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Welcome to General Questions.

Modding & Beatmapping Information

You will be able to find detailed and well explained information in osu!wiki, this is the place to go whenever you need guidance on beatmapping and modding. PLEASE READ.

If you need further assistance you can either:

  1. Visit "Beatmapping/Modding: Guide Compendium".
    This is a small compendium of useful guides created by other osu! users. You will find detailed tutorials here.
  1. Create a New Topic.
    If the previous links are not helpful and you need personalized assistance on beatmapping/modding matters, feel free to create a new topic in this subforum. Make sure to put as many details as possible and screenshots if necessary.

Making a Guides/Tutorial

Things you should consider before making a new tutorial/guide.

  1. Check the previous list for existing tutorials.
  2. Try and make a wiki article instead of a new topic here.
  3. Video tutorials are the way to go.
  4. Keep them as simple and useful as possible.
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