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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2022年9月14日 at 1:44:21

Artist: Camellia
Title: Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia
Tags: alexdunk saltedfissh famoss marathon hybrid sv collab electronic instrumental hardcore techno かめるかめりあ kamelcamellia cametek 大箭将也 Masaya Oya u.u.f.o. uufo ctcd-021/022 featured artist dubstep fa
BPM: 132
Filesize: 27403kb
Play Time: 04:41
Difficulties Available:
  1. Disappeared In The Void Of Nihilism. // AlexHya's Insane - 4Key (4.59 stars, 3891 notes)
  2. Eldridge Philadelphia Experiment. // hyafissh's Expert - 4Key (5.46 stars, 4653 notes)

Download: Camellia - Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

  1. 2022/09/21:Ranked!
  1. 2022/09/14:Qualified.
  1. 2022/09/13:Fix stupid wrong snap because stupid BPMchange, Fix another hitsounds proplem and fix wrong offsets and add more tags.
  1. Happy Birthday myself 2022/09/10:Fix some unused timing by [Crz]Alleyne.
  1. 2022/09/07:Apply Seiran-'s mod in QQ chat.
  1. 2022/08/14:Fix some hitsounds.
  1. 2022/08/13:Fix some hitsounds.
  1. 2022/07/22:Apply Murumoo's mod.
  1. 2022/06/1?:Passed the BGs vote! although im a little sad, it's finally rankable now, thank all bn and nat who vote agree for the map!
  1. 2022/06/11:Apply Quenlla(komi)'s mod, remake the storyboard, censored background picture, and replace the audio file from mp3 to ogg.
  1. 2022/06/10:Apply Quenlla(komi)'s mod and AlexDunk and I start doing censored work with BGs, hope it will pass the vote owob.
  1. 2022/06/08:Saltedfissh do herself's dump mod.
  1. HappyChildren'sDay 2022/06/01:Add [GB]yobrevelc's mods, and Fix the last pattern.
  1. 2022/05/29:Remake last SV.
  1. 2022/05/04:Apply [Crz]Alleyne and theyfriend's mod. fix normalize SV by using datoujia's SV checker(if want use must be downloaded)
  1. 2022/04/22,31 05/14,21,25:Do self mod.
  1. 2022/03/20:Apply Crisper's mod.
  1. 2022/03/15:Apply [RT]Alleney's mod and fix the storyboard.
  1. 2022/03/11:Apply midgy's mod.
  1. 2022/03/11:Add banner.
  1. 2022/03/02-05:Do self mod.
  1. 2022/02/26:Make censored with BG and SB.
  1. 2022/02/20:Apply richardfeder's mod in insane
  1. 2022/02/19:Apply richardfeder's and Kruming's mod and fix some wrong SV
  1. 2022/02/18:Apply Kruming(-ming-)'s mod
  1. 2022/02/15:Do BIG changes, add Slick6969's mod
  1. HappyNewYear 2022/02/01: Do lots of changes
  1. 2022/01/23:Do lots of changes
  1. 2022/01/22:Add normal diff
  1. 2022/01/19:Add Rio1-'s mod in Expert
  1. 2022/01/18:Change audio with high quality and add Rio1-'s mod in Insane
  1. 2022/01/13:Do lots of changes
  1. 2022/01/12:Do lots of changes
  1. 2022/01/06:Alexduck do lots of changes in his dif.
  1. 2022/01/02:Do lots of changes and add gzdongsheng's mod
  1. 2022/01/01:Do lots of changes and remake the storyboard
  1. 2021/12/31:Do lots of changes and remake the storyboard Kiai
  1. 2021/12/30:Do lots of changes and remake the storyboard spectrum
  1. Before 2021/12/30:Forgot
Special thank Seiran- for awesome long article mod!
Thanks to FAMoss for amazing hitsounds
Thanks to datoujia for Excel normalization SV checker
Thanks to MadSamurai for U.U.F.O. font
Insane by AlexDunk & Me
Expert by SaltedFISSHMe
Storyboard by Me
SV by Me
Azur lane - Eldridge

[BG1]:Eldridge in water (main BG)
[SB2]:Eldridge in battle (1st kiai)
[SB3]:Teleportation Eldridge (2nd kiai & banner)

Attention: the BG just is a character in a mobile game named Azur lane, and the character has the same story (Eldridge Philadelphia Experiment) in Eldridge ship with this song's title. if you are interested in it you can click every link above for more.

But you know how to find them right?

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