Suzuki Konomi 'n Kiba of Akiba - Watashi ga Motenai no wa Do

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Here as requested :>
  1. 00:01:851 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Just a little suggestion here. For a better flow I'd wish that you reverse 00:02:301 (3) - this and 00:03:201 (7) - this slider (CTRL+G) individually, the flow would be amazing in my opinion. Here a screenshot to see how the pattern would flow in the left side:
  2. 00:35:051 (1) - This note is not in time. Set the beat snap divisor 1/8 and then move the note on the yellow tick, or rather perfectly in the middle between 00:34:851 (2,2) - these two sliders. Check it, it sounds perfect in this position.
  3. 00:55:251 (1,2,3) - This pattern is unpredictable and really hard to read in this part of the song. 00:59:001 (1,2,3) - This one is much more acceptable, but this one it's not, aboveall because it's too far from 00:55:101 (5) - this note, and when you point at it you can't read the 1/2 pattern. Whereas when you play 00:58:701 (3,1) - this pattern it will be easier to read since you can predict the 1/2 pattern immediately while you are playing 00:58:701 (3) - this slider. So, if you really want to keep this first antijump pattern at least approach 00:55:101 (5,1) - these two notes to make it readable. 00:46:851 (1,2,3) - This one is readable.
  4. 01:08:901 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - Really nice pattern! To make it more fun I'd suggest to increase the spacing of each second triangle (01:09:501 (1,2,3,4) - example) gradually to obtain the last triangle (01:13:101 (1,2,3,4) - ) bigger than 01:12:501 (1,2,3,4) - this one. I hope you understand what I have just suggested.
  5. 01:18:576 (1,1) - Hmmm no, besides the fact that it can be considered overmapped since it's clearly a double, it's really awful to play, even if the end of the spinner is silenced. A high % of players will miss this note or the whole pattern for sure to complete 01:18:576 (1) - this spinner with a high score since you haven't got the sufficient time to read 01:19:851 (1) - this note.
    Try to avoid using hitobjects directly after spinners

Really nice difficulty, I enjoyed it a lot.

  1. 00:07:701 (5) - What about move this slider at x:248 y:240 to keep a second triangle with 00:06:951 (2,4,5) - these element as you did before with 00:06:951 (2,3,4) - these? It would be nice to see.
  2. 00:09:951 (4) - Here is missing a clap I guess. 00:12:051 (3) - Here (end) and 00:12:951 (5) - here (head) too.
  3. 00:12:951 (5) - I'd suggest to move this slider a bit up, it's really close from 00:12:501 (4) - this one, I'd prefer to see a higher distance between them. Maybe try to move it at x:264 y:152.
  4. 00:35:051 (1) - Same as Rejection difficulty, this note is not in time. Set the beat snap divisor 1/8 and then move the note on the yellow tick, or rather perfectly in the middle between 00:34:851 (2,2) - these two sliders. Check it, it sounds perfect in this position.
  5. 00:38:451 (3,4) - This pattern is really hard to read with this low distance. Increase it a little bit, it would be a lot better to play. Try moving 00:38:951 (4) - this note at x:336 y:32.
  6. 00:39:051 (5) - Add a note here to emphasize this strong sound and set normal sampleset as you did 00:37:151 (8) - here. Then set normal sampleset on 00:40:151 (1) - this note too
  7. 00:41:051 (4,5) - Try reversing these two notes (CTRL+G), the pattern would be more fun to play with this flow. Check the screenshot below:
  8. 01:14:751 (2,3) - For a better flow reverse their position (CTRL+G).
  9. 01:24:201 (1,1) - Little suggestion: what about make a jump between these two sliders? Since there is a big SV increasing 01:24:201 (1) - here and we are at the end of the song it would be really nice to play. Try moving 01:24:501 (1) - this note at x:256 y:64, for example.

[RLC's Hard]
  1. Wow!!! I have nothing to except that 00:34:851 (3) - this slider is off in its first part. Check the Rejection/Insane difficulty and then apply what I pointed out at 00:35:051 (1) - . In addition I'd suggest to reverse 00:54:951 (2) - this slider (CTRL+G) 'cause it flows a lot better.

  1. 00:34:751 (1) - Same as the other difficulties, this slider off in its first part.

Nothing else. Lovely [Hard] as RLC's one!

  1. 01:18:501 (1,1) - This is not recommended on a normal difficulty. You should finish it earlier or at least move the first element more to the center as possible.

  1. Nice. I'd only say that I'd use tick rate 1 instead of 2 in this difficulty. Besides the fact that they are really to many, I don't like to see this kind of overlaps (tick-head/tail) in each slider:
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Applied the majority of suggestions of Nemis, only NCs on Easy and part of the suggested rhythm change in Normal from crystalmask though.
Sorry for not adding a detailed reply like with the other mods, I'm just so tired and worn out today \;a;/
e.e q se ponga este map en rank mierda
I hate you Jenny,you don't ask me for GD :/
Re-checked. Seems pretty good now.

Currently, I don't really know what's happenig with the title length problem, but I guess we'll see what happens with that.

bubbled :3
Just a note: this cannot be ranked unless the title bug is fixed.
Someone fix this Q_Q

Popping this for now due to the incorrect title.

Once the title bug is fixed and you've changed it, call me back and I'll fully mod this.
Uhm, that wasn't really a reason to pop the bubble. Jenny as well as the BATs knew it couldn't be ranked like this, but well, the map itself is good to go, so they bubbled it already, waiting for the Bug fix. Taking one bubble and thus one potential rank away like that for a technical issue is kinda mean =/

In any case, I notied something in [Rejection]:
00:47:676 (3,1) - Why is this not spaced out like 00:47:976 (4,1)? I would do this in order to keep consistency and to fit the stronger Beat at that point.
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^that's because it feels really awkward to change the spacing that early in the stream already - you just came out of the slider with full speed, then slow down, but then you would have to jump yet again and that really just crashes each other and feels totally meh
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If only title length fixes
ppy pls resond.
Raging Bull
one day
9 months and counting.

better put screenshot previews on top of the screenshot in song select rather than fixing bugs that prevent cool ranks
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I'm still waiting peppy ~3~
let it live
It apparently works now

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