Hyadain - CRASH!! (Let's Do It)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 20 Ocak 2022 Perşembe at 04:40:30

Artist: Hyadain
Title: CRASH!! (Let's Do It)
Source: Mega Man 2
Tags: gay megaman capcom japanese vgm video game pop remix クラッシュマン clashman rockman rock man The Mystery of Dr. Willy bloxi
BPM: 135
Filesize: 9363kb
Play Time: 01:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. CRASH!! (5,04 stars, 448 notes)
  2. LIGHT INSANE!! (3,77 stars, 314 notes)
  3. EXPERT!! (4,94 stars, 314 notes)
  4. HARD!! (3,27 stars, 222 notes)
  5. INSANE!! (4,64 stars, 329 notes)
  6. NORMAL!! (1,97 stars, 153 notes)

Download: Hyadain - CRASH!! (Let's Do It)
Download: Hyadain - CRASH!! (Let's Do It) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
mtmcl maps remapped 1

BNs- Dada/Flask

check mtmcl's original mapset too!



NORMAL!!- Aranel
HARD!!- Aranel
INSANE!!- Aranel
EXPERT!!- Aranel
SPECIAL!!- Aranel

🎶 HITSOUNDS!!- Aranel
SKIN!!- Bloxi

SPECIAL!! difficulty was inspired mostly from Starrodkirby86's KIRBY Mix Beatmaps, and i tried to be creative in the Kiai.

EXPERT!! and INSANE!! was inspired from mtmcl's 2008 maps.

(INSANE!! being mostly inspired from mtmcl's version of CRASH!!)

HARD!!'s ending was inspired from Rolled's Three Point One Four Beatmap.

NORMAL!! is just my style, with some inspiration from mtmcl's old maps.
I'm Crashman. Just an ordinary robot created by Dr. Wily.

Well, I guesss there is one special thing about me.

I like men.

Hey Megaman, won't you do it?

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