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I might've missed it, but what are Hands?
3 notes at the same time
[ Scarlet Red ]
This guide seems fairly interesting, however I'd like to give my insight on improving as an osu!mania player.

osu!mania is not an easy gamemode. In fact I'd argue it's got a pretty challenging learning curve, however this learning curve can easily be slimmed given how you practice. Mania has a lot of techniques, such as LNs, SVs, Jacks, streams, and more. Your goal as a mania player is to improve each of these skills over time. The good thing about the community is that they make a lot of practice maps so you can easily get specific practice in whenever you want!

An example of this would be my Galaxy Collapse pass. I couldn't hit the speedjacks to save me life, so I remembered my friend gave me a vibro practice map he made. I played it for a day or two before trying Galaxy Collapse again and I noticed significant improvement to my play!

I ended up passing it.

Also note one important thing: Always push yourself! If you think a play is just out of your reach, keep going for it until you succeed. I do that and it never fails.

One of the most important things to understand

Do NOT get into the habit of pausing! Always play stamina draining maps and do not pause during them. Pausing constantly reduces your stamina and your consistency! It's the worst habit you could get into
i hope they make the score unranked as soon you press ESC
helpful :D
Hello ! First of all thanks a lot for your guide. I am a beginner and I want to improve at Osu!mania.
I play beatmap around from 2 to 3 stars, (4K) and 1 to 1.5 stars in 6K and 7K and I noticed few things :

I managed to end songs without any miss and still got something around 80% in my score. I guess it's because I don't hit the note perfectly, but I don't really know how to improve.

I got something like ~-25ms; + 30ms every time, sometimes it's -25+40 sometimes it's -50;+30 but the average is around ~-25ms ; +30ms.
I think I have to check my 4k.ini and do something with my HitPosition but I don"t really understand what to do.

Thanks :)
In your options make sure you have your “score meter” setting set to “hit Accuracy”, then watch through some of your replays. Look at the bar at the bottom center. If you are hitting early it’ll be the left of center while if your hitting late it’ll be to the right of center.

Edgar_Figaro wrote:

In your options make sure you have your “score meter” setting set to “hit Accuracy”, then watch through some of your replays. Look at the bar at the bottom center. If you are hitting early it’ll be the left of center while if your hitting late it’ll be to the right of center.
Ok I did that, and notice two different things :

First, in beatmaps I am good (~r90%+) I hit around the middle, in equal measure
Then, in beatmaps I am not good (below 90%), I hit more early.

Does that mean something ? Thanks :)
It’s usually quite common for more challenging maps for a person to rush or hit late patterns they aren’t comfortable with. If on easier maps you are right on average then you don’t need to adjust your offset. For harder songs since you are hitting early try relaxing more. Often hitting early means you are too tense.
Alright thanks !
Hitting late can also be a sign you are struggling to read a pattern fast enough. Even if you think you're reading it properly if it's just a bit too fast you can end up hitting a few ms late and losing acc from it.
Hey there ! It's me again ! So I am only playing in 7K right now, manage to reach some songs around 2 stars. Which is nice ! (I guess ?)

But I am stuck with something from the very beginning : Every time I have to hit combinaison of Green/Blue or Blue/Green I mess up quite every time.
Two greens are ok and 2 blues too, but something like _ B _ _ G _ _ or _ _ G _ _ B _ ... damn.
I am doing less mistakes now, but still. it's bother me because I feel like I won't improve until I remove completely this bad habit.
Do I have to play easy map until I get rid of this or should I keep trying 2+ stars and it will disappear one day ?

Thanks ~
The color of the notes is different for different skins, so just calling them by colors is a bad idea. Instead you should refer to them by the number of the column they're no. in 7k it would be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 with 4 being the middle key (usually space bar). When I write down patterns, if the patterns are just single notes, I write them like 2461357 with 1 number for each note. This pattern would be the left hand middle key, then the middle key/space bar, then the right hand middle key, then left hand first key, third key, left hand first key, then third key. If the pattern is chords (multiple notes at once) I write them like this: 246/1357. The slash separates chords.

The patterns you showed there would be 25 and 36.

You're still in the early stage of learning to play mania. This means you haven't learned how the play those chords yet. I'd suggest actually focusing on playing maps that have those chords more often. I don't mean grinding plays on them, just forcing yourself to play them a bit more often than you do right now. Eventually your brain will figure out how to hit them and you can move on to other patterns you have trouble with.

Since mania requires a few different kinds of skills, one of those skills is the ability to recognize a pattern and hit it correctly. In the beginning, simple patterns like this will cause you trouble. Once you get better, you might be able to hit those chords properly, but if they have a few of those in a row, you might still have trouble hitting them. In this stage of learning the thing you want to do is find as many of those tricky chords or patterns and practice them. Eventually you'll notice that there aren't very many kinds of patterns you have trouble with, but the ones you do find hard will be very hard to learn. That's when you know you've got past the early stages of learning and now you're at the point where most of the basic skills are developed.

