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Men tjena, Nu kan det vara dags för att börja rösta vilka som är dina topp 10 spelare i sverige!

Allt du som läsare behöver göra att skriva en 1 - 15 lista med namn av spelare som du tycker ska få en plats på listan. Av dessa 15 ni skriver väljer vi ut 10 st. Om du behöver hjälp med att välja så kan du alltid titta runt på Country Pp taben Men som vi alla vet så kan ju pp systemet vara lite mysko så ta helst var du själv tycker.
När listan är klar och namnen är skrivna, om du som är på listan har en replay som du vill ha på youtube videon så kan du alltid skicka in den till mig.
Sista datumet som man får rösta på blir 14 augusti Det är om 20 dagar.

:!: Vill bara ha seriösa listor :!:

1. Gyuunyu
2. Shimox
3. Nidert
4. theowest
5. Xytox
6. Shilkey
7. Gnuu
8. Slizzer
9. Cloudio-san
10. Nyari

edit: you haters haha
#1 Gyuunyu Doesn't need much explaination. He's a flawless player in every aspect and hands down the best player Sweden could produce at this point
#2 Shimox Sick DT scores with tricky maps that most people don't even want to try to fc
#3 Nidert Knows his HDHR, had a hard time deciding nidert or shilkey as #3 but to be fair, nidert has pulled of a great series of records lately while shilkey has gone semi MIA
#4 Shilkey AR11 pls
#5 theowest Even though rarely ranking anymore, he's still an amazing player. With a dance number anyone?!
#6 Slizzer I feel bad for placing him this far back seeing how great of a player he really is. He will only get better
#7 Xytox Rookie#1 without a doubt. I'd almost place him above theowest if he had been here longer and developed more (which he obviously will)
#8 Gnuu We have barely even spoken but your ranks speak for themselves. I often see this guy top ranked in Sweden in very tricky maps that people above him in this list have a hard time pulling off
#9 Narunya My man, this guy has almost mastered every damn playstyle LOL, his mouseonly stream is rediculous! His tablet tapping (ascension to heaven?!?), his flashlight plays, not to mention almost fcing demetori with hdhr in multi yesterday!! If this guy had as good a stream in his left hand as his right he would definately be top 4 in this list, if not higher
#10 Xasdasdx Come on guys, he's a BEAST! Never before have I witnessed such stamina. Even like back in 2012 he did stuff I can't even do now

Honorary mentions I guess? (in no particular order)
#11 Cloudio-san This man can DT rediculous maps, it's only a matter of time until he actually FC's them and starts climbing the rank ladder for real
#12 Blandar Great player and an awesome guy in general, but still not quite there to be on the list
#13 l1mi Never speaks to anyone, but makes crazy records from time to time. Very interesting player
#14 Nana tan Could give some real competition to the top players if he had stayed more active
#15 Empressmiku, now known as Neyri Even though at first I was annoyed at you, you turned out to be a fun guy once I got to know you. Your streamspeed is what made you into this list, just learn how to fkn jump already!
#16 Haxwell MASTER RANKARN! This guy has potential if he only took this game more seriously instead of a pause game between HoN and Dota 2

So many more to mention but inactivity etc stops that :(
1. Gyuunyu
2. Shimox
3. Nidert
4. theowest
5. Xytox
6. Slizzer
7. Shilkey
8. Nyari (dem streams)

Any more and it'd be based on pure speculation on who is better than who. I need to get to know these swedes better!
#1 gyuunyu
#2 shimox
#3 nidert
#4 xasdasdx
#5 syltnoob
#6 theowest
#7 slizzer
#8 kludd
#9 saten
#10 shilker
#11 blandar
#12 neyri
Top 10 Norway is announcement, Top 10 Sweden isn't 8-)
#1 Gyuunyu - We began playing at the same time yet you became so pro ;; 2gd
#2 Shimox - op DT skills, should learn hdhr
#3 Nidert - tbh I was thinking about putting you at #1 since you are so good but I wanted to be nice. ily nidert

