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Granted but it was taken from your senpai.

I wish to spend the day lounging at home playing Osu!
granted, but you break your fingers. (streams and stuff)

I wish I had hubby.
So cruel :d

Granted but you become male as well.

I desire to sleep in tommorow.
Granted, but you became an insomniac for the rest of your life.

I wish I was a fish.
Granted, but you develop self-esteem issues because you are an ugly fish.

I wish to reach 10,000 forums posts.
Granted. Right after you reach 10,000 posts, you'll get banned from permanently.

I wish I would've bought a smaller mouse, because my current one is huge.
Granted, but the same thing happens with a certain part of your body.

I wish to become a moderator of this forum, oppresing everyone with an iron fist.
Granted, you overthrow peppy and then the game becomes pay to win.

I wish HR was easier.
Granted. HR is subsequently nerfed to not give bonus score and people who use HR are flamed in the forums.

I wish to be kawaii.
Granted, but you can never take off your scarf.

I wish my hand didn't hurt from playing osu so much.
Granted but your eyes start hurting and eventually you go semi blind

I wish I can play mania better
Granted. With your newfound mania skills, you play for an extended period of time, only to realize you've broken your keyboard from mechanical stress.

I wish I could meet online friends in real life.
Granted but they turn out to be old people disguising themselves as teenagers

I wish I can speak Korean
Granted. Hooray, you can talk to Koreans now! They still make fun of your odd accent, though.

I wish I could compose music.
Granted but no one listens to your music

I wish I could get a new piano
Granted! No one wants your old one, though, and there's no more space in the house, so you have nowhere to put it.

I wish for a hug.
//I'll put it outside though

Granted but you die of suffocation. You got hugged too tightly

I wish to be the very best like no one ever was
Granted, you now have carpal tunnel.

I wish I could give myself kudosu!
Granted but you lose your Osu supporter
I wish to be known as the god of mouse only~
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