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Granted, but Princess Monstertruck apparently owns a monstertruck and accidentally runs you over.

I wish that this wish be granted the way I wanted it to.
Granted, but what you wanted ended up killing you.

I wish senpai would notice me.
Granted. Senpai noticed you and will stay by your side all the time..... forever.... always.... even if you die...

I wish I could the ability to control my core temperature
Granted, but it stops being automatic and you have to be constantly adjusting it depending on the outside temperature.

I wish for a cat.
granted but.... thinks of a way to make this horrible....
Uh... you are attacked because your cat mistaken you for a bird. (hurhurhur)

I wish for a fish.
Granted~ A large fish swims up and eats you.

I wish to be kawaii.
granted. But you have no friend.

I wish to kill you c:
Granted, but I get to kill you first.

I wish for sleep.
Trash Boat
granted but you sleep 12 hours and you're late for school when you awake

i wish for hotcakes
A hot, steaming cake? That's made out of ghost peppers. Without your knowledge.

I wish for you to DIE HORRIBLY.
Okay, but your left with ever-lasting guilt and sorrow.

I wish I had piece of bread to feed to the ducks~
Granted but you can't feed them because you died horribly.

I wish for roast duck.
Yeah, roast 'poisoned' duck

I wish for Japanese lesson
granted... but You can't learn other languages in exchange

I wish I can play osu! again ;_;
Mofu kun
Granted, but you can't go above 140 bpm.

I wish for 3 packs of cream soda.
granted but it's a different type of cream huehuehue

i wish for an accuracy of 420
Granted but you'll always have the munchies, causing you to eat all the time.

I wish I had more pens and pencils.
granted but they're... wait for it... BIC BRAND MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

i wish for cheetos
Mofu kun
Granted, but they are stale.

I wish for a new anime to watch.
Boku no Pico I never watch it anyway. Hey, don't look at me like that!

I wish for nutella
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