How did you start rhythm gaming?

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2008 to 2009 Tap Tap Revenge 3
2009 to 2013 Stepmania
2013 to now osu!mania

Metalsnake27 wrote:

Then Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Was ok, never liked the giant controller though.
This was the first rhythm game form me. And I sucked at it....
Then there was that Redbana Audition game, but the 3D figures looked pretty weird.

And now this game :)
Still miss the old FPS games (like Counter Strike) I use to play tho
Ryu Sei
Plays some rhythm game in my phone, 5 years ago.
Next 2 years, just recently found Audition Online and used to play it.
And today. Played osu! and DJMAX Technika 3.

osu!mania around 5 month ago ...

Drace wrote:

Wow, bemani machines in america... I'd move there in a heart beat if it weren't for school

lucky lucky lukcy :o:o
The Super Arcade in socal that hosts Wednesday Night Fights on Twitch has IIDX and Pop n Music machines O:
Dancing Stage Euromix - 2000 (Yup I was 7 years old :) )
Guitar Hero II, then III - 2007
Stepmania - 2008 (both dancepad and Keyboard)
IIDX - 2009

and now I've played pretty much everything

Taiko, Project Diva, pop n' music, jubeat, Sound Voltex, ez2On, o2jam, djmax trilogy...
DDR 5th mix arcade and DDR super nova 2 since 2004 to 2012
Stepmania 2011 and 2012
Project diva on PSP 2013 to until now
osu mania 2013 to until now :):D
played stepmania then found osu and played since then :)
Stepmania: ~December 2012
osu!(mania): mid-February 2014
I started my entire rhythm gaming since around 2005 when I was playing PIU (Zero, and I was still a little kid back then) when a kind, pro stranger saw me playing and then taught me how-to-rhythm. Been unconsciously pulled slowly deeper and deeper into the genre, and now... here I am.
guitar hero:2008-2009
dj hero:2009-late 2009
Beats portable:spring 2013-now
Osu!Mania:somewhere inbetween-now
Stepmania:late 2013-now
started Jamlegend (web based Guitar Hero styled rhythm game) around 4 - 5 years ago.
Joined osu!mania Jan 2013, been here ever since.
o2jam, at first I thought it was a kid's game but then later came to realize that it is way beyond what I see
Guitar Hero: World Tour 2009-2011
Osu!standard/FretsOnFire (started because my GH controller has broken) 2011-2012
Guitar Hero again 2012-2013
Osu!mania (the controller I have repaired has broken again and i smashed it on the wall) 2013-now

Occasionally I have been playing Rocksmith.
I was introduced to "Tap Tap Revenge" which is basically a 3k mania for iOS back in 2007...
Played that quite alot, and then I noticed this free game for my mac called "Frets on Fire"...
Played these two for about 3 years or so, and then I stumbled upon osu! in 2012, been playing until now :oops:still playing 4k only *cries*
from o2 jam : i think from 2006 - 2009 (+ counting playing from official and private server)
guitar hero (only the first one) : 2006 / 2007 ?
osu!mania : apr2013 - now
guitar hero, cant remem when but around the time it came out
2013 started playing super hexagon for a challenge, moved to touhou and now osu which i found osu mania to be a lot more enjoyable
i played o2jam for like 1 month and then i discovered osu a few years later
Played DDR super-casually when I was younger, dabbled in Guitar Hero and Stepmania, found an ITG cab close to my just kind of kept happening.
I started out with Guitar Hero 3 in 2007 and I kept buying all the newer versions and played them until 2013. I also got my hands on Rock Band 2 and DJ Hero in the meantime, but I didn't play those games nearly as much. Then in 2013 I found osu!mania and it didn't take too long to adjust from 5K only to 4,5,6 and 7K. And here in the spring of 2014 I started playing a little bit of stepmania and IIDX Tricoro.

I played Guitar Hero for so long because I never knew of anything else. Rhythm games are like an urban legend where I live
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