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Already have one but sure.

An air conditional that can only be on heat mode during summer and cold mode during winter
there is already a similar one at my school. i don't want that at my house.

an extremely cute and easy to care pet that protects and cares for you, a good boy if i say so, but when its night, it will turn into the most horrifying thing ever and will have a huge thirst for blood.

A really big pickle
I don't like pickle.

A turing machine.

A HUGEEEE pickle
depends on how huge, in terms of its actual dimensions. might be hard to preserve if you can't fit it inside a refrigerator.

leave, for now. i don't eat pickles much anyways, even though i do like 'em.

- - -

a clip of a work-in-progress song i'm making right now through discord, if you want.
hit me with it Achro

A refrigerator full of stinky goat cheese that stinks up your house and everything in it, but it sure does taste good
I would kill for good cheese so yes

A tiny pickle
I don't like pickles

The ideal body type for yourself, but you must always wear hideous clothes for the rest of your life in exchange
Too bad I have never and will ever paid attention to my clothes so yes

$1000 but you can’t eat any more pickle for the rest of your life
Tad Fibonacci
Never had pickle. Never liked it. Take.

A bottle of coke.
Pickle is like the best! You’re missing in life

OT: coke is fat so no

A swimming pool but you have to take care of it everyday
No thanks, my grandma has one already.

The ability to stream 250bpm for a minute, every 2 days.
I can already do that....

in mania

Ability to vibro/single tap 200 bpm but you can’t do speed higher than 220 bpm, even double tapping
Nah, I think I can go up to 160bpm singletap atm when I take extreme measures, otherwise I'm at around 125-130bpm, 120bpm is kinda at the end of my comfort zone for singletap atm, but I can go faster, just not super stable. I wonder if I'll be able to get to 200bpm on singletap one day :D

Ability to alternate perfectly up to 200bpm but you can't stream any faster than it, either.
Nate Bait
I'll take it, i'm bad at streaming xD

A steak.
We’re back at this kind of offer heh. Yes

2 steaks
Tad Fibonacci

Now I know the last offer was tough to beat, so I'll have to deliver a better deal.

3 steaks.

You might have gotten me there, but I haven’t used my secet weapon yet

4 steaks
The stakes are too high for me, I have to decline.

Never get nervous again, but also never feel excited again. Any other emotion you still feel just fine.
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