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works until you have 10 lines full of pattern when you follow #1 you need to move up with your eyes BAM after moving 1mm up a wild note/pattern suddenly appear and you have no space to follow it to your hit line "OHHHH BOI 0.0001second reaction time inc"!!
If you follow them you will get serious reading problems in higher/denser charts every time you go up with you eyes your scroll speed is basically quadrippelt depend how fast you go up and you have a high chance to Drop/dont see notes while you move your eyes up in dense pattern!!
you know that news shows with moving txt in the bottom when you stare some where in the middle at it you can read it fine but if you focus EVERY word/letter and follow it until it starts to disappear and start to follow the txt against its moving direction to find the new word/letter you will have a way harder time to read it even when it is slow

i bet you don't really follow it by your self. Its just in your mind you have a view field somewhere in the middle where you follow the notes about 1cm up and down with your eyes but the rest is only by reflex sure you still see notes at the bottom/top on the edge of your focus field of view and react to it by muscle memory like all of us do but following notes is a bad advise in general for newbies i think! because it is not a real following its more a type of muscle memory/reflex you build up by time
Following notes is bad. I have never seen a good player advise anyone to do anything but pick a spot near the middle and focus on that spot only. Following notes down the screen means you dont see whats after them, meaning the time to read that first pattern has cut into the time you need to read the next one. Following notes is either a bad habit, or a sign that you are struggling to read those patterns and are compensating by trying to give yourself more time to read it.
tip: if you have trouble keeping your eyes in one spot, adjust your combo position to be in the spot you want to look at. It will act as makeshift reading aid.
About following notes: it works sometimes in vertical reading, for example if you have a very long anchor, trill or inverted pattern layered with something different (think Agony 7k lvl 44 in 7th LN dan). This way you can identify and "shut out" the pattern that only requires you to stay in tempo and focus on the other one.
Playing SV charts helps with that kind of reading. A lot.
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22 hours of playtime, 1k pp, rank 45k. Is that on par for average?
What an interesting topic.
Thanks, this thread is very helpful 😆
Really helpful thread but it's been 5 years and we need a new one that actually applies to today's beatmaps patterns. :)
And the way you point out the difference between novice and advanced players doesn't make any sense and its way too steep. I've seen people get to ET level in just a year, and some people such as myself will get easily to 5k ranking in just a year, which is an advanced player according to your thread. You generalize the speed of learning of a player too much and too slow which is not right because this thread is suppose to apply to every player individually and not a crowd of players.
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Really helpful thank u very much :3
1) Find a good skin for you understand the notes. Where ? Watch youtube, search google or use skin top player .
2) Set your keybind . Test it for yourself.
3) Recommend to uncheck scale things & remember ... thingy in general settings . Up to you actually :)
4) Adjust the speed. Find your suitable speed. 25-30 maybe ? Experiment it out !
5) Then, set times to play. 1 day - 4 hour ? Play more is really wide sentences but, you really need to play it more . Because ? Your eye & brain need to understand the notes very well ><

That's all from me!
Good luck ^^
The funny thing is, that is exactly what I have been doing since I started playing mania and now I can do 4 stars in 4k, but I've been focusing on 4k the most so I can only do 2 stars in 7k and 3 stars in 5k.

I use an arrow skin but deleted the arrows because it is a lot easier to read because the notes are larger.

I'm also getting a mechanical keyboard to press notes a whole lot easier than my laptop keyboard.

I've only been playing mania for a month and I'm still gaining much skill by learning patterns and slowly increasing my scroll speed by increasing my reaction time/reading skill.

Whenever I'm not on my computer, I play opsu! on my phone (I know it isn't mania but it helps you learn patterns). Everyday when I come back to opsu! I get better at it and that also affects my skill in mania. Right now I can read 9 star songs. I think opsu! helps with hand eye coordination so you can quickly react with really fast patterns because my hand eye coordination is extremely good. I don't play osu!standard but since my hand eye coordination is good, I can aim at the notes perfectly, I just need to increase my timing which I'm doing right now.

I would say I'm a novice but with these techniques I use, I'm gaining on being able to beat 4k songs easily with a lot less effort.

Another way of being fit, (but a terrible way to go) is to probably drink coffee, but there are no shortcuts in life so being fit and active is the way to go!

I would say to make it easier to read patterns in mania you have to change skins to the one that fits you and helps you most, increasing that scroll speed, playing levels you have never played, and just perfecting your hand eye coordination.

I recommend trying other game modes too so then your mind finds it easier to learn the main things for playing a rhythm game. Taiko is very similar to mania, and osu!standard greatly increases your skills once you get good at it. Catch only deals with hand eye coordination, I don't like to play it because it is very easy for me.
The Judgement on Osumania is so strict that i literally cried out of frustration..
The fact i played other rhythm games made this much harder for me </3
Oh wow, this was very helpful, thanks!
well i was half taking this seriously but then i realized you yourself aren't even at a skill level where you can teach people how to improve, so im not even sure if this should be taken seriously at all

zvirtual wrote:

well i was half taking this seriously but then i realized you yourself aren't even at a skill level where you can teach people how to improve, so im not even sure if this should be taken seriously at all
Likely no, perhaps over-generalization of actual helpful tips. "Find what star level you're good at and expand from there" is what I was told by some friends.
Really helpful.. Thanks! :D
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This Is helpful this Is great. I will sure visit this thread to see what to improve.
Please update the pictures in the pattern repository, they're not all loading properly :)
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