A.SAKA - Nanatsu Hiiragisuikou

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Hollow Wings
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2022年9月24日 at 19:04:08

Artist: A.SAKA
Title: Nanatsu Hiiragisuikou
Tags: Houshou Hari Houshou_Hari Pata-Mon SuperBox 木製みゅーと mokuse mute 神楽ノ花 kagura no hana FA Featured Artist electronic instrumental
BPM: 170
Filesize: 9429kb
Play Time: 02:53
Difficulties Available:
  1. Extra (6.26 stars, 962 notes)
  2. Gleam (7.1 stars, 1085 notes)
  3. Houshou Hari's Advanced (3.53 stars, 506 notes)
  4. Pata-Mon's Hyper (4.77 stars, 768 notes)
  5. SB's Another (5.4 stars, 942 notes)
  6. Standard (2.17 stars, 367 notes)

Download: A.SAKA - Nanatsu Hiiragisuikou
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
A.SAKA 七つ柊水光

bg by me

Houshou Hari's Advanced by Houshou Hari
Pata-Mon's Hyper by Pata-Mon
SB's Another by SuperBox


1. about source.

神楽ノ花 (album's title) released in Dec. 2013.
this album contained a song titled "七つ柊水光", which is this map's song.
it's a complete original song.

STELLIGHTS (music game's title, a game presented by COLLESTA; already out of service) released in Jan. 2017.
this music game had a rearranged version titled "七つ柊水光(scenic mix)", which has same composement with this map's song "七つ柊水光" (same composer "A.SAKA" as well).
actually, 狐火ノ宵 (album's title) includes the exact song of this version after the game was released.
so, the game's music version had different title and different melody to this version: they are actually not the same song.

with reasons mentioned above, for this is an original song, this map's source should be left blank.

2. about romantised title

i've asked A.SAKA the song's creator himself in personal message that how to read those kanji title, and he answered me that even he "invented" those kanji lines which may be read in various ways, the official title should be like these:

the spring song - 七つ一旋桜: Nanatsu Issenzakura
the summer song - 七つ明杜若: Nanatsu Myoukakitsubata
the autumn song - 七つ紅葉灯: Nanatsu Momijiakari
the winter song - 七つ柊水光: Nanatsu Hiiragisuikou

i have the source of those metadata above, but for it's all private conversation content, i just don't release those records here. if someone really need evidence for proper reason, please contact me in pm.
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