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TKSalt wrote:

Let's go.

  1. 00:02:698 (10,11,12) - try to kdd. need the fit to strong bass sound. and kdd will make good contrast with here 00:05:211 (21,22,23) I find the highest pitch in the blue tick here, so I personally think dkd is the best option.
    and 00:07:724 (32,33,34) - ^ ^
  2. 00:10:237 (43,44,45) - ddk is better. fit the bass, guiter, and flow of song :Dit sounds coherent. Fixed.
  3. 00:30:498 (126) - del.
    and 00:30:655 (126) - finisher ? i need the finisher here. anyway, please try these patterns. Hmm.. but the sound in there is pretty notorious. I'll keep it.
  4. 00:52:329 (215) - D ? i can hear kick sound again. also, current pattern has D is independence. D D pattern will make good flow i think. Sure.. Done.
  5. 01:14:632 (307,308,309,310,311) - k is a little noisy for me. please try ddd k k. these are simple pattern than your pattern. but can more fit the music imo.oh.. that's true. Fixed.
  6. 01:19:972 (326) - => 01:19:658 - bassdrum is here. well its up to you. Agree.. Fixed.
  7. 01:30:338 (22) - k. please fit to bell? sound. same as 01:27:825 (12) -
    if you changed to above, 01:30:024 (21) - d is good :DBoth fixed! :P
  8. 01:43:531 ~ 01:46:044 - del some notes? song is a quiet part. i want the accent. yes, but guitar becomes in a higher pitch here, and i'm emphasizing the guitar in this part. That's why I prefer to keep that.
  9. 01:53:583 (126) - k ? for guiter sound. Sure.
  10. 01:59:708 - you can add d. vocal is stretched. its up to you. Hmm.. I didn't like that much, I prefer this d dkd pattern here.
  11. 02:49:182 (348) - no finisher. lol.. removed.
    02:49:653 - add d It doesn't fit really well with vocals nor drums, so i don't see a note here really necessary-
    02:49:967 (352) - del. But i can listen the drums in this beat, so I don't want to delete it.
    02:50:124 (352) - finisher
    and 02:50:438 (353) - no finisher. please try these patterns. Sorry, but I disagree about this.
  12. 03:38:184 (525) - D Fixed for consistency.
  13. 03:49:493 (574) - d ? I prefer to emphasize drums with kats here, if you listen properly the sound here and the sound in 03:49:179 - is similar. That's why I decided to use kats in both places
  14. 03:50:121 (576) - K is good. its beautiful flow. oh.. it's true. In addition both instrumental and vocals becomes in a high pitch, so it is a good thing this big kat.
  15. 03:56:089 - how? this part has cool guiter? sound i think. Image I definetly prefer my pattern here :P
  16. 04:35:354 (72) - if you want to use finisher. not here. maybe here? => 04:35:668 (73) Cymbals are acting in (72) and not in (73) here, that's why I used a finisher in (72).
  17. 04:39:438 - add d. kdkd is good. but bassdrum is also strong. Alright, I have a similar pattern in my ''Hard'' and others modders mentioned that before too. So, added.

  1. 00:28:456 (80,81,82,83) - kd dk is really harder pattern for Muzu. this song has lower bpm. but dont have to use here. k d k(1/2) is better. Meh.. you win guys (HeatKai said me the same :P), the BPM is really low, but ok, removed the kd dk and used other thing instead.
  2. 01:00:025 (180) - hard rhythm of sudden ;_;
    00:59:868 - add d
    01:00:025 (180) - => 01:00:182
    and 01:00:496 (182) - del? well your pattern is no problem. its up to you. Meh.. Fixed. Sounds good anyway.
  3. 01:12:276 (218,219) - dd. because sound is not high. and can emphasize K Hmm.. alright.
  4. 01:55:467 (30) - K ? Done
  5. 01:55:938 (31) - del. this notes is make sense. but it rhythm was felt to be hard to hit. Removed.
  6. 02:56:092 (214) - del. ok
  7. 03:03:631 (235,236) - why only triplet here? del is better. I prefer to keep this, because the sound in these beats is similar as the one that I wanted to follow.
  8. 04:26:716 (461) - del. If you listen the music in 25% playback, you'll notice that this note is following vocals.
    and 04:26:873 (461) - finisher. good flow. No, since I rejected your previous suggestion.

if that was helpful, please mod this ;_;b https://osu.ppy.sh/s/106822

goodluck! :)
Thanks for modding, it was helpful :D
i dun buble fo long time, lez go see hao dis go. /swag
aaaand well....yup...its ranked ;)

P o M u T a

384059043 wrote:

Gratzz!! Mancuso_JM_!!^^

FIFTEEN!!!!!?????? XD
Felicidades Mancuso, es un excelente mapa :D

Topic Starter
oh.. that was unexpected! :P
Thanks Jeri and thanks guys for the comments :3
Guess I should really work on dt...
Congrats (:
I really think you should've added a Futsuu in there to give beginners something to enjoy...just saying.

It's only 96 BPM, so I think a Futsuu would've worked well.
oh :3 Gratz Man!
congratz mancuso ~
Taylor Swift <3!
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