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Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm just glad to be of help ^^

New section added -> Fine-tuning mania to suite your hit-timings

I encourage everyone to give what ever feedback they may have in hopes to improve this guide for everyone o/
always play in 7K. then the lower keys will come at you naturally.

I've been an o2jam player for a while, and stopped for about a year or two. despite never playing 4K 5K 6K, I can "read" them just fine.

My problem is there's little available ranked maps meant for Mania. and they're not physically as tiring as its STD counterpart. I've lost some chunks of skills due to this.
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What about 8k? 9k? 12k?? 16k???? D:
jubeat D: ??? ARCADE GAME D: !?!??!
Thanks for the timing part Drace, I'll see how mine turns out when playing on my mech (I could do it with my lappy's kb but it randomly lags when registering keys...).
I must be a freak of nature. I can notice offsets that are off by a few ms (like 2-3ms off) with an unstable rate that's almost always above 200 <_<
I've been playing rhythm games for like... since I'm... 12? 11? I'm almost 20 now. Left O2jam after starting for almost a year, and then somewhere at 16 I think I started playing BMIIDX (Actually LR2 but just the same thing). In Double Mode. On a keyboard. Gosh it was hard. I never knew it could actually be done. Nowadays I play both games, more inclined on BMIIDX since it just feels like a more challenging game (16keys ftw).

Thing is that I constantly felt as if I'm reaching my own skill cap, and there's not much room for improvement, months of playing, maybe almost a year, and I'm still at the same place as before, I improve in only some songs, but there are just some patterns that won't cut it for me. It could possibly come from me not having an expanded list of songs that I was able to play with LR2 because there's not much songs for that game anymore. I haven't even seen anyone who would play it like I do since I first started. But then who knows, I just started out playing osu! again because of the mania mode, see how it works when I try out all the cool stuff. P*light is awesome btw.

Now I have to say that your body condition actually plays a huge role in performance, well at least for me. There are some times that I just felt like my fingers aren't going as I wanted them to, but then there are some times, where everything.... just goes so smoothly. I could play a lot of songs and pull off strings of melodies I never knew I could. My laptop does lag out a few times making me break combos, but that doesn't happen so often, I just wait it out and retry so it's kind of fine.

What's jackhammering anyway? Edit: Ah just read the Advanced section, I see. I'm probably around the Novice -> Advanced borderline. I thought you meant something as hammering your feet down according to the rhythm and play along. I do it a lot when I like the song, and a few times I'd stop playing just because my feet was so tired.
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It's pretty common to hit these so called "skill walls". To me and many others improvements in the upper levels has been done in small bursts. Feels like you're capped out for a couple months then bam, magical day where you beat everything. Constant improvement for a couple days until you hit your next wall, rinse and repeat.

Personally, I don't like "sticking around" in areas I don't see much improvement. Like if there's a handful of songs I can't beat my top anymore on, time for new songs. If I can't clear anything harder than I already have, I'll go back to easier stuff and aim for full combos. When I can't full combo anything harder than I already have, I move on to the mid-range, trying to ace songs I have Bs on, trying to S songs I have A on. When I hit a wall in bms, I move on to LNs. I bounce around my whole "skill spectrum" and usually when I get back to where I started, there's enough improvement in me to push a little further.

An other good thing to have is motivation, simply saying you want to be better at times isn't enough to push yourself to surpass your own abilities. I've seen people improve much faster when they set "achievable" goals one after the other; "Alright this week I'll S this bad boy...!!". Or two people of the same level range acting like rivals can really fuel up greatly fastened improvement.

All in all, just keep a positive attitude and play for fun. The wall you're facing is bound to crumble eventually!

Entozer wrote:

Omg Drace I'll try that. :D
Alright this week I'll S this bad boy...!!


-Hazelnut wrote:

Alright this week I'll S this bad boy...!!
me too! D:
Umm I have a question
Why can I only get 300 on the short notes, but not on the long notes?
I can almost never get 300 on them, usually 100 or 200, or worst, 50
Short notes:

Long notes:

I think I pressed the keys at the right time for the long one, but it turned out I didn't. I don't know when to press :cry:
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You need to release them at the right time too ^^
What's the difference between normal 300 points and rainbow coloured 300 points? how do i get them?

Basically 300g/MAX/rainbow 300s gives slightly more points than normal 300 and increases the bonus score twice faster than normal 300s.
OD doesn't affect the timing needed to get a rainbow 300, meaning that no matter the OD you need the same accuracy to get one.
16ms ? Wow, i get way more pgreat in IIDX than 300g here.

Nice table though, thanks for bringing it
is there a best way to set up keys

Linear,diagonally or something like that?
up to you, well...

iGod wrote:

is there a best way to set up keys

Linear,diagonally or something like that?
There is no best way of setting up keys. It's all preferences. :)
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Even the most awkward of setups can workout in the end with a little work. Just use w/e you like ^^
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