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My name is Shiro127, but some people can call me Shiro Shuo. When I was 6 years old, i saw a DS game called EBA (elite beat agents). At first glance, I thought it was stupid, but, hey, I WAS just a kid after all. I tried to play the game for the first time; of course, i failed. The bad endings really scared me when i was young, and I didn't buy it nor play the whole demo. And 4 years later, my cuz gave me a R4 with downloaded games for the DS lite. I played most of the games, but I got bored... Then I found a familiar game; it was EBA of course. Since I was matured, I didn't get so scared of the game so much. I tried to play the game again (AND YES, I DID PLAYED THE TUTORIAL). This time, I didn't suck in any levels; everything was a breeze. Unfortunately, a year later, my DS lite and my R4 died... I can't play my dear EBA again... :( Everything became boring.

BUT NOT THIS TIME!!! I found an OSU! app for my ipad 3 years later. I relived my childhood game and everything was alright from then on. I downloaded the game for my PC and played this whenever I'm free. That's when I discovered OSU!. 8-)

My life at elementary school was horrible. Why? You wonder? Bullies, homework, tests, fights, and more. The worst thing that happened to me at elementary school was when I got called annoying by my best friends that I've known for 2-3 years... It really hurts to be called annoying from a friend. They didn't want to be with me. Now in highschool, I have 3 out of 4 friends with me; one happened to be the one that called me annoying. Now, she wants to be my friend again. I'm not a heartless person, so I forgave her. Then I reunite my OTHER friend, and, well, she's the same... :(

In OSU!, I've met cool guys and gals to play with. However, there are others that are so mean to me based on my personality and USERNAME. One hated me because I had numbers in my username. Another thing is because they sometimes call me gay; even though I'm straight. Another hated me because I was a Canadian. One especially hated me for being nice (WTH?!). I've ignored at least 10 or more people, and I hope I don't encounter anymore of them.
Later on, I've met a good friend named agazette12. He's pretty cool and we have most things in common.

If any of you guys/girls are reading this, and if you ever see my name pop up anywhere. I hope we can be friends one day. :) If something offends you in this, I'm sorry.

-Shiro Shuo ;)
Hi there! Welcome to the forum! :)

Welcome to the forums!^^
friend *added*
Hihi~ ^^ I'll add you too ;3 if you don't mind.
Welcome to the community. :)
Hello and welcome to the game! *added*

Talk to me anytime :)
Yo, welcome to the forums! :) *added*
welcome to the forum~
Quite the introduction, nice to meet you.
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