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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on martes, 06 de agosto de 2013 at 04:44:08 p.m.

Artist: Dreamy crown
Title: eternal promise
Source: Endless Summer, Eternal Rhythm
Tags: Sekai eroge galgame opening Phi Age Owarinaki Natsu Towa Naru Shirabe 終わりなき夏 永遠なる音律
BPM: 129
Filesize: 15366kb
Play Time: 02:07
Difficulties Available:
  1. My Love (4,81 stars, 310 notes)
  2. My Promise (2,64 stars, 139 notes)

Download: Dreamy crown - eternal promise
Download: Dreamy crown - eternal promise (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Thanks for JoJo for the nice BG!

and I hope you all enjoy it too =w=

[My Love]
  1. 00:15:141 (1) - change to finish to continue hitsound pattern.
  2. 00:18:630 (6) - Add clap.
  3. 00:49:095 (1,2) - Don't need notes here.
  4. 00:49:909 - You can have a note here with finish to match the music more.
  5. 00:54:676 (2) - This 3/4 slider rhythm doesn't suit here.
  6. 01:36:769 - Add finish.
  7. 01:37:002 - Why is there nothing here......... how random DX
  8. 02:06:885 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - No hitsounds at all? Feels hard to get rhythm right when they have no sounds.
[My Promise]
  1. 00:49:095 (1) - Doesn't match the song, please reconsider.
  2. 01:20:955 (2,4) - Hard stack for the easiest difficulty out of a two difficulty set.
  3. 01:37:002 (7) - Move to 01:36:769 - to match Insane and add finish.

Good luck~
Thanks for modding Kiiwa :3

Fixed everything <3
First. Well guess not.

Modding as requested~

  • [My Promise]
  1. 00:49:095 (1) - Replace this note using this or this beat to follow the <whateverinstrument> music/beat.
  2. 01:37:002 (7) - This circle follow nothing imo, move it to 01:36:769 to follow the vocals.
  3. 01:47:234 (2) - Finishes on this slider are not really necessary, maybe delete them?

    [My Love]
  4. Use AR8, AR7 feels slow for this hardest diff.
  5. 00:54:676 (2,3) - These notes sound weird and unfitting, especially (2). Try using this beat to follow the vocals.
  6. 01:23:048 - Add notes here to follow the vocals, it feels empty. It can be considered for the Normal diff but I think it would be nice if you added on this diff. Do something like this to follow the vocals.
  7. 01:36:653 (8) - This note plays/sounds weird imo, delete this note to follow the vocals well.
  8. 01:37:467 - same as 01:23:048.

That's all, good luck~
Thanks for modding Kirino fixed most of the stuff before your mod =w=/

but yeah fixed everything i guess <3
Hi, mod4mod! #modreqs

General thoughts
Pretty smooth map. The easy diff has some patterns that might be too hard for a beginner so you might want to look into that!

Never write (short version) or stuff like that on the title.

These are both suggestions and things that ought to be changed
My Promise
00:28:165 (3) I'd like to see this slider on beat and then a circle after it, like this http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/877599
It flows much better
00:49:095 (1,2) Would look better if you coated combo 2 with the slider 1 like this http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/877611
00:54:909 (2,5) For a beginner, this pattter is very hard. I suggest removing these two and editing combo 3 and 4 to your style so that it looks better!

My Love
00:07:234 (3) This slider ends way too late. I recommend having it shortened by half and then fill in the rest so that it flows into the next pattern as you please
00:42:583 (1) Remove this note, there's no sound on this note so it makes no sense having it there.
00:47:583 (4) same here (A friendly reminder, random overmapped triples are rarely appreciated when it comes to mapping! It might fit the map in some way, but it doesn't fit the music, and that's more important.
00:49:792 (9) you should always avoid starting sliders on red ticks unless you have a good reason. Even though this fits the vocals, the repeat makes little sense. I highly recommend just removing the repeat.
00:52:234 (5) remove
01:12:234 (6) remove
01:17:816 (5) remove
01:25:723 (2) remove
01:33:281 (1,3) Make these symmetrical please! :)
01:40:141 (5) remove
01:46:188 (5) remove
01:47:816 (5) remove
01:54:560 (4) remove
01:56:188 (3) remove
01:55:606 (1,2) Again, a slider on a red tick. A slider starting from combo 1 and ending here 01:55:955 and then another slider from 01:56:072 ending 01:56:304 sounds so much better. This is how I did it http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/877694
Thanks for modding :3

