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Will you place an order for a sticker set?

I will buy a variety set (Option 1)
35.10% 205
I will buy osu! logo stickers (Option 2)
40.07% 234
Not interested (please explain if you have a reason)
24.83% 145
Total votes: 584
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I'm looking at getting some sticker sets done up, and wanted to check interest levels before going ahead. They would be printed by stickermule, which offer the highest quality stickers, as seen on github and used by all the big companies for their swag.

Option 1: 1x each of design below (5 pc.), 3x3" (7.6x7.6cm).
Option 2: 10x plain osu! logo (no glow, white border), round, 2x2" (5x5cm). Will fit on the back of a smartphone, for size reference.

Both sets would be ~$5-6 plus shipping, totalling ~$10-12. Payment would be via all available options for supporter tags, as they would be distributed by myself (or friends) directly.

Please vote yes only if you will place an order for such an item was it to be made available.

There's also the option for making iPhone etc. skins to stick to the full back cover of your phones. If you are interested in this specifically, please leave a comment (I know I am ;)).
I would probably order for the one with the blue aura, the others would be a bit weird for me to have here >.>
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