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[ Xaive ]
Hi, I'm Xaive, joined osu! about a month ago but recently looked at the forums...

I like to play a lot of games on PC, mostly MOBAs like LoL and DotA. If you want you can add me on LoL just msg me or something.

Still a fail at this game, recently able to clear hards and (some) insanes. I use mouse and keyboard but I have this crappy laptop chiclet keyboard that gets stuck every time I try to stream so I like doing maps that have jumps and stuff. I enjoy vocaloid songs or rock, like this and this. I only play the main osu! mode though, I really suck at mania and CTB :x

Also, I'm pinoy but I don't speak a bit of tagalog, and I'm currently a freshman in highschool. Fun :c

So yeah, see you guys around~
I can help ya if you want ^^ *adds to friends* I need help with insanes too xp Perhaps we can help each other out :D
Practice, Practice and Practice
that's what you need in this game.
Anyway Welcome.
Welcome, I wish you good luck for gaining scores on Hard and Insane :D
Welcome to the forums!^^
Xaive, I'm like you. I'm filipino but I have problems conversing in tagalog.
Anyways, welcome to osu! Play more mouse and enjoy your stay! ^^
Welcome to the community!

Hello! We are all welcoming here so there is no need to be shy, if you would like to add me to your friendslist, view my profile and hit add friend. If you haven't done so already, please take a look through the rules. You can talk about anything in particular (as long as its not spam) here. Need more information on osu? Check out our wiki which has a large wealth of knowledge! In addition if you encounter any issues and require technical support, do so here. I hope to see you around and if you have any questions feel free to PM me!
Yunia Anindya
welcome owob
Welcome to the community!
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