Fixed some stuff from your mod!
HI~ Sekai-Nyan

  • Clean
My Love:
  1. AR8 dont fit this map since the bpm is low and you dont have big jumps AR 7 fit best for me
  2. The first part of the song sound kinda weird cuz the hight volume maybe you wanna try reducing it around 60% - 50% sound alot better in the calm part
  3. 00:10:955 since I dont like to post nazi stuff but why you dont copy this slider 00:09:560 here too 00:10:955 since the shape of the first is alot better imo and make the map more fun x)
  4. 00:12:583 the stream should start here so add circles in 00:12:583 - 00:12:699 this represent the music better imo
  5. 00:13:630 why you ignore the 3/4 here? since a triplet sound very nice imo and is fyun to play
  6. 00:12:816 remove whistle sound weird in the middle of the stream mmm why you don try just add a normal samplest in this 00:12:583 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - sound better
  7. 00:15:141 remove finish or add finish here too 00:14:909 just for the sake of consistency
  8. 00:17:816 (3,4) - unstack they for better flow and readability x)
  9. 00:18:862 This should be a NC I think since you are adding nc every stanza
  10. 00:19:095 this spinner sound alot better starting 1/4 back here 00:18:978
  11. 00:23:746 x: 380 y:36 to make a perfect triangle here 00:23:281 (2,3,4) - oh god why im so nazi :/
  12. 00:23:978 short this slider 1/4 than add a circle here 00:24:327 this follow better the rhythm here also for consstency with your previous pattern like on 00:17:467 (2,3,4) -
  13. 00:24:560 should be a circle here imo making a nice stream you can listen it to 25% is just a suggestion :p
  14. 00:30:258 this should be NC i guess
  15. 00:34:560 add a spinner? since I really dont like this pauses on the maps buts thats maybe just me
  16. 00:40:025 oh this jump how the payer can read it atleast you can add a NC here 00:40:025
  17. 00:41:188 whistle on the offbeat really sound bad you should better remove it imo
  18. 00:46:537 (4,1) - swap NC cause of previous jump
  19. 00:49:560 this have to be NC o.o since is before a pause when music start again also why you dont start mapping agai with vocals here 00:49:327 -
  20. 00:49:444 this triplet is necesary to empathize the song better
  21. 00:50:141 ignoring vocals :o
  22. 01:01:653 this finish dont fit in nothing here imo better remove it
  23. 01:33:281 (1,3) - move they to be symetrical in the grid i mean the position is a little one o.o nazi omg im going to the dark side :O
  24. 01:36:769 finish first kiai here what is the sense to finish it without any circles
  25. 01:58:862 same as 00:40:025
  26. 02:07:699 Nc that help alot in the streams
My Promise:
  1. The first part of the song sound kinda weird cuz the hight volume maybe you wanna try reducing it around 60% - 50% sound alot better in the calm part (copy/past suggestion huehue)
  2. 00:09:560 (1,2) - add whistles in these 2 circles i know is not your hitsound pattern but no so much circles here then both whistles gonna sound nice imo should try it
  3. 00:18:862 zeroarg smile slider ? ahaahhaha
  4. 00:52:816 (1,2,3) - maybe this can be hard 3 circles is the only part in the map with it maybe add some slider?
  5. 01:23:048 - 01:23:513 map this part plz since that vocals are important maybe a 1/1 slider
  6. 01:36:769 kiai should finish here same suggestion as the other diff
  7. 01:52:351 add ne combo to make this more readable for newbies :)
  8. 02:06:769 add a circle here atleast and start the spinner here 02:06:885 is better :D
Nicemap gl here :)
Thanks Natsu for your helpful mod =w=/

Fixed mostly everything!

