: Football is probably one of the few sports I like.
My on-going projects: Making avatars.
My other interests: Reading manga's
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Skype: floppyploppypower (Excuse my childish nickname)

Likes in a person: Glasses, humor, being kind etc
Dislikes in a person: Hating on other people, spreading rumours
My personality: You can find out by yourself.

Nationality: American(but Asian)
Age: 13
Name/nickname: Ongaku (You can call me Simon)

My favourite food: Food
My favourite anime: Too many to name
My favourite video game: This is a video game, right?
Other Online games I play: Cosmic break
My music taste: Fast, cool, calm, tranquility...
Sports I play include: None... yet
My on-going projects: None... Yet
My other interests: Food
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.:

Likes in a person: Funny, nice, calm, and capable of cooking food.
Dislikes in a person: Mean, rude, don't know how to respect, selfish, etc.
My personality: I can be a bit mature at times, then I turn into a goat having seizures while eating food.
Ehehh, it's been a year i still have no friends XD

Nationality: Emarati-made supercar
Age: Three, Four on October
Name/nickname: Veyron

My favourite food: Fuel
My favourite anime: None
My favourite video game: Transformers Legends, StarCraft: Wings of Liberty, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience
Other Online games I play: League of Legends, MapleStory, Digimon Masters Online, Dragon Nest, Vindictus, and ofc osu!
My music taste: Electronic, Hardcore, Screamo, Kpop, and a bit of Classics.
Sports I play include: Ummm, Racing?
My on-going projects: Already improved my mapping, BATs being such a soab.
My other interests: Upgrade my parts, learn human intelligence, there's more... >_>
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: Facebook - Gray Veyron, Twitter - @GrayVeyron, Instagram - @graykaiser82.

Likes in a person: A caring person, talkative, likes what i like.
Dislikes in a person: Talking nonsense, insulting, too much japanese. And mostly, HELPLESS.
My personality: You'll know it if you see me.
Nationality: British
Age: 13
Name/nickname: TheNekoNextDoor (but just call me Neko)

My favourite food: Sushi, spaghetti bolognese and caramel wafers. Favourite drinks are coffee, Fanta and Coke.
My favourite anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
My favourite video game: osu!
Other Online games I play: I don't tend to play online games much, but sometimes I play 'Madoka Magica Online'.
My music taste: Electro (especially trance), J-Pop/J-Rock, Anime OSTs (Especially Yuki Kajiura's stuff) and Vocaloid.
Sports I play include: Other than P.E? Sometimes I go swimming and I also like cycling, but I don't like sport that much.
My on-going projects: Eh... all sorts of things. Mainly my DA roleplay right now (based on Madoka Magica).
My other interests: I love technology. I'm always into trying new software, and I love drawing.
Facebook, Skype, Steam etc.: My DA and MyAnimeList links are at the bottom of my signature. I am not giving away personal accounts.

Likes in a person: Kind, funny and caring people.
Dislikes in a person: I really don't like mean people - but then again, not many people do.
My personality: I'm known to others as a kind, friendly person, but I don't have much self-confidence.

I hope we can get along! ^_^
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