#4 Xytox - consistently good at nomod, getting better at hdhr
#5 Shilkey - beast reactions and dthr, not as active anymore :(
#6 Slizzer - probably the best nomod-only player in swe, good streams aswell
#7 theowest - havent seen you play in a while but has some nice scores and great nomod
#8 blandar - gogo hdhr woopwoop
#9 Gnuu - saw that you had 777x on masterpiece with hr so pro
#10 Moefist - has some impressive hdhr scores, which we all like
#11 XasdasdX - good at streaming and stamina, a little lacking in aim
#12 Liiraye - getting better, has some good hdhr scores, also great up and coming mapper
#13 nana tan - good player that I'd like to see more of
#14 Cloudio - has seen him play impressively with dt
#15 zBubba - bubba2gd

#1 Gyuunyu
#2 Shimox
#3 Nidert ♥♥
#4 Xytox
#5 theowest
#6 Shilkey
#7 blandar
#8 Slizzer
#9 Narunya
#10 l1mi
#11 Cloudio-san
#12 Nyari
#13 XadsadsX
#14 saten
#15 Neyri
Not gonna put in myself, since Nidert will think I'm bragging. http://puu.sh/3Ls1j

#1. Gyuunyu (Has ridiculous accuracy with HD/HR and can also hold consistent 200bpm streaming like it's nothing.)
#2. Shimox (DT's everything without much problem and can stream beyond what fingers should be able to.)
#3. Nidert (Sometimes he actually gets ridiculous accuracy on ridiculous maps with HD/HR. I promise there's more to his play than just the chokes and rage.)
#4. theowest (AR9.7, and that means DT in the osu language. He even takes his time to decrease the AR on some maps to 8 just so he can DT them.)
#5. Slizzer (No-mod, DT and AR10 here we go. Just wait until he gets a hang of squares and HD, he'll probably be one of the few in Sweden who are unstopable.)
#6. Shilkey (This guy has the reaction speed of a god. He's pretty well known for taking #1s at AR11. Sometimes I wonder if he lives in the Matrix.)
#7. Gnuu (Judging from his scores, his life must be going in Double Time. I mean, just look at this: http://puu.sh/3LonA)
#8. Narunya (Pretty much what Liiraye said. Amazing aim, can read high AR and is relatively amazing at HD/HR. Just gotta get his streaming hand together.)
#9. Mayis (This guy is better at accuracy than you'd expect, at least when it comes to the last parts of the map. http://puu.sh/3LrNu)
#10. Cloudio-san (Get him drunk more often. Just do it, it'll improve his play. Also give him snus or something, it's for the best. No one will get hurt in the process.)
#11. Nana-tan (Because who needs a tablet and a lot of practice? He'll just mash buttons and end up crowned, IMO, as the best mouse player in Sweden instead.)
#12. Blandar (New tablet area and a mechanical keyboard. Hopefully we can expect something from him as soon as he's done with his rice collecting in China.)
#13. Nyari (Taking streaming to another level with his face. He even streams his streaming sometimes. There's simply no limit.)
#14. Liiraye (He is fast, he is sexy, he is swag. This is simply Liiraye, not much has to be said.)
#15 Saten (His determination to SS maps is greater than mine, and probably many other's as well. 100% or go home is his motto, and he keeps his osu-style to it.)

A lot of names, indeed. I hope I have insulted everyone in Sweden now by the making of this list. And I hope I didn't forget someone now. D:

Edit: Remade the order a little tiny bit.
Edit2: Remade the order again. Hopefully for the last time now.