Sekai-nyan wrote:

Thanks Natsu for your helpful mod =w=/

Fixed mostly everything!
im happy to help also i forget to shoot a start here :D/
due to M4M as you said , im gonna mod your map.
I'm not the best in modding, so just take it as suggestion please :)

My Promise
  1. 00:56:072 (4) - for visual content I would overlap these Points :)

    like so?:

  2. 02:07:002 (1) - Start the Spinner here

My Love
  1. 00:18:862 (1) - Why you got a single Circle as combo here?
  2. 00:49:327 (8,9,10) - Make a tripple here, like the rest of the song.
  3. For the guys who want rank this would like a Spinner from 02:08:630 (8) - to 02:10:490 (9) - . But this is your Opinion.

Good luck with ranking!

  1. Well, there's another version and it has EXACTLY THE SAME BG. Make your version different, at least find another BG. Even if you're lazy, you can't be THIS lazy. :<
  2. Two diffs? Well, it's ok. But take a look at kanpakyin's mapset. IT has 4 diffs + taiko. Don't be lazy and make at least one more diff, please! ;_;
    Note: you could make a diff together and call it [Our Love], that'd be so cute!
  3. Are you sure that video is safe for young players? Please, talk to a BAT about this, I'd say that it needs some kind of warning because of scenes like this

[My Promise]
  1. 00:21:653 (2,3) - nazi - during first 30 seconds of this diff all blankets are a little bit messy. You can improve them if you want to get a neat map, but 00:21:653 (2,3) - this one is really confusing for beginners. Tail of (3) is too close to (2) and players may mistakenly hit it. Consider moving it away, like this.
    Note: 00:32:351 (1,2) - same :< you should fix it!
  2. 00:28:165 (3) - nazi - you could move it a bit left to make an awesome triangle-pattern. It'd flow much better, see?
    [*[00:18:862 (1) - you could place here 1/2 slider to emphasize these soft beats in music. It's not like you HAVE TO do it, but you should try it! It sounds really nice to me.
    Note: 00:42:583 - same. same sound. rhythm here is pretty repetitive.
  3. 00:40:025 (2,3,4) - nazi - i surely love nazi-mods, but it's because rhyth here is already really good! - how about making another triangle here? Sometimes,
  4. 00:49:095 (1) - try to separate 00:49:095 - from 00:49:560 - sound is TOTALLY different. Circle or 1/2 slider on 00:49:095 - will work quite cool, try it! :)
    Note: oh, and I'd map 00:50:258 - this beat to be sure. It sounds like there's one of those loud beats that should be mapped
  5. 00:54:909 (2,3,4) - nazi - sorry for being picky, but let's make this diff perfect. - stack or make a triangle as I suggested for similar patterns. Seems like something is wrong with your stack here :<
  6. 01:03:513 (6) - rhythm of this slider is different from regular rhythm. I'm not sure, but I'd consider adding a new combo here. It's still up to you, tho.
    Note: if you want, you can swap NCs 01:03:513 (6,1) - here, but I don't think that it's a good idea.
  7. 01:36:769 (7) - convert it to 1/2 slider, to emphasize music + add NC here and remove it from (1) to emphasize end of kiai!
  8. 02:04:909 (3) - I'd move it some grids down to make a cute triangle, but it's up to you.

    Cute diff. Just needs some minor improvements in rhythm and some work on pacement/patterns, imo.

[My Love]
  1. 00:18:862 (1) - I'm 99% sure that this NC is not necessary at all. PLease, remove it! It looks really strange here.
  2. 00:18:862 (1) - 1/2 slider or a circle to emphasize soft sound in music? I'm sure that it will fit here and make your rhythm consistent. well, I've mentioned similar thing in Normal. Same goes for 00:42:583
  3. 00:51:420 (2,3) - it's better if you end slider 1/4 earlier and place a circle at 00:51:769 - to follow vocals and music better. You've already did the same thing a lot, so it will make your rhythm more consistent!
  4. 00:49:560 (8) - NC here to emphasize new part of music/vocals and swap NCs on 00:53:978 (10,1) - to follow music/vocals better. I'm sure it will fit here!
  5. 02:06:769 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - please, replace this with sliders. This is still a [Hard] diff, remember! This stream totally ruins balance and it's in the end, players will hate you for doing it :<

    Diff is not bad, but for a [Hard] diff with AR7 rhythm is too hard, imo. So, yea.. Mapset is crying for one more diff, I think.

Good luck! Lazy-nyan ;_:
Thanks for modding!