The thing about mania is that your learning is never over. There will always be something you can't play.
Alright thanks, that is quite interesting ! Do you think I should find a skin with different colors for every different fingers regardless the hand ?

Like Blue for left/right hand first key, green for left/right hand middle key and, red for left/right hand third key with extra yellow for space bar ?
It seems a bad idea because I would get in trouble if I want to switch mode like 7K -> 6K or other things no ?
For now I am trying to finish song first, then, after a week, I play again my very first songs, trying to raise the note. Like D -> C , or B -> A
So far I managed to improve almost every songs I played, maybe it's something like 81% -> 83% but still. I think that shows I am improving and "hard" setup I used to have on early songs are now readable and doable almost perfectly (with a big emphasis on ALMOST ;) ).
So I should keep going reaching higher songs until I hit a wall (I mean not be able to pass a song even with multiple tries) ?
I know I am still in the early stage of learning, but I want to be sure that I am not having bad habit by doing this or this. That's why I am asking a lot of questions and I will continue :D (or maybe should I make a new topic ? I feel like my questions could help other too so)
Anyway. Thanks a lot a again !
Skins are basically just personal preference. Some people can read skins where the notes are all the same color, some people need the notes to be different colors. Some players can read arrows best, some prefer circles, and others prefer bars. I personally use an old o2jam skin where the columns are "white, blue, white, yellow, white, blue, white" with very small columns.

I think the way you practice depends on what you want to be good at, at least to some degree. If you're a player who likes to be able to get SS on easy maps, but doesn't care about playing harder stuff, you would probably want to just keep playing the same difficulty of stuff over and over again. But if you want to get better at harder maps, then the key is to keep trying to push your skill level up by playing stuff that's outside your comfort level.

I enjoy playing hard stuff, so I actually practice on some songs that I need nofail for. I also play a wide range of difficulty. Sometimes I play stuff I can get 97-98% on, sometimes I play stuff I can barely pass (usually if I can barely pass it I get somewhere in the 80% range, depending on the hp drain and whether there's a hard difficulty spike in the map).

Some people argue that playing stuff you can't get at least around an A is bad because it means you're "mashing" to get through the song, but I feel like that depends on whether you're a very accurate player or not. I'm not an accurate player, so even getting above 97% on easy maps is hard for me, and my accuracy really gets bad when something is actually hard. I don't focus too much on getting a specific score or accuracy on what I play. I just focus on trying to beat my top score the next time I play it.

I don't replay maps very often either. I personally feel like by playing a very wide range of different kinds of maps and learning to get good at sightreading patterns is better than relying on memorizing songs and replaying the same map over and over to try to get a good score on it.
Ok so for now I will stick with the regular skin. I want to improve both in being able to reach SS in songs and beating harder maps so I will take my time Slowly.

For now, I manage to reach around 80%-ish in kinda every song I try, even when I try to beat harder ones. The only "bad" ranks I get are from songs with specific pattern I can't read .. or slow songs. I downloaded a lot of packs and I just playing every song from 1 star to higher one. Just marking "cool" songs and nice music in a specific folder, but I nearly don't replay songs in the very first time. I play them one week later, trying to improve score and accuracy, and so I can notice if I am improving little by little or not. I am aware that I will hit a wall somehow, and I will need to start practicing if I want to reach a specific spot.

But for now, it's play whatever I have on my list until I get smacked by a song, tryhard a bit, then if I fail I try next one or I replay older ones.

Drace wrote:

Ladders or Trilling stairs
(not applicable to to 4k)

1/4 beats an up
Not applicable to 4K? Seriously?
Good luck convincing drace to log back in and edit the post...
Hi there, i have been playing osumania like 4 months, i play both 4k and 7k. Well, in 4k im getting better and better but in 7k i cant improve :( I was playing songs that 2 month ago i get a S and now only I gets like 92% I don´t know what happens to me... need help.
And also when i play 7k i have 2 big problems:
-I can´t play maps with a lot of LNs
-Sometimes my fingers don´t react to the notes .Im maps that are moreless easy for me, i can perfectly read all the notes but some times my fingers don´t react specialy the one in the keys S and L (i use SDF space JKL)
Thanks for read this and sorry for bad english hope someone can help me :)
after a 2 month brake from 7k in the early days (you play 4 month) its normal to deprove fast if you dont use it think about it like this
you learn something in school a few weeks write a test and than you never use it will you still remember after 4 month ? most likely not 95% of it only 90% ;). But if you learn it and use every day a bit of it you will still remember a lot of it since it is present for you every day. there is no secret it is just play regular both mods if you want to get good in both of them.
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