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It's been a while since I've been able to do a proper public release (the last few have been hot-fixes, not full releases) due to the amount of changes that were piling up, largely untested. After a pretty rough start, the update is now stable, featuring over 50 new bug fixes, two new play-mode overlays, better collection management and more!

Collection playlist support

Score Metres (Options > Graphics)

Hit Accuracy: Shows precisely how accurate you were with each hit. Bar length adjusts with OD. Left of centre = too early, right = too late.

Colour: Shows a history of your hit values (based on colours of default skin's 300/100/50).

Better collection management


- Adjust background dim and other visual settings options without passing the map first.
- Watch top 50 replays, where available (up from top 40).
- Better handling of fullscreen and borderless windowed switching.
- Better audio fading and transitions between song select and play mode.
- Widescreen storyboard toggle. You can now make widescreen supporting storyboard!
- Lots of other stuff I forgot to mention.
- Localisation added to many new areas of the game.

p.s. please tell me if you'd like some osu! stickers :).
Cool stuff
Looks good!
How does the Score Meter "Hit Accuracy" work?
Great release ;)
thank you! collection so much more efficient now
Shirai Kuroko
i've been waiting for that playlist.İ really wanted that thanks peppy nice work :D
Now it's possible to make widescreen storyboards?
Thank you for the update. ;) Collection is so much better now.
Thanks peppy, great release. Hit accuracy should help me choose a better offset too.
Collection! \O/
Very great additions!
I wondered if there is a way to change the colors of the scoremeter sections to match my skin's hitburst colors.

300s: Yellow
100s: Green
50s: Magenta
Misses: Red

Also, it's difficult to see what was my hit error when I hit Mania notes because the scoremeter was too far from bottom, as if I'm focusing to. I would prefer if it uses five different colors.

nice one.keep going peppy :)
wonderful. i shall enjoy seeing just how inaccurate i am \:D/
Cool!! Good idea
I would like to suggest more thing showing on the bar:

(1) When in the first mode (only see 300s/100s blocks), If there would be a counter somewhere to see the number of total hits on each judgment (300/100) It would be nice. In addition, it flashes too quickly when playing extremely hard songs, making it extremely hard to look into the detail. (It's really hard to read the full bar when it would be flushed in ~500ms)

(2) In the second mode when hit accuracy is possible to be seen, I would suggest further showing whether you hit too early or too late directly on somewhere on the board. for example this would be great:

BTW, Does anyone found this bar annoying when playing mania :o especially in HD making visible area even smaller...
I really like the way the music fades in now.
Awesome :D
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