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Tsukiko T

It's holidays and I have a lot of time for skinning, if you want I make skin for you, just post in this thread some details about your skin's request !

Skins are made by CrystalSiN- and Tsukiko T

Skin request example:

What do you want especially:

Skins comming soon (queues DD/MM):
Rena Ryuuguu and Hanyuu (Higurashi) requested by Myshqa98 (07/08 or +)

Skins Done

Shiina Mashiro requested by Will3X + CTB (last update: 30/07/2013)

Ryofu Housen's skin requested by CrystalSIN- (1 august 2013)

Inabarita's skin (7 august 2013)
Inabarita skin request (Hotsuin Yamato: Devil survivor)

Download link:
Next update of this:
[*]Menu\selection buttons
[*]more comboburst
[*]spinner (old\new style)
[*]Mod icons

Yoshino Yoshinon's skin requested by Yoshinon (9 august 2013)
Yoshino Yoshinon's skin requested by Yoshinon done.

Download link: ...
why not

Character: Mashiro Shiina
Anime: Sakurasou no pet na kanojo
What do you want especially: hmm just keep it clean and simple
Topic Starter
Tsukiko T
Ok ok , I will finish soon :)
If this thing allowed then , Let's try...

Character : Ototsu Yume
Anime VN : Hoshizora No Memoria
What Do you want especially : make it available for all modes please.

looking forward for it
wow! If it possible.

Character(s):Ryofu Housen
What do you want especially: Cute please :P
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Tsukiko T
Done for you Will3x

Download link:

If you want some ameliorations, tell me I will do it.
Character(s):Rena Ryuuguu and Hanyuu
Anime(s):Higurashi no naku koro ni
What do you want especially:Make a CTB mode please
Character: Yamato Hotsuin
Anime: Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
What do you want especially: Just simple :) Thanks.
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