Suzuki Konomi 'n Kiba of Akiba - Watashi ga Motenai no wa Do

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Few little changes about Rejection (00:35:451 -, 00:44:751 -), mostly everything changed from Zare's stuff unless stated otherwise

Easy: Anything but 00:57:351 - + 01:18:501 -
Hard: 00:24:651 - no
00:55:401 - not a concern with new default
RLC: 00:24:951 (2) - same as 00.24:651 - @Hard
Insane: 00:45:801 (4) -
Also, removed (TV Size) from title after talking back to KSHR:

Let's take a last look at Rejection then, don't kd this post as it's part of the previous mod

  1. AR+ 0.5; it's currently really hard to read, especially with circle-jump sections liek the second kiai part, higher AR would ease this a bit.
  2. The drain is beyond hope, but we've talked about this a lot already. It should be fine with the Insane diff as alternative map to play when you can't pass this.
  3. 00:18:051 (9,10) - consider using circles here because of the equalish vocal-intensity on the ticks, similar to 00:20:451 (7,8,9,10) -
  4. 00:33:201 (2,2) - I'd agree with jesse on rasing the spacing on these to accentuate the snap.
  5. 00:35:038 (1) - this one is a pain, neither the spacing nor the previous slider or w/e implies this being 1/3, and I'm constantly 100'ing it. Use sliders here:
  6. 00:44:601 (2) - jump feels a bit overdone, especially since there's nothing here that would imply that big of a spacing increase. reduce the spacing.
  7. 00:48:651 (1) - reduce the spacing to 1.20 as with the previous streamjumps
  8. 00:51:801 (2) - you might want to reconsider whether this spacing really makes sense in regards to the song
  9. 01:23:601 (2,3,4,5) - Make the spacing here consistent or make it so that it makes sense in some way, especially that antijump on 5 feels weird

Once this and RLC's mod is answered, AND once I have confirmation about the weird snaps, this can be ranked.
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17:03 Jenny: 00:18:051 (9,10) - sliders because want to do exactly that: less emphasis on vocals so the next combo has more of an impact with the sliderangles and backleading jumps
17:03 Jenny: 00:21:051 (1) - different vocalist and tonage, is more sliderbuilt
17:09 Jenny: 00:34:751 (1,2,1,2) - errr.. no. using any more slider than this (or anything else, for that matter) will only fuck up the soundpatterning and nothing else. it's correctly snapped and the approachrate should give you enough room and time to get this
17:10 Jenny: 00:44:451 (1,2,3,4) - harsh drumfinish to the section
17:11 Jenny: 00:48:651 (1) - not part of the streampattern anymore but a new individual one; makes no sense to space it exactly like something that's entirely different in nature and song
17:12 Jenny: 00:51:651 (1,2) - again, harsh sectionfinishing drums, fairly reasoned in my book - yes, hard, very hard, but that's exactly what goes well with the minibreak before the kiai kicks off
Poking RLC when I next get to see him online.
seems like jenny changed the nc's already, and i changed the other things
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Please don't utilize an apostrophe for a word's plural form, it's posession >:

Alright then.
Gratz o3o
uguu Zare so mean :u

Congratulations \o/
finally, where it should be. congratulations!
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yay jen gj
crap holy my god

ye ranks my congrats omg


i have never felt so unconfident of my aim until now...
I remember this <3 Gratz!
oh god!
this get ranked!
Wait, shouldn't the Japanese name for Suzuki Konomi be 鈴木このみ instead of 鈴木木乃美? This suggests the former is more correct.

This is from and I tried to get a non-Wikipedia confirmation so maybe this works as evidence?

In addition, other ranked maps such as and have 鈴木このみ.
Disqualifying to fix the artist.

And we're back.
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I can't read kanji :V
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