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Anime(s):Date A Live
What do you want especially:good quality work~ thanks!
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Tsukiko T

Will3x wrote:

Tsukiko T wrote:

Done for you Will3x

Download link:

If you want some ameliorations, tell me I will do it.
that was fast :D I like it~
If you want some ameliorations or add, tell me.
Might wanna give it a try :3
Skin request:

Character(s): Shiro & Ganta
Anime(s): Deadman Wonderland
What do you want especially: Small combobursts, good quality (ofc), Custom rankings and if you could do it, a ctb skinned
Take all the time you want, I'm never in a hurry :3 Good luck, and thanks in advance :D
Topic Starter
Tsukiko T
Mashiro Shiina's skin update. (downloading available at the first post).
awesome! thank you alot :)

also, you should probably close this thread for a few days
Character(s):Gumi & Miku
What do you want especially:Cute please~~ Id be happy if this skin was for all osu! modes but standard is just fine :3
btw thanks in advance! (:
Character(s) : Natsuno Kirihime
Anime : Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
What do you want especially : your choice is you the one making it :D but i do want if possible a cursor (neon) take your time and thanks in advance

Will3x wrote:

also, you should probably close this thread for a few days
Yeah, you're getting flooded here
Character(s): Maki Nishikino
Anime(s): Love Live School Idol Project!
What do you want especially: Just all about Maki N and her beauty
Topic Starter
Tsukiko T
Ryofu Housen's skin requested by CrystalSIN-


Download link:
Sure why not :)
Anime:Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai
Well i just really want it simple some hit sounds would be nice like the one from peachick
ummm and a ball cursor? Colors to use any of them you think would match :)
Character(s):tokisaki kurumi

Anime(s):DATE A LIVE

What do you want especially:make it cute! thankz :D:D
Thank u for ur work ^^ it's realy cute
Topic Starter
Tsukiko T
Myshqa98's & Inarabitta's requests accepted.

Shinaa Mashiro's skin: Problem about the toggle scoreboard fixed.
Wow,you make really nice skins!It seems that you got a job ;):)
Character(s):kyoko sakura
Anime(s):puella magi madoka magica
What do you want especially:I would like the skin are nice
can You make just one skin element for me?
I need a star2 element (it shows in kiai time in fountains etc) in clover form
3 leaf clover or 4 leaf
[Kanzaki Ranko]
Character(s): Haqua d'rot Herminium
Anime(s): Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
What do you want especially: I'm interested in the mod selection icons; but if you want to do a full skin feel free to! :P
Character : Azunyan (Azusa Nakano)
Anime : K-On
What I Want Especially: Clean, Simple, Not Flashy, NEKO!, Preferably Japanese.
Your Ryofu Housen's skin isn't working properly. The Mod, random, beatmap options, selection options, and Hp bar aren't working or is that just me?
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