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Kanye West
does anyone else take like 1-2 hours to fap

fuck, what a waste of time

Kanye West wrote:

does anyone else take like 1-2 hours to fap

fuck, what a waste of time
too picky with your material eh?

Kanye West wrote:

does anyone else take like 1-2 hours to fap

fuck, what a waste of time
sometimes, but rarely, maybe 45 minutes max

but no
It really takes a disturbing long time to fap(1-2 hours). I'm too picky with the materials. Most of the time I choose 3D, but if there are some good hentai I would also fap. And they must be videos.

On the other hand I downloaded Manhunt and is starting to play it.
Kanye West
I only fap to quadriplegic sevensome clown porn.
Kyonko Hizara
ITT masturbation advice
Found a picture of Kaona with glasses on Facebook, happy as fug

and thinking that red-hair would look delicious on her
Brian OA
Why do people weep over spoilers so much?

I've had the twists and endings of things* spoiled to me countless times and I still ended up enjoying the damn thing anyway.

*To name a few: Clannad, Little Busters, Shadow of the Wind, and some Tales games.
brainman pls your avatar is ugly please change it
Brian OA
feld made me do it; nothing can be done
feld is a fucking faggot anyway

Static Noise Bird wrote:

feld is a fucking faggot anyway

padopoulos xD
man I've been abducted by aliens today
and then even took my kidney again, argh, this is the third time already
I wish they'd stop doing that
Stop growing kidneys then.
Brian OA
Your name is Aqo Papadopoulos, private investigator and circle clicker extraordinaire**.

You wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Your eyes open lazily, your body feels heavier than lead, and that fucking chirping is piercing your brain(man). The sun isn't even out yet.

Normally you'd hate mornings, but your hatred of birds makes this a special morning.

You put on the cast the doctor ordered you to wear for your crippled carpal tunnel and grab some breakfast. Normally you would've just gone to your computer and clicked on circles, but your keyboard is in pieces and you made a hole in your tablet after much use last night.

I don't know what the hell you eat for breakfast, but you eat breakfast.

Shortly after, you walk outside with a shotgun, still in your pajamas. By this time the birds have already shut up and the sun has come out. A policeman spots you, but immediately recognizes you and goes back to his duties.

"Blargh" you say as you start shooting birds anyway.


You manage to shoot down about two birds in an hour. You realize your aim sucks.

"I should practice some more Hard Rock" you mutter to yourself.

Then, a bird perches itself on a streetlamp nearby. Easy prey. You shakily aim your rifle towards the bird, but it sprouts gigantic arms as you pull the trigger. The bullets bounce off the bird's amazing muscular arms.

"CAAAAW" the bird cries. It jumps on you and beats the hell out of you.


You wake up in an alien spaceship. You don't know how you knew that, you just did. You're tied down to a bed. Some aliens approach you. The surgery lamp over you makes it difficult to make out their features.

" 'Ey weddo, didn't we harvest dis guy already?" one of them says in his alien accent.

"Ese, you're right mein" another figure responds.

"Fuckin' cholo, let's just stick some organs in him and pull them out again."

They operate on you without using anesthesia. It hurt as all hell, and you black out from the pain.

You wake up in your room in the middle of the night, sitting in front of your computer.

You're naked.

[]Head outside and try to find those goddamn aliens.
[]Head next door and use your neighbor's computer.
[]Put on some clothes and grab some dinner.
[]Post about this in Off-Topic.

what do

**in other words,not good at it.
Kyonko Hizara
tfw despair
I'm bored.
You know, this whole forum reminds me of another forum about Anime i was once active in. And it also had a group like our Off-Topic, with it's own small community and stuff.
Some of them were total dickheads, and since they were apparently derailing the whole foum to much, as in opening bad threads everywhere and acting all mighty and cool without even caring about the original main topic, Anime, anymore, the Admin eventually went crazy, insulted his mods, called them incompetent despite the fact they kept his forum together while he was away not logging in for weeks and decided to lock the whole forum, killing the entire community.
In the end, they were all retards, but it was still fun at times.

Anyway, I'm kinda glad our Off-Topic just sticks to being this small extra community which is sometimes stupid and sometimes funny, but not actually harming anyone else. And I'm glad it is moderated this incredibly well.
Now go ahead and hate me out of this subforum for another 3 months.
Kyonko Hizara
My mother and I just spend over an hour watching videos of really strange commercials
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