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Only autoconverts can use key mods, mapped songs aren't compatible at all.
Thanks a lot for the guide. Fine-tuning section finally solved my month-long accuracy problems :D
where is the xK.ini file?
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Go to the 'Skins' folder in the osu! root directory (e.g. 'Program Files\osu!') and enter the folder of the skin you're using. If xk.ini files aren't present, you'll need to make them. The wiki has a few notes on the files: https://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/Osu!mania#Skin

I would point you to my skin's files as an example, but I haven't updated it yet. If you have any osu!mania skins, you could check the syntax of the xk.ini files - or copy them over to your current skin and modify them how you like.

EDIT: this guide looks seriously in-depth! t/203554
Wow, that timing offset section made my life 159% better. Thank you so much for the tips, my accuracy isn't complete horse shit anymore.
Thanks a bunch for the guide :oops:
The only thing I've learned from this that I am still a beginner :(
Tried an ET song... Got a B,
I put no fail on just incase.

Does anyone know how I can work on improving my vertical reading? My fingers have the dexterity now to do well on level 15 sound voltex songs and even the MX/SC difficulties of Aiae. I've passed all of them, but I can't hold my streams together well. What's the best way to improve besides practicing those specific songs?
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The reading methods, like I explained earlier, isn't something someone directly "practices". It's just the indirect outcome of improvement. It's merely an attempt to explain how we process pattern recognition during gameplay.

As for your issue, they're completely normal. It's just a certain lack of experience and really any sort of practice will be able to give you what you lack at this point. Just keep playing like you always were and come back to that song later and you'll do a little better on it eventually. Boring answer, I know, but it's how these games works haha.
I really think this was helpful to me, especially the thing that broke down something complex into several patterns occurring at the same time. I'll give it a shot later, but I think it'll still be hard to recognize several different patterns at once. I guess that just comes with practice and improvement.
I just started Mania from scratch around 45 days ago, and I just want to say that this thread and Entozer's songlist were a godsend. Just figured I'd say thanks to you guys, I can still only play the lvl.00 BMS and low lvl.20 O2Jam maps but it's something. Around rank ~9000 and I've had a blast so far. Only issue is I use no offset, should I start>?
If you have no noticeable audio offset and are already used to play with your current settings then most likely not.
Wait What?
1/32 jackhammers?
On 100 bpm that's the same as 800 bpm 1/4 singletapping, so around 3200 bpm
Are you sure about that?
Should'nt it be 1/4 or such?
Even 1/16 jacks are very uncommon but those can still be found in insanely stupid hard charts.
but... 1/16 on 100 bpm is the same as 1600 bpm
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Yeah 1/16 happens with the purpose to make the player lose hp at that point, dunno why I put 1/32 though, anything 1/16 and above is pretty much for the same purpose. My bad~~

Thanks for pointing that out, must of been feeling sadistic when I typed it out heh
Silver Sky
I'm currently using a standard laptop keyboard and I find that 7K is hard for me, I mean I can't improve as fast as when I practice 4K. Is that normal?
And I just downloaded a lot of o2jam conversions but I don't know which is good for practicing, can you guys recommend me some? :)
Thanks before :D
We've already talked a lot about how to practice in this thread. Personally, I suggest finding maps you like covering a range of difficulties based on your current skill. Don't limit yourself to songs you can only do well on.

As for your speed at improving, don't worry so much about it. 7k takes longer to adjust to for most people, especially since it's quite common for people to have experience at some other 4k game, and less common for them to have had experience on a 7k game.

And don't worry about playing on a laptop keyboard. Many players like myself play on laptops and do just fine.
yes as long as key rollover isnt an issue with your laptop keyboard there is nothing to be worried about with it
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