Iapetus - For Creatures Such As We [Taiko]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on woensdag 18 mei 2022 at 18:28:52

Artist: Iapetus
Title: For Creatures Such As We
Tags: Heaxys The body cosmic english progressive death metal deathmetal Matthew Cerami Jordan Navarro marathon stream tag co-op coop co op gungathon
BPM: 232
Filesize: 18913kb
Play Time: 12:54
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cookie and Heaxys' Celestial Voyage (7,53 stars, 6575 notes)

Download: Iapetus - For Creatures Such As We
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
surrender to me!
Burden me with your creations.
Paint yourself across this dead space.
Illuminate color
where there was only grey.

Heaxys originally fully mapped this song but unfortunately lost his progress. Despite that, he still wanted to help me bring this song to the ranked section, which is why we settled on doing this collab. Huge props and big thanks, it's been a fun project :)

00:00:000 - 04:29:011: Cookie_Tree
04:29:011 - 06:33:609: Heaxys
06:33:609 - 07:21:569: Cookie_Tree
07:21:569 - 09:25:409: Heaxys
09:25:409 - 10:43:169: Cookie_Tree
10:43:169 - 11:07:169: Heaxys
11:07:169 - outro : Cookie_Tree
Huge thanks to both Axer and HEAVENLY MOON for their big contributions in modding!
Thanks to nebuwua for largely timing the slow section in the middle.
Of course, also thanks to the modders and thanks for the hypes c:
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