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Thought it'd be interesting to see the history behind a couple players

So... what got you start rhythm gaming? What game contributed the most to your current skill? Any game in mind for the future?
i dont really remember tbh, i just stumbled upon o2jam one day and i kinda liked it
Stepmania: 2006 - 2007
DJMAX Portable 2: 2008 - 2009
Jubeat: 2010 - now
osu!: 2012 - now

Sadly, I can only play 4 keys max on osu!mania :( I might consider playing beatmania or Project Diva in the future.
well I played guitar hero like everyone else did like 5 years ago but Ive never played any other rhythm game besides osu! when I started a year ago and now osu!mania

So I guess osu! is the first rhythm game I ever played seriously \:D/
DDR & Stepmania: 2005-2007
DJMAX: 2008
Osu: 2008
BAF: 2008
O2jam: 2008-2009
Went on hiatus for four years until i discovered osu!mania so...
Osu!mania-now and might return to o2jam soon. Also excluded minor games like... Rhythm Heaven.
Started with Stepmania in... 2003 maybe? Not sure.
Played off and on until about 2009.
Not sure when I started O2jam, but it wasn't long after the Malaysian server opened.
Played O2Jam off and on until about 2010ish.
Found osu in 2011. Switched to mania the day it came out.

I've also got a few burned copies of IIDX (Gold, DistorteD and Happy Sky, and BMUS), and I played Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DJ Hero some as well.
Osu is the only rhythm game i play \o/
Standard from March 2012
Taiko from December 2012
Mania from June 2013
O2Jam: 2008-2010
Taiko(osu!): 2010-now
osu!mania: 2012-now

Other games I have played on and off:
Reflec Beat, Taiko(arcade), Jubeat, DJMax Portable (Black Square + 3), BMS
This is a pretty good question!

I started Stepmania around 2002-2003 when I was shown it by a friend. Back then I was amazed at things like Black Dragon being FC'd by my friend :oops:

Stopped playing rhythm games for a long time after 2007 due to wrist injuries that impacted my play too much (It hurt far too much to play). I felt I was doing pretty good before then too seeing as I had gotten myself to the point I could pass some harder stuff with decent ranks (AA Disregard, A on Fury of the Storm (That really annoying minijack one), and so on), so I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't play any of that anymore.

Played some Elite Beat Agents on my DS around 2010. A year later started to wonder if there was any PC alternatives to the game because I thought it'd be cool to make one if there wasn't. Ran into osu! in 2011, played it for about 6 months before I got exclusively into Taiko. Then osu!mania was introduced and I occasionally played that. Only about a month ago I started learning 7k.

Thinking about it, damn I've been playing rhythm games for a while and I still suck at them :cry:
i used to play project diva PC a ton (for about 1-2 years i think?), then one of my friends told me about osu!mania!! i havent played very many rhythm games seriously haha
Early 2006 - Early 2008 : O2Jam (Msia server when it got f2p). Didn't start buying songs regularly until 6 months in or so, rofl (Basically I was playing the same 10-20 songs over and over and over etc.). Also at around 2008 this alien called LongGone opened communications with me and my wooden boat

2008-2011: FFR/Stepmania. Joined stai's viking army as an errand boy /o/

2011-2012: was studying in UK. ded (osu)

end 2012-present: maniaaa
I started playing osu! as my first rhythm game in 2009. After that i quickly learned the existance of all those other rhythm games, and i tried almost all of those games during my osu time but i never really played them as much as osu. I still played them but they were the side game for me. Things i played were taiko/ctb moving on to o2jam then to stepmania played rockband guitar hero, frets on fire here and there at a friend, and afterwards returning back to stepmania casually playing 2 player battle mode here and there with friends.

Later on i decided to try to import my first foreign game and it was djmax trilogy for the PC, really really loved it and it was even fun with my stepmania friends because of the rather easy->challenging 4k modes. Allthough only 1 player offline mode so playing in turns was kind of a letdown, still the keysounded game songs and the nice graphics and movies made it alot of fun to play.
After a while i decided to buy a used PSP since i found out i can download djmax portable 2 in the playstation shop so i just went and did that, and played even more djmax.

In late 2011 early 2012 things really cooled down in my activity and i more or less stopped playing osu actively. Mostly real life issues, I just didnt have as much time for it anymore and i played everything pretty casually. After a while i tried out newer stuff and i stepped into playing IIDX and BMS files on LR2 simulator aswell as some pop'n'music PMS both on keyboard though but i want to have a controller for both in the future if i have the money to spend on that. Allthough i dont think i really need those right now and playing on keyboard is still fun enough for me.

In june 2012 i think was it, the EZ2ON remade popped up and i played that for a bit aswell as the beta version of what is today osu!mania, it was called JFF mod lol.
October/November 2012 completely changing things over and osu!mania is the rhythm game for me right now! Still casually playing osu though allthough my tablet died (RIP you lasted me some years <3) and it is just not the same anymore with mouse.
With the beginning of osu!mania i quickly started improving at my gameplay again and it felt very cool and fun to play together with so many people over the net. 2013 and onward: osu!mania :)
Here's a list of rhythm games I've spent a considerable amount of time on. Any game without a second date is a game I've revisited recently and/or currently playing. There are also a handful of games that I have played before that aren't on the list.

