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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年11月20日 at 2:39:42

Title: Kaze no Naka no Subaru ~Hyougenshatachi~
Tags: jumpstream handstream trills stamina japanese electronic j-core jcore Subaru In The Wind p2p Peer 2 Peer ピアッツーピアッ! 地上の星 chijou no hoshi Earthly Stars (Unsung Heroes) 中島みゆき Miyuki Nakajima 短篇集 tanpenshuu YCCW-00002 プロジェクトX~挑戦者たち~ Project X: Challengers purojekuto X chousenshatachi Yamaha Music Communications c61 comiket61 comic market 61 コミケ61 コミックマーケット61 SHARPNELSOUND doujin indie Jea Ryuta Nakagami 仲上竜太 Lemmy レミイ SRPC-0009 remix
BPM: 187.18
Filesize: 6820kb
Play Time: 03:43
Difficulties Available:
  1. subarushii - 4Key (4.78 stars, 3535 notes)

Download: DJ SHARPNEL - Kaze no Naka no Subaru ~Hyougenshatachi~
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Some sections inspired heavily by @@'s pad version

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20/11/2021: title fix, -5 to offset, applied check/mod from Quenlla & RandomeLoL
17/11/2021: tags update
16/11/2021: new audio, preview point, hitsound. hitsound subject to change
16/11/2021: metadata correction, minor chorus adjustment where i missed two [12] jumps for repeated vocals
28/07/2021: removed 2 unintended jumps from the ending wooooops

Thanks to LeiN-, Shoegazer, RandomeLoL, and Quenlla for feedback and suggestions

Background art by Ekusa Takahito (Twitter, pixiv)
Non-cropped version here, also featured in this book
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