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granted, but you will forever be lonely and that other wish will be used against you.

i wish my computer was fixed so i can stop using this slow one >.<
grated but the spare part got rent for 7 days and should return it

I wish fictional character could love me back
granted but now she is overly attached girlfriend / boyfriend

i wish for sushi
granted but u got a blowfish sushi... prepare to chance to die

he is ! not she is ! @.@

i wish i could have perfect body with muscles thingty @.@
Trash Boat
granted, but a mosquito lies in your face and you can't reach it

i wish for big money
granted, but it is litterally BIG money

i wish for rice
granted, but parisites are living within it

I wish to have cookiezi skills in osu ~
Granted, but you can't play beatmaps

I wish I have a touchscreen pc
granted but the actual touchscreen does not work

i wish for tablet that is WORKING
Granted, but the tablet came with no pen

I humbly wish for a cake.
bug sniper
Granted. However, I regret to inform you but your cake is nothing more than a fallacy produced to widen the audience of the Portal series.

I wish Cookiezi would return.
Granted. However, he can't even full combo beatmaps beyond 2 stars difficulty.

I wish I had a mouse that perfectly fits in my hand
Granted. However, our store is out of stock. We will restock mices after February.

I Wish dual xenon PC with dual Titans and 64gb ram
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