Broccoli Cup 2 [3v3 STD 1.2k-60k Merged Tier Tournament] (COMPLETED)]

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  1. 3v3 osu std! double elimination scorev2 tournament.
  2. 3-6 players, BUT teams consist of players from 3 separate rank ranges & PLAY THE SAME POOL.
  3. The rank ranges & team composition for this iteration will be as follows:

    1. High Tier:1200-6200* (minimum 1; maximum 2 players)
    2. Mid-Tier: 6000*-18000* (minimum 1; maximum 2 players)
    3. Low Tier: 17500*-60000 (minimum 1; maximum 2 players)
    * A 200-rank buffer for high-mid tier & a 500-rank buffer for mid-low tier transition that has already been included and will be considered by the end of registrations.

    Visual Representation
  4. BWS will be enforced using the formula rank^(0.9937^(badges^2)).
  5. ScoreV2 and NF will be enforced on every map during play.
  6. The tournament’s matches will be based on UTC time.
  7. To assist finding out your earliest & latest time zone availability in UTC, use this tool .
  8. All staff members except streamers, commentators are NOT allowed to play in the tournament.
  9. Any acts of disrespect, toxicity, or unsportsmanlike behaviour (included but not limited to discrimination, harassment, racism, or abuse) by participants to other players or the staff members during the matches and throughout the tourney will risk punishment at the discretion of the referee, admins/hosts.

Team & Free Agent Registrations Information

  1. Captains MUST join the tournament Discord server and be present in the server throughout the tournament until the affiliated team has been eliminated.
  2. Team members are highly encouraged to join the tournament Discord server for important updates/pings, especially before matches if issues do occur before or during play to players during the matches (e.g captains unable to be pinged etc.)
  3. Players who are in the discord server should have their discord ids or server profile the same as their osu! username in order for staff to give player and team roles to the players that allow us to ping them if issues occur.
  4. If players in your team are above/below the 1200-60000 rank range by the end of team & free agent registrations, the player will be designated as a free agent first and if they are not in the rank range by the free agent team formation deadline, they will be disqualified.An early announcement will be declared to warn players who are over buffer or the overall rank range.
  5. After the team and free agent registrations deadline, the team is not allowed to take in players who are not in the free agent list.
  6. If the player transitions into another rank range by the registrations’ deadline above the buffer, the player will be designated as a lower/higher tier if there is an empty slot in the tier roster.
  7. If the team already has 2 players of the same tier, he/she is removed from the team. In this case, he/she will only be designated as a free agent if he/she is in the server by the end of Team & Free Agent Registrations deadline.

Free Agent Team Joining & Formation Information

  1. After the registration deadline, newly designated or remaining free agents are given 2 days to join other teams that have open slots or form teams with other free agents.
  2. The captain of the registered team or newly formed team is then required to confirm the new team via either #questions-issues for newly formed teams or addition of the free agent to team roster via #captain-requests before this specific deadline.
  3. For teams, the captain declares the team roster in a similar format as the team registrations form as well as their discord ids.
  4. For free agents, the captain provides the player’s discord ID + osu! username that you wish to add.
  5. The player/players must be in the free agents form before the team registrations deadline for the players to be counted.

Screening & After Screening
(Tentative depending on eligibility for support)

  1. After this deadline, no more changes can be done on the team. Exceptions apply depending on circumstances, in which should be discussed with admins/hosts.
  2. Any remaining free agents who do not form teams are allowed to be on the free agent list until the qualifiers.
  3. A screening list will be made and sent to osu! staff. After the screening list is sent, you are allowed to outrank/derank out of your tier.
  4. Once the screening results are received (in which is expected to be approximately 2 weeks), the players who are screened out are not allowed to play in the tournament.
  5. Teams who have lost players due to the screening, are allowed to take in free agents from the free agent list that have not been screened out to replace them but must have the same team configuration before screening. You can only do this before the start of non-custom qualifier lobbies.
  6. For example: 1H+2M+1L (before screening) -> lost 1M & 1L to screening -> You are only permitted to take in only a maximum 1M & 1L from the free agent list and not otherwise.
  7. Teams that do not meet the minimum team configuration (1H + 1M + 1L) by the start of non-custom qualifier lobbies will be forced to withdraw from the tournament.
  8. The captains are required to send a request via #captain-requests for the roster change before the start of non-custom qualifier lobbies.

