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lol yeah. im bored with my life XDXD

im really just looking for mapping buddies but i'm like. might as well make it public 4 lonely ppls XD
maybe i can help haha
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Just be friends
All we gotta do is just be friends
It's time to say goodbye

(too what? lol XD)

Just be friends
All we gotta do is just be friends
Just be friends
Just be friends...

Darksonic wrote:

I guess someone is feeling a bit lonely..
such losers

snlrocks wrote:

Once you become friends. you can do whatever.
Shit, why did nobody tell me?
And I thought I was lonely.
Well... well.. well... DON'T CLICK HERE
/me runs
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-sings opening theme song of Friends-
(not gunna type that shit out -.-)

No but seriously though. use this thread for practical use or if ur just plain lonely and need friends. i won't judge.
i will instead...
hug you can give you encouragement

-good luck with life everyone...

... Whale that escalated quickly....

Dulcet wrote:

And I thought I was lonely.
Too lazy to write up another friend post but I feel like General Discussion should be held up to higher standards than what has been shown in some of the responses so here is what I wrote to a person with similar interests

*checks posts*

Apparently it was deleted so I'll do a quick summary

Posting on the forums and asking for friends isn't exactly the best idea and I'm sure the responses that have come up have shown the reaction you can get. You have good intentions and more power to you for doing something that people wouldn't dare of doing but let's direct that energy to other places. The best thing you can do is open up chat on osu. Start talking to people. In your case stick around places such as #modhelp and start chatting with them. #videogames is a great place to go for your videogame interests and when it's active with people it can be an enjoyable experience.

In general there are a great number of places you can start yourself. Just start talking to people though and if you are a good enough person you'll make friends.

I like the effort you put into this and the idea itself but it isn't very well received in a community here. You can't force yourself to make friends, they come naturally.
Thought #modhelp is the new #osu, try #english instead
Kanye West

Jazz wrote:

such losers

boat wrote:

I've been searching for love throughout my entire life if you have any please reply thank you.
i luv u

thelewa wrote:

i luv u
i luvs u 2 babs thx
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Thanks for the advice. To be honest, i have done that , but some people on osu chat are...
well im not going to say anything because its only some people. i usually get ignored since there are so many poeple posting at once -.-'
i want friend pls thx.
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