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While writing my osu!mania guide, I came up with a neat idea that isn't too hard to implement and can prove to be fairly useful to many players.

When you think about it, any pattern or skill has a way for you to practice em. Need to practice your accuracy? Use Hard Rock! Need to practice your reading? Use Flash Light or Hidden! Need to practice your speed and/stamina? Use Double Time! Need to practice your speed changes skills? Play with a higher and lower scroll speed!

Every pattern types can be learned with somewhat of entry level. What I mean is, there's easy bms maps, there's easy LN layering maps, there's stream maps, there's easy jack maps, there's almost easy everything.


The biggest pattern type without an entry level are Inverse Notes maps, or LN walls, or immerse LN, etc. etc. For those of you who does not know what this is, it's exactly what it sounds like. It inverses every space with no notes with a long note, and every note with an open space. Like this;

Becomes this ->

Why? because the "entry" level for these types of patterns are nearly non-existent, you're introduced to em at like lvl 40 (o2jam) and you're completely lost with no way to practice them. Some ET player told me the way he learned these patterns was to literally memorize an inverse song from A - Z and hope to actually learn something, not something you want to do. But this way, people will be able to practice these patterns on any easier songs they wish!

And please, before anyone says anything between the lines of this being too extreme, there's many players in advance levels struggling to learn these types of pattern by playing lvl 40+ (o2jam) songs. Now THAT's is extreme.

That's about it, unranked since it's just for practice, not as hard to code as something like random, and it'll give mania something other rhythm games don't have.

I definitely agree this would be extremely helpful. I'm at that stage where inverse mapped sections are common in what I play, but i can't play them nearly as well as the other kinds of patterns. This would help me practice a lot.
That looks funny. :)
I am excited if it will be implemented.
[Kanzaki Ranko]
Have my invisible stars etc
This would be really amazing.
Koko Ban

wait. ranked o2jam fancharts like these exists in osu!mania now?
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Lots of em actually, there's like 1 or 2 of em ranked and many (many) unranked. *cough* unlimited spark *cough*
The main issue I can see with this is that 7 keys at the same time are unrankable due to ghosting and x-key rollover issues. I doubt that peppy will implement a mod that completely disregards this rule in its very nature, even if it's an unranked mod.
That being said, I'd love to have this feature. Can someone maybe script a small program that creates reverse diffs for maps? :P
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Yeah and lots of 4k players don't play anything higher since their keyboard don't allow more than 3-4 keys at once, yet the rule wasn't pushed that far. That issue is mostly rhetorical, anyone who was willing to spend the time required to reach this level shouldn't be against the idea of throwing down 10$-20$ for a keyboard with nkro. If they for some reason they can't, then they understand their limitations and won't try to push their problems onto others. Most old ps/2 keyboard are cheap, got no input lag since the signal doesn't go through the usb drivers and are nkro. The limitations or bugs mentioned earlier are mostly due the usb interface, no need to buy anything expensive...

Goes without saying that I'm 100% against anything between the lines of "mappers are not allowed to do this because of this and that". It's like saying an artist isn't allowed to use the color green because some people might be colour blind. Anyways, this is a whole different issue.

But on this point, this rule is only a ranking criteria. There's no rule about the unranked songs on the servers needing to have less than 7 simultaneous keys. I'm pretty sure the same logic can be applied to this mod, since it's also unranked. Also, these patterns can easily be made without 7 simultaneous keys so these patterns can still end up being ranked, and they did.

So, having a way to train these is still something greatly helpful and I don't see this causing any sort of contradiction.
I definitely support this idea. :)
I see no harm in this. Support.
Just like the official LN chart from the official O2Jam song ; Phase 1 by _spam charter. :)
Example video :

Support. ~
I would really like songs that have LN notes to be ranked. :)
I support this Drace!
Koko Ban

ishimaru94 wrote:

Just like the official LN chart from the official O2Jam song ; Phase 1 by _spam charter. :)
Example video :

Support. ~
Electro Fantasy HD was the first song to feature LN patterns, though very simple at most. complicated LN's started to appear on End of Fight. just some additional info :P
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Yeah, as the community gets better, the community-made maps will get harder, and introduce new innovative patterns, just like these ones. But the more the best keeps moving further, the more the game becomes intimidating and seemingly impossible to new players. I think intruding certain mods like these to help players improve on stuff they can't do well is a step in the right directory for osu!mania.
I'd like to bump this because I still think this is definitely worth considering adding.
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