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Sorry, I don't speak Korean or Spanish.
So no.

A reminder to check out the Warframe TennoCon stream for a free Nekros Prime.
You can't refuse it now.
I don't know what you are refering to so it's not really a reminder, I guess I can leave it.

A cure for every types of cancer that was found by conducting inhumane experiment on insanely poor people in remote countries.
Tad Fibonacci
I'll take it.
I can save a lot of people with it.
It is a bad thing that it was developed by inhumane methods but what's done is done and with their research, we can save many others.
Of course, those who did and/or approved the inhumane methods will still have to face consequences for their actions.


Aurora borealis
Got ninja'ed, but you didn't ask any question, so I'm also answering samX500's question.

No, it won't make any difference for the general population. If it would better the world, then I'd maybe say yes, but at this rate, I don't think it would, not with how the world is atm. There are way too many problems that need to be solved first.

Achieving permanent world peace, humans being united as a race and stopping all infighting for good, now fully cooperating and working together, at the cost of killing off 9/10 of the current world population.
I'll take it.

I'm the kind of person who thinks things for the greater good are most important.

We're headed down a path that I personally see as disastrous. I've believed for a few years now that we're going to more or less kill ourselves off here in the next 60-70 years. Not completely, we won't go extinct, but we will cause so much damage and harm to the enviornment that I think we will either lock ourselves on Earth with no way of fixing the damage done while being stuck to a maximum population limit due to the nature of the Earth's enviornment - the resources to grow past a population of say a few million people will no longer exist - or a less permanent but still very lengthy situation where we are stuck in that same predicament for thousands and thousands of years.

Permanent world peace and cooperation is the most important thing that we need. I think humans are capable of solving all of the problems facing us in the modern era. We don't, because we don't really see the bigger pictuere and it's unrealistic to expect us to work together. We don't understand that we're in that position and the people in power tend to not even care. I think this is a natural thing, but unfortunately, it's leading us down this very, very dangerous path. The question to me is will we manage to pull things together before we've caused more destructive harm than we already have? And the answer is not looking like a yes.

We really need to get our shit together. Your trade off, to me, is near total extinction with irreperable harm to the planet with the best-case scenario being a very bleak future for literally thousands of years, locking us into a reality where we can no longer grow beyond our borders, and not just for humanity but for nearly all life on the planet - or a potentially very bright future at the cost of immediate life. In the long term, I think it's the right choice.

Tad Fibonacci
I've already answered so I'll give some more of my opinion.

In my opinion, permanent world peace and cooperation is unrealistic since conflict is one of the trait of being human.
Of course, no one actually wants a war to happen and no one wants to die in a war. We've learned from history that war is horrible. It kills off human resources, destroys infrastructure and directly threatens the existence of a country, or even civilization itself.
And so, everyone would agree that war is horrible, but no one knows that if it's going to happen or not.

Nobody wants a war. That is why countries manufacture weapons, spend money on their military and train soldiers in case a war does happens.
But not every country is equal in their military capabilities. Some countries, that are regarded as global superpowers often has incredible military prowess.
They're sharpening their blades in case they'll have to use them to defend themselves. But ironically, they did not see how frighteningly sharp their blades have become in the eyes of others.
It's rather ironic. Because of their desire for peace, humans are willing to throw themselves into deadly battles. And this contradicting cycle will keep repeating for as long as humanity exist.
Bequeath onto the shoals of the Great Barrier Reef and experience the beauty of the corals
Yes but pls no jelly fish

no thanks, I ain't the greatest fan of kPop. It's not bad, it's just that there are a many much better song out there.

A slave clone.

a random 900m*900m orange thing that appears 900m from where you are

A quiet evening, followed by the most refreshing sleep of your entire life, at the cost of requiring 30 minutes to fall asleep, during which your mind keeps remembering and thinking about unpleasant memories, worries and regrets.
Of course. We shouldn't ever try to forget bad memories,worries and regret because those are what makes us evolve, far more than any good memories or success we might get.

That's pretty much my life right now.

i wouldn't give a shit. if i'm falling alseep and actually feeling fucking decent for once in my life then fine.

i think about my miserable existence all day anyways.

Nope. I already take an hour to sleep but I don't want to look back at my past.

A pencil
Tad Fibonacci
That's nostalgic. I haven't held a pencil in a very long time.
Guess I'll take it.


A nice bowl of Pho
I am not too sure what pho is, I googled it and it looks like some kind of ramen. I'll take it, experimenting with new food is never a bad thing.

Euphonium lesson.
That’s the manliest instrument I have ever seen. Take

A clone of yourself
Finally someone to talk about music with! :)

Screw it I'll offer the same.
A clone of yourself
Yes please

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