Mario Party 1 (had a rather basic rhythm minigame): 2000-2006ish
Fusion Frenzy (Mario Party-type of game for the Xbox, had a rhythm minigame): 2001-2005ish
Stepmania: 2005ish
Flash Flash Revolution: 2005ish
Dance Dance Revolution series (Xbox, arcade): 2005ish
Frets on Fire (GH clone): 2007-2008
Rock Band 1/2/3: 2008-2012
GH2/3/WT/OT (Xbox 360/DS): 2008-2012
Rockfan aka Guitar Zero 2 aka GuitarStar (GH clone): 2008-2010
DTXmania (Drummania for PC): 2008-2009
Elite Beat Agents/Osu Tatakae Ouendan 1+2: 2008
In the Groove (PC): 2009
osu!: 2009-quit after about 10 plays
Rhythm Tengoku series (DS, GBA, Wii): 2009-2012 (might come back to these to try 100% completion)
Mother 3 (had a rhythm-based combo system): 2009
BIT.TRIP series (Wii, PC): 2009
Jam With the Band (Daigasso Band Brothers DX): 2011-2012
Taiko DS 1/2/3: 2011-2012
DJ Hero series (Wii): 2011-2012
Dance Central series: 2011-2012
Cytus: 2011-2012
osu!droid: 2011-2012
osu!+osu!mania (when I actually started playing): 2012
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (Vita, might be getting PS3 version later): 2012
Guitar Hero 3 (PC, on keyboard): 2013
O2Jam: 2013

Well, I started with the Mario Party minigame-type of things, if those even count. Mario Bandstand was fairly basic (1 button), but I was very young so that didn't really matter. Then was Fusion Frenzy, which had a 4-button rhythm minigame, but the rhythms were still fairly basic (no 8ths, 16ths, etc). I then learned about the rhythm genre's existence from my older brother playing DDR music on his PC, which led me to trying out DDR Disney Mix at a friend's birthday party (to get a feel for the gameplay), trying out Stepmania and FFR, and eventually buying DDR Ultramix 3 for Xbox.
After playing that game a ton, I eventually forgot about rhythm games until Guitar Hero became popular. I tried a demo of GH1 at Best Buy, but I've never had experience with a guitar before, and held the guitar upside down (not on lefty mode), and gave up half-way through the song I was playing. I then downloaded Frets on Fire after watching my older brother play it, and picked that up quite easily and quickly grew interested in it and other GH clones on PC. I then spent the next few years obsessing over Rock Band and Guitar Hero, completely ignoring other genres (with the exception of Halo 3 and Pokemon).
In 2008-2009 I started checking out a bunch of rhythm games, and I rather enjoyed DS games such as EBA/Ouendan, GH:OT (Guitar Hero on DS), and Rhythm Tengoku. Eventually, my DS lite decided to bite the dust, and I still had a strong craving for Ouendan gameplay, so I found osu! in 2009. The problem was, I had a crappy wireless mouse at the time, and I didn't know how to properly set up the mouse settings, not to mention my PC was several years old (and already low-end at the time of purchase) and couldn't handle it smoothly so I was having a difficult time getting into the game. I downloaded a few authentic maps from Ouendan 2, mainly at the highest difficulty I could play on DS. I remember failing Hyde - COUNTDOWN on Hard or Insane a couple of times before giving up and uninstalling the game. I then got a DSi XL and caught up on the DS games that I missed.
After that, I got an Android phone and a laptop to start that school year with. I continued with my Ouendan obsession by getting osu!droid, which didn't really run well on my phone. This is also around the time my friends started playing LoL, so I picked up a decent wired mouse so I could play with them. I was then hit by a sudden realization that I had a decent mouse and a decent computer, and this is when I started actually playing osu!.
(I also picked up a couple of games after this, but this'll also continue into the future, so I'll just end the post here)
My brother showed me stepmania. 8 years ago. I still recall the day when I managed to catch up and beat him at it like 1 year or 2 after we started. I then watched some videos on youtube to see some more stuff, and that's a bit how I ended up here.

2005-2013+ StepMania
2010-2013+ osu!/o!T/o!m/o!droid
2012-2013+ Taikojiro
2011-2012 Taiko no Tatsujin DS
2010.7.01 tried DDR on arcade in a con.
2009 or 2010 EBA, my brother only let me play easy diffs. Now I would destroy his scores, lol.
2009-2010 Guitar Hero 5 (wanted the 3 because you know)
2008-2009 Rock Band 2 (still with my brother letting me play a bit on his PS3 when parents weren't here)
does wii fit's advanced step exercise count ? got once all perfect.
2013 o2jam (ditched and preferred o!m instead)
How did I start rhythm gaming? Thank my brother Rebound/RIP.