  1. Matches are typically held during Saturdays and Sundays at set times in the qualifiers schedule in which team captains are to clarify the lobby the team wishes to be in. Custom lobbies can be undergone if there is a referee available to ref it but not after Monday.
  2. At least one player from each tier must attend the match & play in every map.
  3. If at least one player from each tier is not present, the team is not allowed to play during the designated time and will be required to play at another qualifier lobby. The same conditions apply if the team misses the scheduled time.
  4. The team is allowed to substitute in players of the same tier for each map.
  5. The team is only allowed to play each map once for the qualifiers.
  6. 2 min timers will be used between maps for players to get ready or switch members.
  7. The qualifiers will be played in ascending order (NM, HD, HR and lastly DT). Exceptions only apply at the discretion of the referee if issues occur in which the player with the issue will replay the map that has been missed after the DT pools have been finished.
  8. Only 32 or 64 teams will qualify depending on the number of team sign ups.
  9. Seeding for the brackets is based on points obtained by the team. Points are determined by the sum of team placements in the qualifier maps (e.g., if the team is ranked #1 in DT1, the team gets 1 point, #2 -> 2 points & vice versa). If the team obtained the same number of points as other teams, the average scores determine the higher seed. The lower the number of points obtained, the lower the team seeding (#1 is the lowest seed and is seed 1.)

Scheduling & Reschedule Submissions

  1. Matches are typically held during set times in the bracket schedule between the team, opposing team for brackets and referees who will be assigned to all matches.
  2. Said schedules are expected to be released after the mappool showcase.
  3. If a set time has been agreed between the team and the opposing team, a screenshot of the agreement between the captains should be submitted in #reschedules.
  4. Forfeits without rational reason provided to the staff will risk further action.
  5. Bracket match reschedules should be submitted 24 hours before their scheduled match time.
  6. Reschedules below the submission period will risk a denial of the reschedule at the discretion of the referee or admin/hosts unless there is a ref willing to take the match.
Warmups, Picks & Bans

  1. Lobbies will be made approximately 5-15 minutes before the scheduled match time. Invites will be given to the captains by the designated referee for the lobby.
  2. Once the match time starts, each team has 15 minutes to enter the match.
  3. If a team with at least a full roster (Team=1 High + 1 Mid + 1 Low) does not show up within 10 minutes, their bans will be lost and the team with the full roster is allowed to do their provided bans and first pick.
  4. If said team does not have a complete roster or present within 15 minutes, they will be forced to forfeit.
  5. If both teams are not present or do not have their full rosters, the team with the greatest number of players with different tiers present, or higher seed if the teams have an equal number of players, wins. (Unless there is an agreement for a specific team to win).
  6. Warmups should be <= 4:00 minutes long and not from the mappool for each team.
  7. Warmups can only be commenced once the complete team and the opposing team composition are correctly present and verified by the referee to be so. If 10 minutes have passed before both teams show up with their full rosters, no warmups will be allowed.
  8. After both teams are present (or when warmups are done), both captains will !roll.
  9. The team that rolls a higher number has a choice to choose between first pick/second ban or second pick/first ban. If a roll ends in a draw, a reroll is then undergone.
  10. Bans will be set in an alternating (ABAB) format.
  11. First pick = After all bans, the team will be the first to pick the map to start the match.
  12. First ban = The team will be the first team to ban a map in the mappool and will not pick the first map.
  13. For rounds with 1 ban for each team, at least one of each mod pool must be present for each match.
  14. For example, in a match with 2 DT pools, the whole DT pool cannot be banned. Exception is applied to NM bans (Double ban is allowed for NM).
  15. For rounds with 2 bans for each team, double bans are not allowed, but double picks are.
  16. To clarify, if a team bans DT1, the same team cannot ban DT2 during their 2nd ban. Exception is applied to NM bans (double ban is allowed for NM). Similarly, at least one of each mod pool must be present for each match.
  17. If a team takes more than 2 minutes to pick/ban a map during the match, their pick/ban will be abandoned.
FM Picks

