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You receive Matty.

That's my official nickname.

I wish for a nickname for kynolenkun
you receive kyno

use it well

i wish that i can make the name matty cooler
granted, the word becomes so uncomprehensibly awesome that people cease functioning and just lying on the floor in euphoria repeating 'Matty.. Matty..', and everyone in the world dies of starvation.

I wish for sushi
granted but a japanese will kill you afterwhat

I wish for In real life My little pony.
Granted, but you will have to feed it with five donuts per day.

I wish to have more than one wish only.
granted, but you will forever be lonely and that other wish will be used against you.

i wish my computer was fixed so i can stop using this slow one >.<
grated but the spare part got rent for 7 days and should return it

I wish fictional character could love me back
granted but now she is overly attached girlfriend / boyfriend

i wish for sushi
granted but u got a blowfish sushi... prepare to chance to die

he is ! not she is ! @.@

i wish i could have perfect body with muscles thingty @.@
Trash Boat
granted, but a mosquito lies in your face and you can't reach it

i wish for big money
granted, but it is litterally BIG money

i wish for rice
granted, but parisites are living within it

I wish to have cookiezi skills in osu ~
Granted, but you can't play beatmaps

I wish I have a touchscreen pc
granted but the actual touchscreen does not work

i wish for tablet that is WORKING
Granted, but the tablet came with no pen

I humbly wish for a cake.
bug sniper
Granted. However, I regret to inform you but your cake is nothing more than a fallacy produced to widen the audience of the Portal series.

I wish Cookiezi would return.
Granted. However, he can't even full combo beatmaps beyond 2 stars difficulty.

I wish I had a mouse that perfectly fits in my hand
Granted. However, our store is out of stock. We will restock mices after February.

I Wish dual xenon PC with dual Titans and 64gb ram
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