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edit: Okay do you need a second BN or you already have one?
Hello, metadata team here

Romanised artist needs to be "Aya Hirano"
this can be seen as her preferred romanisation across her website and several albums
If there was something official I missed relating to this song which shows that "Hirano Aya" is also acceptable, please let me know.

Otherwise, please fix this and call UndeadCapulet back to rebubble.
CDFA is <3
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MaridiuS wrote:


edit: Okay do you need a second BN or you already have one?
No please be my second BN lmao I'm a man in need of a rank.

EDIT: Went ahead and fixed the metadata and I went ahead and fixed the tags too so I don't forget
starting off bn strong
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winber1 wrote:

please explain this
what's there to understand
what the
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Can you somehow make the storyboard wide screen? Its kinda meh when you see the same BG transformed into a square when you put in storyboard.


Okay so I know the rhythm is not what the current meta is used too, but there are some specific patterns that have really questionable rhythm imo.

  1. 00:50:878 (1,2,3,4) - It'd be cool to make this be the same rhythm like 00:48:088 (1,2,3,4) - since they're essentially the same musically.
  2. 01:06:750 (8,1) - Okay so this is also one of the parts where older mappers used to prioritize white ticks over everything even though the red tick is a cymbal + vocal. You should simply ctrl+g the rhythm.
  3. 01:07:884 (5,6,7,8,9,1) - 5 and 7 are overmaps now I see why I disliked this pattern in gameplay more than i should. Rhythm suggestion: https://i.imgur.com/i5qD9Xe.jpg
  4. 01:41:111 (1,2,1,2) - You should make the (2) be stacked on (1) sliderend in second pattern for consistency.
  5. 02:03:436 - wtf love's part is godmod?
  6. 02:37:623 (1) - Hmm you should make it like 02:36:925 (5,6) - since the sliderend is even stronger than the sliderhead or the 02:37:274 (6) - .

    02:56:460 - Generally I think you should buff this part a bit since it's the last chorus but easier than previous ones. Things to consider is mostly spacing since I like the rhythm variation from previous parts:
  7. 02:59:250 (1,2) - make these jumpy
  8. 03:03:262 (3,1) - saem jumpy idea
  9. 03:10:064 (8,1,2,3) - Idk some more jumps here, maybe make the slider into 2 circles.
  10. 03:14:425 (4,5) - Mostly more spacing here and there where there are circles are my suggestion. This vocal is too strong imo for a small jump :/


Can you pls make it od7, od6 is just ridiculous and doesn't do anything when everyone is acc master in 2k18 xd.

  1. 00:54:890 - Ugh please use a circle here, it makes no sense to ignore a loud vocal like that when you are following vocals primarily. 02:10:239 - 03:03:262 - Same
  2. 00:58:727 (4,1,2) - I love these pseudo blankets, so sweet (this is a praise).
  3. 01:16:867 (4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5) - This is too big of a spike. You should make 01:17:041 (5) - into a 1/1 slider instead 3 circles because frankly I don't see a difference between this and 01:16:343 (3) - musically. That will lower the rhythmic density and the large square will be more playable. However, I still recommend scailng the square by like 0.95x xd, and for christ sake make it a perfect square.
  4. 03:14:425 (6) - Since there's no vocal here you shouldn't map it like you didnt in 02:11:111 - 02:22:623 - and other examples.

    I'd appreciate for you to recheck by your own all hitsounding inconsistencies that might happen to all maps, I've found this so fast and there are probably much more. It's too exhausting and boring to search for missing or missused hitsounds especially if it happens often.
  5. 00:28:553 (1) - Add whistle for vocals?
  6. 00:36:227 (5) - 01:16:692 - 01:17:390 (7) - Claps for snare?
  7. 01:59:774 (3) - Finish for cymbal like 01:58:378 (1,1) -
  8. 02:10:413 (1,2) - finish finish?


