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I recently bought a new keyboard (CM Storm Quickfire TK: http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/51/image_311.jpg) after my old keyboard broke (Dell keyboard with wirst rest: http://static.trustedreviews.com/94/8c6 ... G3491s.jpg). The problem I'm having though is that my left wrist starts to hurt after only a few beatmap plays. In the past I've never ever had pain in my left wrist. Also, the pain only comes from osu, I don't seem to have the problem with any other games.

So does anyone have any kind of advice for me? Does my wrist have to get used to a keyboard without the wristrest pad? Or should I buy a new specific wristrest? Or should I rebind z and x to different keys? Any help is appreciated!
i have the same keyboard and don't have much of a problem with wrist pain unless i play for hours on end. If it is really starting to bother you then you could use the keyboard stand (thingies on the back) or invest in a wrist pad, I don't think they are too expensive.
put a towel or a cloth or something under your wrist and see if the pain still comes
Do stretches for your wrists. Put your arm straight out with your palm face up, and use your other hand to pull the fingers down. This will stretch your wrist out and ease some of the tension on it that causes it to hurt. Don't stretch it too far, just enough to where you feel it stretching slightly. You can also do this stretch against a wall to get a little bit better of a stretch. Another one you can do is to put your arm straight out with palm down this time. Bend your wrist downward and you will feel it stretch the top part of your hand and wrist.

For those of you who are visual learners

Do these stretches before you play and every now and then while playing. Again, don't stretch until it hurts, just enough to feel a slight pull. Good luck!
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