  1. 2 players per team are required to take a unique mod BUT THE HIGH TIER MUST PICK A MOD.
  2. The unique mods that can be used are HDHR/HR & HD/EZ/HDEZ.(/ refers to the mod that is designated as the same unique mod in this iteration.)
  3. EZ has a 1.75x multiplier. (The max score you can get with EZ would be 875 000).
  4. If a tiebreaker does happen during the match, all players are allowed to use mods.
During The Match

  1. During each map, one player from each tier in a team must be present and play the map. Teams should be in slots 1-3 and slots 4-6 for the other team. It is highly recommended for high tier slots to be at slot 1,4 mid tiers at slots 2,5 and low tiers at slots 3,6 respectively to avoid confusion during livestreams.
  2. If someone disconnects from the match in approximately less than 30 seconds, the match will be aborted and restarted if the issue is reported to the referee. This is only allowed once per team per match at the discretion of the referee.
  3. If the issue occurs again by the 2nd time, the player/team has up to 5 minutes to fix their issue. If the player cannot fix their issue, the player must be subbed in with the reserve player of the same tier or the match will continue with 0 points from said player(s).
  4. If the disconnect happens after 30 seconds, the map is played as normal until the end. The team with the player facing the issue is allowed to declare a replay of the map.
  5. HOWEVER, the other team that is not affected by the issue must approve the replay. This option only applies once per team per match.
  6. Any deliberate delays for the match without approval by both teams and the referee will result in penalties at the referee’s discretion.

Team & Free Agent Registrations: Dec 10-Jan 7 @13:00 UTC
Free Agent Team Joining & Formation Deadline: Jan 7-Jan 9 @13:00 UTC
Screening Buffer: Jan 9-Jan 23 (if we are eligible)
Qualifiers: Jan 29 - 30 (depends on screening results received earlier or none)
Round of 64: Feb 5 - 6
Round of 32: Feb 12 – 13
Round of 16: Feb 19 - 20
Quarterfinals: Feb 26 - 27
Semifinals: March 5 – 6
Finals: March 12 – 13
Grand Finals: March 19 – 20 (bracket reset date depends on both teams)

*Do note that the schedule is tentative depending on eligibility and other circumstances.

Qualifiers: - | 4NM / 2HD / 2HR / 2DT | NM1: 6.4*
Round of 64: Bo9, 1 Ban - | 5NM / 2HD / 2HR / 3DT / 2FM / 1TB | NM1: 5.7*
Round of 32: Bo9, 1 Ban - | 5NM / 2HD / 2HR / 3DT / 2FM / 1TB | NM1: 5.9*
Round of 16: Bo9, 1 Ban - | 5NM / 2HD / 2HR / 3DT / 2FM / 1TB | NM1: 6.1*
Quarterfinals: Bo11, 2 Bans - | 6NM / 3HD / 3HR / 4DT / 3FM / 1TB | NM1: 6.3*
Semifinals: Bo11, 2 Bans - | 6NM / 3HD / 3HR / 4DT / 3FM / 1TB | NM1: 6.6*
Finals: Bo13, 2 Bans - | 6NM / 3HD / 3HR / 4DT / 3FM / 1TB | NM1: 6.7*-6.9*
Grand Finals: Bo13, 2 Bans - | 6NM / 3HD / 3HR / 4DT / 3FM / 1TB | NM1: 7.0*-7.2*

Disclaimer: Pools are aimed to be more difficult with unconventional pooling being utilised for this iteration due to the rank ranges. Expect SR NM1 6* pools early. All NM1 SR displayed here are tentative,and may be lower or higher during the tournament. You have been warned.

FIRST PLACE – Profile banner + badge (hard tentative)

SECOND PLACE– Profile banner

THIRD PLACE– Profile banner

Donations are accepted, and prize pool will be tentative as a result. DM me or Social Distance on discord if you would like to contribute at dGeist#0451 or Fenneko#7879 :).

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As of Christmas Eve, I hereby announce that a RO64 will now be put in effect, since a significant amount of teams have signed up! I thank you all for your support!

I'm sorry I sound really robotic with that statement.

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