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Take or leave the offer by the previous poster

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Pickle is like the best! You’re missing in life

OT: coke is fat so no

A swimming pool but you have to take care of it everyday
No thanks, my grandma has one already.

The ability to stream 250bpm for a minute, every 2 days.
I can already do that....

in mania

Ability to vibro/single tap 200 bpm but you can’t do speed higher than 220 bpm, even double tapping
Nah, I think I can go up to 160bpm singletap atm when I take extreme measures, otherwise I'm at around 125-130bpm, 120bpm is kinda at the end of my comfort zone for singletap atm, but I can go faster, just not super stable. I wonder if I'll be able to get to 200bpm on singletap one day :D

Ability to alternate perfectly up to 200bpm but you can't stream any faster than it, either.
Nate Bait
I'll take it, i'm bad at streaming xD

A steak.
We’re back at this kind of offer heh. Yes

2 steaks
Tad Fibonacci

Now I know the last offer was tough to beat, so I'll have to deliver a better deal.

3 steaks.

You might have gotten me there, but I haven’t used my secet weapon yet

4 steaks
The stakes are too high for me, I have to decline.

Never get nervous again, but also never feel excited again. Any other emotion you still feel just fine.
Sorry but I’d like my exciting life back. Leave

You will never have to hear a bad pun ever again but you can’t make one either
idk, I guess I'll leave, I don't really care about earing bad pun, often bad pun can be better than good ones just because of how awful they are.

You can fall alseep instantaneously but doing so will sap a lot of energy from your body.
sure, as long as that 'energy' isn't my life force.

a magical pencil, that's always sharpened and writes perfectly, and with an eraser that never tears your paper.
Give me all the stock you have

You can buy anything under $100 for free, but everytime you use the power, the whole world knows what you are buying
Interesting. If I take this offer, I know money won't be much of a problem anymore since most neccesities can be bought for less than 100$, letting you acumalate a lot of money to buy more expensive neccesities, however this come at the cost of loosing a lot of your privacy. I don't know if in this situation the world knows who I am. I don't think I would take it either way. If they know who I am, not only would it be bad for my privacy, but I expect my life would be in danger since I will be know for having a lot of money and will likely be the target of many thief, which is a risk I really don't want to deal with. Even if they don't know who I am, I know the internet well enough to know I won't be able to keep my identity hidden for very long, and even if I can protect my identity, then again I am gonna have to spent a lot of effort into protecting my idenity on the internet, which would definitely stress me out. In the and no matter the scenario I would just be affraid for my safety. This offer let's you have a decent amount of extra cash but not enough to buy yourself bodyguards and other conveniance to help you defend yourself and people will know this. It's not worth the risk to go for this.

Tad Fibonacci
It sounds OP, I'll take it.

I'm sure the world wouldn't care enough about me to notice what I'd buy. And even if someone would then I don't really mind either.

And the power doesn't seem to have any limitations either, so I can pretty much spam it.


Same offer.
nah, probably might start to get annoying to some people(i'd get annoyed if some insignificant shit popup in my head too), hell some psychopath would probably kill me for it lel

oh hm, I wouldn't mind this because I'd just buy normal things, anime stuff, clothes, and stuff for family of course. It also saves money on my family's wallet

Sure, why not. Sounds exploitable, too.

A 12 gigabytes hard drive full of anime, but it's all astro boy era anime

Nate Bait
Not much into anime, but i guess i could take it. I could give it to a friend, or just clear the drive out for other things.
Unless if it's that kind of day and i decide to check it out due to interest.

The power to read anyone's mind, but you can't control it: it's on all the time.
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