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Type in anime/manga titles that you think deserves more love and appreciation.

i seem to remember a thread like this one already... nvm, was just this one -> t/46061
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deadbeat wrote:

i seem to remember a thread like this one already... nvm, was just this one -> t/46061
lol not favorite animes. just underappreciated that should get more love
Tsumiki no Ie - 12 minute movie without any dialogue. Won an Oscar as Best animated short film in 2009 (and deservedly so) but is still often overlooked. ~#950 in MAL popularity.
Satoshi Kon movies like Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress - Way more well-known than Tsumiki no Ie, but still nothing I ever see people talking about despite being great movies.
Aku no Hana - Stop judging a show entirely on your first impression of the art style, seriously...
Bartender - Not quite as good as the aforementioned titles, but still a series I consider quite underrated (ranked below #1000 on MAL).
Sket Dance and K should need more love >.<
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im adding Cuticle Detective Inaba to my list
Guilty Crown need more much love :?
Cross Game
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Just remembered Infinite Stratos

snlrocks wrote:

Just remembered Infinite Stratos
I was a pretty big fan of it too, but the genre's understandably not for everyone. Otherwise I would've mentioned it too.

warwolfz wrote:

Guilty Crown need more much love :?
I think it gets the credit it deserved for the right reasons - I've seen it mentioned a few times on other threads. It's not the best for reasons anyone who watched it, knows.
Though, it didn't bother me as much as others. xD
Sket Dance sold reasonably well for a Shonen Jump title, but yeah, is underappreciated compared to their other modern titles (Toriko, Gintama, etc.).

K sold well and is getting a second season. Not to mention it's already got an English dub and a VERY large Western fanbase. It's HIGHLY appreciated.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ran for over 200 episodes, has a very loud and fervent fanbase, and sold really well. I think it's got a lot of love.

Infinite Stratos, similarly to K, sold really well and is getting a second season. Its Western release was met well by fans of, uh, that sort of stuff. It's also one of the few titles I can think of that people consistently list among some of their favourite fanservice titles. ALSO highly appreciated.

Guilty Crown is a show I'm surprised people actually like, let alone has as many fans as it does.

Side Pocket wrote:

Yes, this. Something people need to stop saying is an Evangelion rip-off.

Personally, I'll say the same thing I said in the other thread: Flag. Criminally underappreciated work that's one of the more successful entries in the found-footage genre, despite being an anime. It's a cold political story, though, so it's not for everybody. But I found it enticing.

Shion no Ou is also a relatively competent mystery series that I find combines the intensity of a sports anime with the thrill of a murder mystery.
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wow ur an anime master
Scrapped Princess needs some love.
Seriously, bagpipes.
I know the guitar ruins it but come on, bagpipes.
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I heard that Infinite Stratos' second season is canceled though o.O
Am i wrong"
Um, no. It's coming out this fall. Source your rumors.
K-ON! is extremely underrated and I would consider it to be a hidden gem
K is underappreciated.
Then I think of Chaos;head... How come ppl always say S;G is better?
Need More Love for Infinite Stratos & Puella Magi Madoka Magica :(

kookookook wrote:

Then I think of Chaos;head... How come ppl always say S;G is better?
I'm still consider C;H is better than S;G though (In Anime, but not for the VN)
I will say these two excellent, unknown animes again:



P.S.: C;H is a piece of crap. It's about a weak harem protgaonist saving the world with her girls, the plotline has no real "science", orginally the script was weak and all it really was the VN systems, and the artstyle is just...
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