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Powersocke wrote:

Winek wrote:

Wish Granted but you will be locked inside that underground palace. Yo uwill never be able to come out anymore again and you will never be able to have someone to please your life with nice *Icough cough* stuff.

I wish Toho girls were real, but not cosplay shits
You know what? I am TOTALLY fine with that. This is exactly what I wished for. You have to try harder if you want to give me some sort of disadvantage, which should be the point of your reply. And yes, I am mocking you right now. Hehe. :P
then your house will be full of lava

Winek wrote:

I wish Toho girls were real, but not cosplay shits
Granted, they are TOHO girls, not touhou heehee

EDIT: fff again i forgot my wishhh
E... tto.. I wish for pendrive full of super fabulous non-boring videogames
Granted, but you won't be able to save your progress on them

I wish for a talking bonsai
Granted, but that bonsai will yell at 4:30 each morning to wake you up.

edit: ff forgot my wish.

I want to fall in an infinite water slide while relaxing.
Granted, but you won't be able to leave it, FOREVER!

I wish for JavaScript skills!
granted but you end up living lonely

i wish for more nike elite socks
Granted but you will have to use them as gloves

I wish for a large bar of chocolate
granted but your teeth will rot and fall off

i wish for b1rdie >~<
then you have me :3

I wish for Shellyghost to come back
did someone delete their post or what..?

okay granted but he wont stop following you >.<

i wish for love
Granted, but no one loves you back.

I wish for hell
granted, but this hell is... hell?
dammit imaginarywriter >~< ( i need a nickname for you...)

i wish i had a nickname for imaginarywriter
You receive Matty.

That's my official nickname.

I wish for a nickname for kynolenkun
you receive kyno

use it well

i wish that i can make the name matty cooler
granted, the word becomes so uncomprehensibly awesome that people cease functioning and just lying on the floor in euphoria repeating 'Matty.. Matty..', and everyone in the world dies of starvation.

I wish for sushi
granted but a japanese will kill you afterwhat

I wish for In real life My little pony.
Granted, but you will have to feed it with five donuts per day.

I wish to have more than one wish only.
granted, but you will forever be lonely and that other wish will be used against you.

i wish my computer was fixed so i can stop using this slow one >.<
grated but the spare part got rent for 7 days and should return it

I wish fictional character could love me back
granted but now she is overly attached girlfriend / boyfriend

i wish for sushi
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