#1. Liiraye
#2. Liiraye
#3. Liiraye
#4. Liiraye
#5. Liiraye
#6. Liiraye
#7. Liiraye
#8. Liiraye
#9. Liiraye
#10. Liiraye
#11. Liiraye
#12. Liiraye
#13. Liiraye
#14. Liiraye
#15. Nidert
(Holy shit you suck.)
1. Gyuunyu
2. Shimox
3. Nidert
4. theowest
5. Xytox
6. Mayis
7. Slizzer
8. Cloudio-san
9. Blandar
10. Moefist
11. Gnuu
12. Neyri
13. Haxwell
14. Nyari
15. Saten

ehh mostly speculation towards the end as i barely know the players
1. Gyuunyu
2. Nidert
3. Xytox
4. theowest
5. Slizzer
6. Saten
7. Cloudio-san
8. Nyari (keep forgetting you're empress D: )
#1 Gyuunyu
#2 Shimox
#3 Nidert
#4 Xytox
#5 theowest
#6 Shilkey
#7 Slizzer
#8 Narunya
#9 Mayis
#10 Moefist
#11 Xasdasdx
#12 Blandar
1. Milk.
2. Shimox
3. Nidert
4. Shilkey
5. theowest
6. Slizzer
I don't really know about the rest.
1. Gyuunyu
2. Shimox
3. Nidert
4. theowest
5. Xytox
6. Shilkey
7. Gnuu
8. Slizzer
9. Cloudio-san
10. Liiraye
11. Nyari
12. Saten

edit: forgot some people aaand tooo many names xD
#1 Gyuunyu, my god noone matches him
#2 Shilkey, he does the craziest shit pulling of over 98% accuracy on AR 11 maps, this is nuts
#3 Shimox pro at speed
#4 Xytox this guy right here is narunya v2.0 better and enhanced, almost gyuunyu v0.9
#5 xasdasdx sick guy
#6 gnuu pro accuracy
#7 liiraye yeah man yeah
#8 holmir damn super pro
#9 teras cool guy
#10 saten :x
don't know nayone els
1. Gyuunyu
2. Shimox
3. theowest
4. Xytox
5. Nidert
6. Shilkey
7. Mayis
8. Gnuu
9. Blandar
10. Nyari
#1 . Gyuunyu ( I feel soo egocentric putting my self rank 1. lol )
#2 . Shimox ( Good at DT )
#3 . Nidert ( Go play more :v )
#4 . Xytox ( Your HD HR skills really impresses me. Gogo play more ! )
#5 . Shilkey ( Dem AR11 too good )
#6 . Gnuu ( I got really shocked how good you are at DT )
#7 . Narunya ( Really really really underrated player )
#8 . Mayis ( First time i spectated this guy he really impressed me. Worth a rank in the top list )
#9 . XasdasdX ( Haven't seen much but i know that hes streaming is really good )
#10 . Liiraye ( If you played more and consistent i think you would had become a really good player and would have got a higher rank in the tops )
The True #1 Blandar (even though i haven't played in 2 months, I am still The true #1)

#1 Gyuunyu (Well, he can play everything)
#2 Shimox (DT pro)
#3 Nidert (Raging through all songs with HD HR)
#4 Xytox (Good at everything, though not as good as me)
#5 Shilkey (AR11, wtf?)
#6 Slizzer (Great DT, HR and no-mod player, though should learn how to play HD)
#7 theowest (haven't seen Theo play, but great scores)
#8 Gnuu (DT only)
#9 Mayis (good player with HD HR or HD)
#10 Nyari (goo streaaaaaaaaaaaam)

Haven't seen other players play or know anything about them
1. Gyuunyu (Just stop it. go and play chess or something (A) )
2. Shimox (My big DT rival, Some day shimox )
3. Nidert (Been in the HR business for a while now, Stay strong)
4. Xytox (The boy who came from no where and skiped the training song~~)
5. Theowest (Does not play that much but knows his DT/HD)
6. Shilkey (Shilkey *sigh* )
7. Slizzer (Slizzer the man who FC long and awesome no mod song <3 )
8. Gnuu (Gnuu does not speak that offen but the scoreboard tells me a story of a boy who FC things)
9. Cloudio-san (no shame)
10. blandar (havn't seen blandan play that much but i know he plays good )
11. Liiraye (From the MP we played, you have earn your score here )
12. Mayis ( Not that much info on Mayis)
13. Nana-tan ( Not that much info on nana-tan)
14. Saten (He knows hes shit~~)
15. Nyari (Good streamer)
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