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chong601 wrote:

Nice design! :D

Btw, is those torrent links at stilll considered as official? 331-340, 371-380 and 381-390 isn't compatible with 301-400... (the beatmap packs are obtained from 301-400 torrent)
The links on the new site actually just point to the original tracker address - they will still be valid for a while as I'm still rewriting the backend (and will at some point be modifying the actual tracker)

Thanks for pointing that out, the files themselves should be compatible as they're the exact same files (certainly I haven't done anything special with the actual packs) and that's how I made it work!

Considering the 301-400 torrent is out now, I think it's easier if everyone stops using the minipacks for those now, and just switches to the megapack. Something strange has happened with these torrents and it's not really worth the time to figure it out (since it makes no sense) especially as we won't have anything like this happen until the next 98 beatmap packs are out ;)

If anyone does find themselves wanting to figure this out; the torrents are all made from their own folders (as shown in my folder structure image) using the exact same files. I think those three particular mentioned minipack torrents use a different piece size, and is confusing clients somehow. This doesn't make sense though, since the source files themselves are identical.
That means all minipacks from 1-400 will be deprecated?
this sucks
23h of seeding and 56 GB good job xD
Technically as soon as a 100-beatmap megapack was released, the minipacks were implicitly obsolete. I'm planning to make this situation more explicit, as once a 100-pack comes out there is really no need for the leading 10packs.
10packs will still be registered on the tracker (unlike the currently announced deprecated ones which will be removed) however they will not be listed on the osu!torrents page, and will not be seeded on my 'official' boxes. Others are welcome to seed, but everyone would be better off if the megapacks were seeded instead!

For anyone concerned about bandwidth use on the megapacks (i.e. downloading too much at once) they should be reminded you can select which files in a torrent you wish to download (standard functionality in most clients) and most clients also support download quotas to prevent going over any limits.

Edit: I realise I should probably clarify between obsolete and deprecated here.
Deprecated torrents are ones which will be removed from the tracker as they have been completely succeeded by another. In this case an entry and note will appear on the listings. (Example of this would be 401-425/450 451-500, which would be replaced by the full megapack)
Obsolete torrents are ones which still hold some meaning and will not be removed from the tracker, but should not be used as new (such as minipacks leading to a megapack) for the full set, only to update an existing collection (like for seed boxes) and will be removed from the 'official' boxes after a while.

There will be more information on the pages soon detailing anything I can think of, though I'm trying to balance time between documenting things, or improving the backend to provide more info~
Just a reminder that from 12am UTC (8 am UTC+8) 13 April 2015, I will stop seeding 1-200 and 1-300 since I am the only seeder available and no leechers available for the last 2-3 days (this marks the discontinuation of all 200s and 300s beatmap packs)
All uncompleted downloaders for pack 1-200 and 1-300 are encouraged to use 1-100, 101-200, 201-300 and 301-400 instead to continue downloading :)
sorry for double-posting :(

After a whole month of 7 TB of uploads and the ever-decreasing hard disk space on my virtual seedbox, I have planned to get a dedicated seedbox (current planned specs: 500 GB hard disk, either 20 TB monthly quota with a Gigabit connection or unmetered 100 Mbps, 4 GB RAM).

However, i might probably need to add donation links on both servers website (i probably still can manage running 2 seedbox at the same time and any extra sources of income definitely make my life smoother since i don't really have a stable income...)

UPDATE: the dedicated box is up, it may cause frequent random upload spikes to other seeders due to me optimizing the seeding speed
Just use google-ads, I will set it as my homepage and newtab so you will get money from them

Good job maintaining the torrents by the way

If anyone wants to find the download link, it is on the 3rd post on page 1

those with broken download speed, please download torrent
advertising is a no-no for me (because i don't like ads in my life)

btw, my 2nd server is killed due to unstable upload and hard disk issues.

[MY] yummy90 XP wrote:

those with broken download speed, please download torrent
only if you can download torrent lel (which this is the reason i get a seedbox)
Can't seem to open Is the server down or is it just me?

nnari wrote:

Can't seem to open Is the server down or is it just me?
it doesn't work for me too, but the links for the torrent still works and the torrents are healthy

The osu!torrents page is indeed up, the datacentre hosting that server had some issues and had to reboot various servers on a certain network segment - mine was probably one of them, though they didn't specify which were or not..
In worse news, the provider where the actual torrent tracker was running has decided not to renew my account despite me paying, so that is most likely not responding for anyone now! I'm working on getting a new tracker set up on a different server, and will get everything working so that torrents can at least announce correctly ASAP.

New tracker is alive and receiving plenty of announces, torrents will regain health over time.. File downloads will be restored soon.

(Once this all working there will also be a new 401-410 release)
New minipack 401-410 is now available via the osu!torrents page!
torrent file links will be coming back soon, and the new tracker is performing wonderfully ^^

Hiramiya wrote:

New minipack 401-410 is now available via the osu!torrents page!
torrent file links will be coming back soon, and the new tracker is performing wonderfully ^^
yaaaay (although slow xD)
Will seed for a while. The 500/500 should help people out (i think)

Max wrote:

Will seed for a while. The 500/500 should help people out (i think)
yaaay another big chunky seeder
Made some links in case of new torrent site gets deleted too

Normally links shouldn't be deleted and should never expire.
After i finish downloading all these, i'll seed them pretty much forever (or as forever as the machine downloading them is at least)
just bumped up my seedbox from dual core, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB hard disk and 8 TB quota to triple core, 3 GB RAM, 300 GB hard disk and 12 TB quota

have fun leeching :)
C:\Users\censored\Downloads\Beatmap Pack #377.rar: Checksum error in 135401 RURUTIA - Shin'ai.osz. The file is corrupt
C:\Users\censored\Downloads\Beatmap Pack #377.rar: Checksum error in 177585 akari - boys, be stand up!!.osz. The file is corrupt
C:\Users\censored\Downloads\Beatmap Pack #378.rar: Checksum error in 184079 sphere - Hazy.osz. The file is corrupt
C:\Users\censored\Downloads\Beatmap Pack #381.rar: Checksum error in 226289 Tomatsu Haruka - courage.osz. The file is corrupt

From MegaPack 301-400

These seem to be corrupted, but no big deal, can download them manually on the site.
Anyways, there seems to be duplicates. Not real, just different maps with the same name. Which was a pain in the ass, because I realized that AFTER I extracted the whole pack of 20gb. Luckily I have an i5 so things go real fast for me. So my advice to anyone who wants absolutely every map from the packs, is to while extracting manually rename duplicates so you can have all the maps.

Thanks for this. Have a nice day!

Ok, how stupid of me. I haven't even realized that WinRar has the option to extract each pack to unique folder. Might be a pain to move all the maps afterwards to osu! songs folder, but sure is easier rather than renaming all the individual copies. Again another tip.
im waiting for the 410-420 beatmap pack
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