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If that happens I'm ragequitting life

the fact that no mafia have popped up going "we've won" at this point is a pretty good sign for now tho. but nothing we can do about it now :P
Yeah, no thank you.

Then again, LS... >_________>
hey, um, thought you were dead pal
Wait what?

He also said it here.
Prod: LS
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Don't mind me I'm just wrestling with RL over here.

farto - ??? - Missing D5

kookookook - Town FBI Agent

It is now night 5, deadline is whenever I can get to the computer again.

Nightchat is no longer enabled.
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DakeDake - ??? - Vanished N5

Fartownik - Mafia Advanced Framer + Gunsmith

It is now Day 6. Deadline is roughly a week from now.

With 5 Alive, it's 3 to lynch.
1. pieguy <- firefighter
2. BRBP <- nexus
3. Royston <- motivator
4. rEdo <- dayvig
5. Rantai <- strong-willed deprogrammer

FBI agent fkin wow.

oh god plz don't tell me "Advanced" means he can control the flips of the players. actually if it does that would explain the whole gimmick behind the game and also there's a chance it's not LyLo, but we should assume it is

you know what, I noticed a pattern.
every single false role so far (firefighter, FBI agent, ailment doctor) has been just the false role. but Rantai's has "strong-willed" thrown in there? wat
btw, whoever the mafia are, it's obvious what you were trying to do and I don't like it ;)
Out of curiosity what exactly is an FBI agent?

pieguy1372 wrote:

btw, whoever the mafia are, it's obvious what you were trying to do and I don't like it ;)
Please explain, I'm stupid. :(

The wiki says an FBI Agent is like a cop but only gets guilty result on Serial Killers. So probably another pointless role, yeah

Also anyone know what's up with Lilac's post-death post, that's still really weird
I'm guessing they're trying to imply pieguy is scum because DD suspected him?

I still don't think that's the case though, I'm more on the belief of BRBP and Royston, if I go by my previous thoughts.
I'm fine with a BRBP lynch

1. his claim was weird
2. even if it's correct, mafia nexus is exactly the kind of thing LS would put

if I'm wrong ggs
To be honest, I'm not comfortable with a BRBP lynch at all. I'd much rather lynch rEdo.

Royston wrote:

I can see this dayvig being made scum just to screw with us.
man this is stupid

the two people I thought were town for sure might not even be town. rEdo cause of what you pointed out, and Rantai cause of the pattern I saw.

@Royston: what do you think about BRBP's claim?
His claim doesn't mean anything to me. I don't see his role as being more or less plausible than anyone else's. And even if he was somehow confirmed as nexus, it could easily be mafia nexus as you say. I'm judging him as town based on his style of posts, but he could be playing me for a fool idk.

I've also tried looking through fartownik's ISO to see if I can get anything useful there, but the only thing that's sticking out is rEdo's sheeping to him D1, and fart picking up on that. If mafia didn't have day chat then I guess the interaction could be seen as a subtle way of fart trying to tell him "dude, you're making yourself stick out".

So it's that, rEdo's inactivity and the fact that I think the mod is a troll is what is influencing me towards voting rEdo atm
rEdo and BRBP get in here and post who you wanna lynch plz
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