Fixed mostly everything :3
small IRC mod. love you <3

21:05 Zeroarg: well
21:05 Zeroarg: it's ok
21:05 Zeroarg: not much
21:05 Zeroarg: triples are fine
21:05 Zeroarg: as long as they fit
21:05 Zeroarg: let me listen
21:05 Sekai-nyan: ;w;
21:05 Sekai-nyan: baka
21:06 Zeroarg: you can use the triples in middle song
21:06 Zeroarg: and kiai
21:06 Zeroarg: leaving the start clean and making it a bit easier too ;w;
21:06 Zeroarg: or just leave the triplets there
21:06 Zeroarg: =w=
21:08 Zeroarg: use AR 7
21:08 Sekai-nyan: well
21:08 Zeroarg: and don't change it again
21:09 Sekai-nyan: s-sure :c
21:09 Sekai-nyan: it's already 7
21:15 Zeroarg: 00:18:630 (6,7,8) -
21:15 Zeroarg: there
21:15 Sekai-nyan: umm
21:15 Zeroarg: 6 and 8 have a stronger sound than 7
21:15 Sekai-nyan: so
21:15 Zeroarg: you can delete 7 and increas spacing a bit
21:16 Zeroarg: and use NC in 6 to remark the jump
21:19 Sekai-nyan: and fixed
21:20 Zeroarg: where did you place 7?
21:20 Sekai-nyan: http://puu.sh/3IvM9.jpg
21:20 Sekai-nyan: better? o.o
21:21 Zeroarg: that's the problem
21:21 Zeroarg: i thought that
21:21 Zeroarg: but the timing space between 5 and 1 ins't the same
21:22 Sekai-nyan: :c
21:22 Zeroarg: try 2 in x:216 y:336
21:23 Sekai-nyan: isnt a bit high?
21:23 Zeroarg: 1.75
21:23 Zeroarg: that's a jump for a hard
21:24 Zeroarg: maybe a bit less
21:24 Zeroarg: try 1.50
21:24 Sekai-nyan: that's why i placed it under 00:17:467 (2) -
21:25 Sekai-nyan: cus i made that patters a lot in this
21:25 Zeroarg: o.o
21:25 Zeroarg: well it can fit like that
21:29 Zeroarg: 00:21:653 (2,3,4) -
21:29 Zeroarg: there
21:29 Sekai-nyan: :c
21:29 Zeroarg: remove 3, don't use too much triples at start
21:30 Zeroarg: 00:24:676 (2,3,4) -
21:30 Zeroarg: and there
21:30 Zeroarg: sounds really better without
21:30 Zeroarg: 3
21:30 Sekai-nyan: no
21:30 Sekai-nyan: it's ok
21:31 Sekai-nyan: =3=/
21:31 Sekai-nyan: but i'll keep this note for now
21:33 Zeroarg: 00:52:234 (2) - to folow better vocals
21:33 Zeroarg: i think is better follow vocals in non kiai
21:33 Sekai-nyan: orz
21:33 Sekai-nyan: ok
21:33 Sekai-nyan: removed it
21:35 Zeroarg: 01:05:374 (1,2) -
21:35 Zeroarg: Sekai0108
21:36 Sekai-nyan: LOL
21:37 Sekai-nyan: baka
21:37 Sekai-nyan: it fits perfectly there :/
21:38 Zeroarg: yeah fits orz
21:38 Zeroarg: well
21:38 Zeroarg: leave it there =w=
21:39 Sekai-nyan: see
21:39 Sekai-nyan: =3=
21:39 Zeroarg: and nothing else =w=
21:39 Zeroarg: lets see the normal
21:39 Sekai-nyan: ok =w=
21:44 Zeroarg: hard to find something
21:44 Zeroarg: orz
21:44 Sekai-nyan: lol
21:44 Sekai-nyan: relax
21:44 Zeroarg: 01:48:630 (3,4) -
21:44 Sekai-nyan: i'll take anything you say =w=/
21:45 Zeroarg: align those
21:45 Zeroarg: moving 4 a bit down
21:45 Zeroarg: and then fix spacing with 5
21:46 Sekai-nyan: fixed
21:50 Zeroarg: last thing
21:50 Zeroarg: it's up to you
21:51 Zeroarg: make this a better square 02:01:188 (1,2,3,4) -
21:51 Zeroarg: but it'll requier
21:51 Zeroarg: to move following notes too21:52 Sekai-nyan: just fixed 3 tho
21:52 Sekai-nyan: =w=
21:52 Sekai-nyan: it looked bad just noticed it
Thank you Zero, and yeah =w= Love you too <3
Hi Sekai-nyan! Mod request via In-game/#modreqs. Enjoy! :D

