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granted but it's h.p. lovecraft's world

i wish for meh
Granted again but you are now born without your legs

I want to be Raven from Elsword ;)
granted but every other day you turn into an actual raven

i wish for snow
Uhm... granted but a blizzard came in and killed everyone.

I wish for....
people to talk to
fuck it, I want unlimited supply to anime and manga. (I could see how wrong this could turn into)
granted but it's either futa or yaoi

i wish for infinite stratos
granted... but You became more dense than Orimura Ichika /me runs

I wish I can read anyone's mind
Granted...but there's a defect to it. Now you can read everyone's mind, all at once ,so there's pretty much a whole crowd of images and voices that you see.

I wish for a nice simple Canadian penny 1¢.
Granted but you get billions of pennies summoned in your house. You don't know what to do with them.

I wish I could stay inside all day and never go out.
Granted, but you become claustrophobic

I wish I could breathe underwater
granted but you can never go into shallow water

i wish for a cheese filled crepe
Granted but suddenly all the cheese in the world turns into a living, deadly cheese that can suffocate someone to death.

I wish for a flexible school schedule.
Trash Boat
granted but its so flexible that you have lots of time to do nothing

i wish for Amby to come back
Nice one there, I actually like it.
Granted but it's only for an hour.

I wish for my imaginary male harem list to come true.
Yes, and the list of paper makes noises at you at tries to "seduce" you.

I wish for tofu.
Your wish is granted but it taste like toothpaste.

I wish for the powers of Shonen Jump characters
granted but they're bad shonen jump characters

i wish for an osu supporter tag
Granted, but osu! is suddenly shut down due to the developer removing it (damn...this is too scary to imagine).

I wish for my fish to be able to eat their own poop.
granted but you must now do the same i mean

i wish for an explanation
DENIED. But I'm also denying this deny, so yeah. But in the end nothing actually happened.

I wish I can hack my money w/ CE
granted but your bank account is now a program and i shall proceed to delete it

i wish for a pizza
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