It all started when me and my brother Rebound (now RIP) started out playing rhythm games since December 25th, 2005 while we were visiting New York with our parents. We received Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 as our Christmas Present for the Xbox and started from there. Later on Fall (I believe around September/October 2006), Rebound caught a cold and was absent from school that day. However, during that day he was randomly in the computer and was Google (or Yahoo, I believe we used Yahoo at that time) searching for things. He eventually searched for an online DDR rhythm game and managed to end up at Flash Flash Revolution (FFR) website. He tried the game and got interested, so he eventually registered for an account as "youcannotstopme" at the time (He created "i love you" months later originally to disguise himself as a female player named "Kiki", but now he just use it as an official username as he eventually (around 2009 maybe?) revealed that he was a guy lol). He eventually told me about FFR and I got interested. However, I didn't registered for an account until a month later when I registered as "idrawanime" at the time. A few months later (still on 2006), RIP made a few friends on FFR (Rebirth0 being one of his main buddies). I believe it was rebirth0 who introduced him to Stepmaina 3.9 and he eventually introduced me to the game and I found the game more enjoyable, but it was harder to time the notes (since FFR has an legit timing window lol). We both eventually start stepping with simfiles on late 2006. I taught myself how to time and find offset (including BPM changes) on any song and just step without assistance, including learning how to use the editor itself as it was much more advanced than DDR Ultramix 3 editor (Yes I made dozens of custom difficulties at DDR before Stepmania).

Ever since the FFR tokens (and eventually Skill tokens) got implemented around Summer 2007 and more staff abusing their moderation powers for no reason, I started to dislike the FFR community and eventually quit FFR in 2008. In FFR, there is literally no such thing as mod abuse, as the FFR forum/IRC rules apply. Rebound kept playing FFR until it got shut down on 2009 (of course he played Stepmania on occasion). When FFR shutdown, me and Rebound moved to Keybeat Online forums (as "BeatofIke" this time and my brother as "Rebound") and settled from there while more than half the FFR community moved to other things (possibly osu! being one of them). Since that day, me and Rebound became very active and competitive at stepping simfiles and playing Stepmania respectively, including making vibrajacking and dump collection maga packs on 2009 and 2010. This is the time when Rebound really improved his skills, including being the first to AAA Disregard in 2010. It wasn't until late 2010, when FFR returned and we came back eventually (I never played FFR, I only visit the forums and that's it). Rebound ended up raping the FFR scores as it was now too easy for him. In January 2011, I registered for an another FFR account as "BeatofIke" since I do not remember my password lol (although I evetually asked an admin to recover my account and now have it back XD). Anyways, as months passed by we both got really bored in FFR and Stepmania on occasion and started trying other games such as Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (SWR) and eventully Undefined Natural Law (UNL), which both are touhou fighting games.

Losing hope in finding another rhythm game to play while playing touhou as a temporary game, I slowly begin to quit Stepmania as it was slowly "dying" at the time (of course today, FFR and Stepmania is back in it's feet) and move on to other things. Finally around August 2011, Rebound was talking out of boredom to one of his online buddies on AIM who happened to came along with another rhythm game called osu! and recommended him to try the game. Rebound didn't seem interested at first and got too lazy too download lol. He was eventually reminded again and he finally decided to try the game, but it was Catch the Beat lol. He played MP with his friend in Catch the Beat. He eventually tried osu! and preferred playing that mode better then Catch the Beat and bulid off from there. He eventually told me about it to give it a try (even though we both discovered osu! back in 2010 on a Youtube video, but the game looked retarded so we didn't bother playing it lol). Anyways, I gave the game a try and I thought it was alright (especially the osu! tutorial storyboard). The first thing I noticed on osu! is that it completely surpassed every aspect of what Stepmaina has to offer and I quickly grew interested in the game and started playing it. I ended up registering for an account a month later as "BeatofIke" at September 20, 2011. Rebound registered a moth before me. That's how me and RIP started playing osu!
I started Stepmania around 2010, and then quit for osu just about 5 months ago :)

BeatofIke wrote:

We received Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 as our Christmas Present for the Xbox and started from there.
Oh damn. It's like everyone started with Ultramix 3. I also did, and a couple of my friends did too (and I wasn't even aware of this until I talked about DDR with them a few years later).
My rhythm gaming experience is pretty much like this:

2005-2013 Stepmania
2008-2009 Guitar Hero 3 and Frets on Fire
2012-2013 Osu!mania (never played the standard mode)

Haven't really gone out and discovered anymore rhythm games I fear. :P
Started playing DDR on the PS1 at around 2002 iirc, then moved on to the taiko machines in the arcade at around 2005.
Then from there I started playing taiko on my PSP, PS2, Nintendo Wii, etc.
Stopped for around 2 years until my addiction came back when I stumbled across Osu! in 2010 :3

Tried playing some other rhythm games such as jubeat, beatmania and DJMAX, but they are just too hard for me orz
Since my childhood years, someone introduced to me O2Jam PH and I started playing it.
After several days of O2Jam PH closed, I looked for an offline game to play like it. Obviously I found O2Mania.
The moment I got bored on playing it, I looked for another game that can give records and other stuffs but I didn't found any so I gave up.

This January 2013, I found osu! from a person at a facebook group who posted a screenshot of osu!
I asked that person what is the name of the program and I downloaded it.

Well that's my story including how I found osu!
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