  1. The official title of this eroge is actually, "Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe." Feel free to either add it in your tags or the source. If added on source, make sure you add "Endless Summer Eternal Rhythm" in tags otherwise do the opposite. In addition, you could also add "Phi Age" in your tags as well since the game was published and developed by them.
  2. Optional, but you could manipulate your soft-clap and soft-whistles so that you get claps for slider ticks. Hitsounding will improve if added.

[My Promise]
  1. 01:09:095 (1,2,3) - Be careful not to overlap these sliders too much as novice players might have trouble reading the approach circle. You can keep it if you want, just something to keep in mind.
  2. 01:20:258 (1,2,3) - Try replacing the soft-finish with a drum-finish at a lower volume (or a soft-whistle with the same volume) at the head of these sliders. It shows more emphasis with the drums playing in the music than with a soft-finish.
  3. 01:23:978 - 01:53:746 (2) - Try adding some soft-whistles in the kiai section. If you listen to the instruments playing, you will notice that its the same rhythm as the beginning and the end of the song. I recommmend a similar hitsound pattern you did at the beginning of the song.
  4. 01:54:211 (1) - I believe you forgot to add a soft-whistle at the slider reverse since you add one at 00:21:653 (2) at the same rhythm. Same goes with 02:02:118 (3).
  5. 02:01:653 (2,3) - The spacing between these notes is inconsistent (1.1x spacing) compare to your other notes (1.0x spacing). Not a major issue, but I still recommend you to fix the spacing so the spacing is consistent though out the map.

Feedback: Despite with the minor issues on this map, I enjoyed this map and song as it is very soothing and relaxing. With a few more mods, I can see this map getting nominated for ranking. Keep up the good work.

[My Love]
  1. 00:14:909 (4) - Adding the soft-clap with the soft-finish sounds awkward to me. I would remove the soft-finish and keep the soft-clap as it shows better emphasis with the strong drums. An alternate way to show better emphasis is to remove the soft-finish at 00:14:909 (4) and replace the soft-clap with a soft finish at 00:15:141 (1) to be consistent with 00:18:630 (1,2).
  2. 00:32:351 (2) - For better flow, I would consider rotating this slider 40 degrees clockwise. When I was test playing this part of the map, I found that simply rotating this slider increase the flow of the map.
  3. 01:20:258 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - Same suggestion as in your easier difficulty: "Try replacing the soft-finish with a drum-finish at a lower volume (or a soft-whistle with the same volume) at the head of these sliders. It shows more emphasis with the drums playing in the music than with a soft-finish."
  4. 02:07:699 (3) - Don't stop here! o3o Finish the rhtyhm! End this slider at 02:08:572 since the rhythm ends here.

Feedback: Nothing much to say about this difficulty. The map flows pretty well and the song is calm and relaxing to listen to. Yes, the flow could be improved a bit more, although it's not really noticeable since it's a relatively slow map. Anyways, really good map and song choice.

That's pretty much it. Good luck with your map! :)

Hi, nyan! x3

My modding time ;)

Red = You must fix
Blue = You should consider
Black = My suggestion


  1. Okay, I agree with what BeatofIke said about source of this eroge. Please change it into "Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe", and add "Endless Summer, Eternal Rhythm" and "Phi Age" in the tags instead.