  1. 00:34:657 (2) - https://i.imgur.com/NLtJc1G.jpg uhm you should really use something simpler, the current shape is just wtf.
  2. 00:42:855 (2,3,4) - blanket zz
  3. 00:50:529 (7) - I don't recommend ending on such a prominent beat while starting the slider on a random snare. https://i.imgur.com/2AB7d6I.png this rhythm should follow the vocals much better. I just don't understand the blatant vocal ignoring (goes to the red tick too) when its seems like your primary focus was vocals.
  4. 00:53:320 (1,2) - The rhythm here should be repeated on all similar parts musically like 00:54:716 (4,1) - because it simply follows the vocals actively on point. The other two examples just end on a stronger beat than they start, players follow the rhythm by clicking, not holding.
  5. 01:14:948 (1,2,3) - Okay this is just tryharding not to make a pretty pattern, just stack the (3) on (1) and fix the blanket lol.
  6. 01:57:855 (1,2) - I don't see any appeal in doing random overlap like old maps randomly do. I think you shouldn't take things that were deemed bad from older styled maps and have no place in the current modern meta. Just do this https://i.imgur.com/ZLdSWDh.jpg
  7. 02:05:181 - I also don't see any positives of ignoring vocals which is the layer you primarily follow... 02:10:239 - same to this and similar red ticks, especially since you follow it sometimes like here 02:08:669 (1,2,3) - .
  8. Stuff repeats in the map.


As a bottom diff it has 50 circles vs 200 sliders that's 1:4. Sliders are harder to grasp for newer players because they require holding and dragging to a predestined speed. They are especially when the map has complex and variable rhythm like 00:50:878 (1,2,3,4) - where you follow vocals but (4) doesn't start on one. It becomes quite confusing and hard for new players. Examples in where you can make a slider into circles:
  1. 00:30:471 (4) - You can make this into 2 circles instead, one on sliderend and one on sliderhead timing.
  2. 00:49:309 (3) - you can make this into 1 circle because the sliderend isn't that important.
  3. 01:02:041 (1) - You can make these notes into 2 circles instead.
  4. 00:42:157 (1,2,3,4) - Not related but you should do something like this to emphasize the vocals https://i.imgur.com/EDRFFy2.png

There are a lot of places where you can find out by yourself to be ideal into making more circles, or you can just make an easy diff with little sliders as the lowest diff.
02:33:611 (1) - take that nc out for me, forgot


Love wrote:

You are one step closer to completing your beatmap!

sahuang wrote:

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Abridged version of reply.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im gonna go ahead and vouch that normal level players aren't retarded so they can probably handle sliders.
00:49:309 (3) - it's the word lmao it's literally the word hina. It's also introducing that 3 1/2 slider pattern that' dominates this section.
00:50:878 (1,2,3,4) - This is done like this because of the consistent pattern. It'd be more confusing for me to STRICTLY follow the vocals here because that's a lot more subdivision I'd have to throw in there. This 3 1/2 slider pattern has been present in the map quite a few times, so by the time players get here, they have the ability to be able to read this and understand what it means. Plus, (4) still lands on a strong beat so it's not like it's not linked to anything.

00:34:657 (2) - man straight lines are really fucking scary.
02:05:181 - the main thing here is that I kind of don't want to STRICTLY follow all of the vocals for spread reasons. Insane and collab are pretty strict with their vocal following, so this is simplifying the rhythm so it's not just "insane with less spacing"

03:14:425 (6) - For keeping the flow going I'm keeping this. Especially on the end of the map, the gap in between patterns works a LOT less effectively than it would in the earlier parts.

01:06:750 (8,1) - I think the end of the pattern is a little more effective in creating that emphasis rather than the beginning of (1). It's a nice triangle shape and you're like "BMMM" and then (1) is sort of an unimportant leading sliders into the next big jump pattern thing.
01:07:884 (5,6,7,8,9,1) - this is called a stream and it's meant to go with the drums that are going like "BDBDBDBD" I put some tom drums on there to hopefully make this clearer.
01:41:111 (1,2,1,2) - They're different pattern so I don't really see the need to stack them. If they were related and symmetrical than yes but other than rhythmic phrasing they're not super related. Additionally moving (2) would screw up (3) and I think for aesthetic and playability purposes, I'd rather have (2) be off than (3)
02:37:623 (1) - asked him he was like "nah lmao" so lmao
02:56:460 - So this is kind of more of a stylistic thing where the end of a CDFA Collab is a slider-based sort of ending that let's people sort of jump around and relax rather than have to spend the last of their energy with streams (see https://osu.ppy.sh/s/19532 https://osu.ppy.sh/b/74652 https://osu.ppy.sh/b/148609 https://osu.ppy.sh/b/83603

I'll upload it in a bit I'm gonna get some second opinions from some of the collab mappers but I'll post here when I update
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Get ready
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map is graved
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