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Popping this for now due to the incorrect title.

Once the title bug is fixed and you've changed it, call me back and I'll fully mod this.
Uhm, that wasn't really a reason to pop the bubble. Jenny as well as the BATs knew it couldn't be ranked like this, but well, the map itself is good to go, so they bubbled it already, waiting for the Bug fix. Taking one bubble and thus one potential rank away like that for a technical issue is kinda mean =/

In any case, I notied something in [Rejection]:
00:47:676 (3,1) - Why is this not spaced out like 00:47:976 (4,1)? I would do this in order to keep consistency and to fit the stronger Beat at that point.
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^that's because it feels really awkward to change the spacing that early in the stream already - you just came out of the slider with full speed, then slow down, but then you would have to jump yet again and that really just crashes each other and feels totally meh
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If only title length fixes
ppy pls resond.
Raging Bull
one day
9 months and counting.

better put screenshot previews on top of the screenshot in song select rather than fixing bugs that prevent cool ranks
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I'm still waiting peppy ~3~
let it live
It apparently works now

pls do it for her
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..that's creepy man

I'll take it anyways, thanks :v
oh wow irre thanks

and i sound like this is my mapset
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Few spacing changes to Rejection for better accentuation (also made the big kiai-repeatpattern less pain up the booty) + improved few wavesliders in Hard.
Finally, lol
Good gods, that's an old bubble.

Since you're mapping through 00:35:451 - I recommend you use tick rate 1 for this song.

OD +2
00:16:851 (1) - Way too soon after a spinner for an Easy. Give about 4 beats at this BPM.
00:30:951 (2,1) - Surprised there was no tick sound magic on these two sliders.
01:21:651 (1) - Too soon after spinner blah blah
01:24:501 (1) - Remove new combo

OD +1 or 2
This is really high SV compared to the AR. Not too fond of it.
00:16:251 (1) - Way too soon after a spinner in a Normal. Give 2-3 beats for this BPM. The spinner itself is really short too. It's probably best to map through it.
00:33:201 (1,1,1) - New combo spam. :(
00:42:651 (1,1,1,1,1) - Don't new combo spam please.
00:47:301 (1) - etc
01:21:051 (1) - Soon after spinner

OD +1 or 2
00:13:851 (1,1,1) - New combo spammmmmm. Not going to mention them anymore on your maps. Get rid of 'em. They screw with hp drain and most of what I've seen they don't even really fit the musical phrasing well.
00:36:651 (4,5) - Although it's distance snapped, I'd have it slightly overlapped with the end of 4 so that it's very obvious the snap is going to be different.
I kind of wish you used more hard angles on the sliders considering the style of song.

OD +1 or 2
Pretty solid, though it felt too smooth for the genre.

OD +1 or 2
00:12:051 (3) - ctrl + g if you want to be consistent with your jumps
00:20:901 (7,1) - After all those jumps this felt way too close
00:33:501 (3,1,2) - Erm, why?
00:42:651 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - This felt a little off since the song stopped gaining in intensity, but the pattern kept going.
01:16:701 (4) - Such a drastic velocity change for not much of a change in the music.
01:21:201 (2) - And the same story here.
01:22:101 (1) - And when she's actually holding a note so a slider makes sense, it's super-slow compared to the one before it. Doesn't flow well at all.
01:24:201 (1) - And back to zoom zoom. Try listening to the music during this end section and get a better feel for it. Right now the interpretation is pretty wildly disproportionate compared to what's really going on.

00:14:001 (2,3) - 00:14:601 (2,3) - They're snapped wrong. Fix that. There's a lot more riddled throughout the map.
00:42:801 (2,1) - This first return really doesn't flow very well. The second iteration's jump is much smaller and flows nicely making it really unbalanced in comparison. The third has the same bad flow problem as the first, and the last one is nice. You might want to rethink this particular set of patterns.
01:05:151 (5,6) - This flows better if the 6 was positioned lower. The end is also unsnapped.
The end also has the same velocity issues that then Insane has.
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