Rameses B - Prometheus

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lexa on osu
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 1 травня 2022 р. at 15:20:15

Artist: Rameses B
Title: Prometheus
Tags: marathon monstercat uncaged monster cat hybrid psy psytrance techstep dnb drum and n bass neurofunk psychadelic edm electronic dance english instrumental
BPM: 174
Filesize: 9215kb
Play Time: 05:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. Extra (5,47 stars, 1357 notes)
  2. Insane (4,76 stars, 1195 notes)

Download: Rameses B - Prometheus
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Okay, here's my theory. Whoever made that noise, made it intentionally. So we would hear it and find him...

BG by OSKA: Artist page / Post
Prometheus was released on Monstercat
Check out Rameses B pages! Soundcloud / Youtube / Twitter

rosario wknd | tomatas95

12.11.2021: Uploaded 1st version, Insane 25% mapped and added some ideas
13.11.2021: Insane 50% mapped
14.11.2021: Insane 80% mapped
15.11.2021: Insane 100% mapped!
7.01.2022: Extra 25% mapped
8.01.2022: Extra 40% mapped
12.01.2022: Extra 50% mapped
14.01.2022: Extra 65% mapped
16.01.2022: Extra 90% mapped
17.01.2022: Extra 100% mapped!
29.01.2022: Hitsound volume updated and consistent between diffs, 25% of hitsounds done, updated tags
3.02.2022: Extra 50% hitsounded
4.02.2022: Extra 75% hitsounded
6.02.2022: Extra 100% hitsounded, transferred hitsounds to Insane too. Also colorhax is done. Now the map is ready for modding!
6.04.2022: I'm alive. Applied some modding from rosario wknd
23.04.2022: Applied modding from tomatas95
24.04.2022: Applied all modding, updated hitsounds and colorhax, improved some patterns, ready for recheck
28.04.2022: Applied recheck mods from rosario wknd, replaced mp3 with 192kbps one (thank you Tactix!)
29.04.2022: Applied recheck mods from tomatas95, a lot of work with hitsounds
30.04.2022: Final mods fixed, ready for nomination
1.04.2022: Some minor changes in tags
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