Standard diffs

My Promise

  1. 00:09:560 (1) - I really felt weird about putting whistle here, I don't sure that it will be good or not, if you remove it. However, I want to remove it.
  2. 00:32:351 (1,2) - Move both note a bit, to make look better by move (1) to down and left 1 grid, and move (2) (maybe (3), too) to down 2 grids, but I have noticed that spacing between this is too close. Although it no problem, but you can fix it, if you aren't sure about this.
  3. 00:56:072 (4,5,6) - It's quite difficult to playing control. I think that you move (5,6) to be by this picture will be able to easier to play more.
  4. 01:11:885 (4) - I felt weird when this part don't have a note at 01:12:351 - So I suggest that add a circle on that or change this note into 1/2 slider. It will be fit to read when I listen this vocal.
  5. 01:20:258 (1,2,3) - Hitsound on these slider begin are too loud, since in the vocal doesn't cymbal on that, which these don't fit to add finish. Please remove finish on these.
  6. 01:52:351 (1) - You ca n change clap on slider begin into finish, since I felt it's too low.

My Love

  1. 00:47:932 (6) - I felt it doesn't natural flow for me. I suggeat that move it to x:236 y:240. Although it is not different from the original, but I think that it can flow naturally imo.
  2. 00:57:467 (8) - I think that you forget to add clap here. So please add it.
  3. 01:20:258 (1,1,1) - Same with My Promise diff. Hitsound on these note are too loud. Please remove finish on these.
  4. 01:55:839 (2,3,4) - These note don't fit with the melody and rhythm. So please change into by this picture will be fit with the melody more.
  5. 02:07:699 (3) - I think that the melody stream doesn't end at the end of this slider (02:08:397 -). So please check about the melody where should you end this slider? but I think that you end this slider 02:08:572 will be the most fit with the melody imo.

Comment: Nice song and map, I think that this map doesn't want to fix anything much. So give a star ;) , but however, I felt SV in My Promise diff is 1.3, which I think that it's fast to playing that diff. Although BPM of this song is 129.

Hope that my mod will be useful for you.

Good luck~
Thanks for helpful modding you guys!

Fixed everything ></

And Thanks Nich for your star <3
IRC Modded, nice stuff.

13:06 *Sekai-nyan is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/277448 Dreamy crown - eternal promise]
13:06 Sekai-nyan: =3=
13:08 Andrea: let's start
13:08 Andrea: My Promise
13:09 Andrea: 00:46:769 (3) - I'd add a new combo here, new section starts
13:09 Sekai-nyan: ok
13:09 Sekai-nyan: seems good =3=/ added
13:09 Andrea: 00:49:095 (1) - remove it here
13:09 Andrea: 00:50:490 (3) - add it here
13:10 Sekai-nyan: ok
13:10 Andrea: 01:01:653 (3) - add
13:10 Andrea: 01:03:513 (1) - remove
13:10 Sekai-nyan: done those too
13:10 Andrea: 01:43:978 (2) - center this circle?
13:10 Andrea: so it gives nice effect with next slider~
13:11 Sekai-nyan: oh
13:11 Andrea: 01:46:769 (1) - same for this
13:11 Sekai-nyan: ok then done
13:11 Andrea: 01:51:653 (4,1) - NC on 4
13:11 Andrea: remove it on (1)
13:11 Sekai-nyan: sure~
13:11 Andrea: 02:07:002 (1) - add a whistle on this spinner
13:11 Andrea: to create some emphasis
13:12 Sekai-nyan: :I
13:12 Sekai-nyan: sure
13:13 Andrea: My Love diff now
13:13 Andrea: 00:41:188 (4) - whistle on both start and end
13:13 Sekai-nyan: umm sounds good so added
13:14 Andrea: 00:49:327 and 00:49:444 - add notes
13:14 Andrea: and stack them to 00:49:560 (1) -
13:14 Sekai-nyan: can't click
13:14 Sekai-nyan: D:
13:14 Andrea: 00:49:327
13:14 Andrea: fuck
13:14 Andrea: 00:49:327 -
13:14 Sekai-nyan: lol
13:14 Andrea: 00:49:444 -
13:15 Andrea: 00:50:955 (1) - 1 grid down to improve the next blanket
13:15 Sekai-nyan: ok done all
13:16 Andrea: 01:53:513 (9) - CTRL+G flows much better here
13:17 Sekai-nyan: umm
13:17 Sekai-nyan: sure
13:17 Andrea: 02:07:699 (3) - missing 1 repeat here
13:17 Andrea: and add whistle at the end
13:17 Andrea: zoom it to the max for fix this~
13:17 Andrea: and yeah nothing else
Thanks for the good irc mod Andrea =w=/
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