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Yeah, roast 'poisoned' duck

I wish for Japanese lesson
granted... but You can't learn other languages in exchange

I wish I can play osu! again ;_;
Mofu kun
Granted, but you can't go above 140 bpm.

I wish for 3 packs of cream soda.
granted but it's a different type of cream huehuehue

i wish for an accuracy of 420
Granted but you'll always have the munchies, causing you to eat all the time.

I wish I had more pens and pencils.
granted but they're... wait for it... BIC BRAND MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

i wish for cheetos
Mofu kun
Granted, but they are stale.

I wish for a new anime to watch.
Boku no Pico I never watch it anyway. Hey, don't look at me like that!

I wish for nutella
Oh look. You suddenly became allergic to it. My bad.

I wish for fast internet.
granted but it's fastER, not the fastest

i wish for a tsundere gf
Trash Boat
Granted but for each mistake you commit she calls you baka :D

i wish for bluetooth earphones
granted but they're beats MUHAHAHAHAHA

i wish for prestige master
ok but call of duty sucks too much so your game disc broke (or if u have it on your pc the game stopped woking)

i wish for a keyboard
You were being vague, so I gave you all kinds of keyboards. Mechanical, Piano-- you name it!

I wish for a mutant killer potato that will kill me.
you got a pre-punched captchalouge card with a mutankt killer potatoe on it.

i wish for osu!

(i should stop making homestuck jokes only because you have john egbert as your avatar)
granted but you now only must play CTB for a month with every hard mod on

i wish for sugar
Granted, but now you can't taste sugar anymore.

I wish for O!m skill.
granted but it's only in CTB

i wish for a harem
Granted but you now love men

I wish for a new PC :(
you clever mother

granted but it's a cyberpower PC MUHAHAHAHAHAHEAHEHEAHEHAE

i wish for a correct harem
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